Today’s Headlines

  • Ronnie Hakim and Pat Foye Are Cuomo’s MTA CEO Contenders (Politico)
  • This Is the Same NYPD That Investigates Few Crashes and Is Helpless to Reduce Hit-and-Runs (News)
  • Rules Governing City Vehicle Use Don’t Necessarily Apply to All, Says de Blasio (WNYC, Politico)
  • L Service Between Manhattan and Brooklyn Suspended This Weekend for Tube Repair Prep (DNANY1)
  • Riders Say Added Bus Not Doing Much to Improve Bx10 Service (Press)
  • Council Member Andrew Cohen: Why Can’t Broadway in Riverdale Be Like Prospect Park West? (Press)
  • Former NJ Cop Convicted of Manslaughter for Staten Island Expressway DWI Crash (AdvanceNews)
  • Prosecutors: Drunk TEA Who Killed Passenger on Willy-B Crashed at 111 MPH (Post)
  • Queens Man Charged With Killing Tow Truck Operator in Westchester and Leaving Scene (AP)
  • Traffic Violence Truther Tony Avella Ends Latest Mayoral Campaign (PoliticoPost)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    It appears the goal is an MTA head willing to cover up decline and defer collapse until the last member of Generation Greed stops using the system.

    That is also true of every system.

  • gregwtmtno

    I hope its Foye that becomes the new CEO. During Bridgegate, he was the only one who did the right thing. Gotta respect his backbone.

  • Kevin Love

    It is truly hilarious when a well-entrenched political operative such as Tony Avella calls himself an “outsider.” Please note that this “outsider” has been a state Senator since he was elected in 2010. Before that, he was a member of NY City Council from 2002-2009.

    Looks like this person cannot even tell the truth about himself.

  • Larry Littlefield

    No to NY state legislators in any office. Including the state legislature.

  • Boeings+Bikes

    Maybe he means “outsider” as in “no one likes me”?

  • com63

    Re: Rules Governing City Vehicle Use Don’t Necessarily Apply to All, Says de Blasio

    I don’t get the outrage over this case. There seems to be conflation of several issues. Is the problem the misuse of the vehicle or that he may have exceeded his vacation allowance? I’m not sure one can be used as a proxy for the other.

    If it is just misuse of the vehicle, figure out the cost of the abuse, send him a bill and tell him not to do it again.
    If they think he isn’t showing up and doing the job he is supposed to, then fire him.

  • bolwerk

    NYC Democrats’ faux populism is almost as corny as the Tea Party sometimes.

  • HamTech87

    “But double parking is not a problem easily solved by the transportation department” (along Broadway in Riverdale next to Van Cortlandt Park.
    It’s not? Double parking is caused by motorists leaving their cars there for unending periods — there are no open spaces. Time to put prices on those spaces, and have special times for buses to occupy those spaces. Then the double parking will be reduced.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Here is the problem.

    It’s hard enough to get unionized, tenured, civil service workers to do their jobs if they believe those above them are also following the rules. Harder still if they feel they are being played for saps.

    It’s like DeBlasio’s lateness, which I haven’t heard about in a long time so hopefully he wised up and it went away. Because you have to set the standard.

  • Vooch

    also until 1952 it was illegal to park overnight in manhattan on street

  • Vooch

    plus feed no bid consulting contracts to Cumos buddies

  • JudenChino

    I’d love to see that one come back. Never gonna happen.

  • Not sure

    Leaving much wider streets without congestion is a recipe for speeding. Not sure that would be helpful…

  • Vooch

    return to 2 way streets plus return to original sidewalk widths plus kids play instreets