Today’s Headlines

  • NYPD Wants DA Vance to Bring Charges Against Truck Driver Who Killed Kelly Hurley (DNA)
  • Booker and Christie Team Up to Press Trump on Gateway (Politico)
  • Cuomo’s New Chief of Staff Is Married to Uber Lobbyist (NYT); Got a Problem With That? (Politico)
  • Silverstein Exec Who Oversaw WTC Rebuild to Manage MTA Capital Projects (MTA)
  • Bus Turnaround Campaign Tracks How Crappy Service Is Where You Live (AMNY)
  • Signal Problems Shut the 7 Train for 45 Minutes During Wednesday Evening Rush (Post, AMNY)
  • On the Loose: Road-Raging Driver and Two Pals Who Beat a Cyclist and Broke His Jaw (DNA)
  • Motorist Injures Person Walking on Hylan Boulevard (Advance)
  • City Limits Speaks With Winners of the TransAlt/Gothamist 14th Street Competition
  • The Times Square Pedestrian Plaza Is Officially Complete (Gothamist)
  • James Oddo Says “Rogue” Bike-Share Operators Not Welcome in Staten Island (Advance)
  • Buildings Department Does Nothing as Developers Renege on Public Space Agreements (NYT, Post)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    The worst aspect of the #7 train shutdown? That is a new signal system.

  • Bob

    Hoping You guys discuss last night’s 7th ave bike lane presentation!

  • Vooch

    i just had a engineer friend visit from the civilized world for a couple of weeks.

    She observed a crew repaving some street by Union Square. Her convulsion: the quality & productivity would improve if one imported Nigerians and didn’t use any machinery. She’s built roads in Africa and she was serious.

    She just laughed and laughed at the subways. Every time a screeching train went by, she thought it was gut busting hilarious that the greatest & richest city on earth has a subway system which would be an embarrassment in ‘banana land’

    She Citibiked mostly during her visit.

  • Ken Dodd

    I have a photo somewhere on my hard drive of a group of MTA workers repairing a ceiling fan inside the Union Square station. I swear, there are 8 or 9 guys on the job. One was up a step ladder poking at it with a screwdriver, there were two guys handing him tools (evidently other screwdrivers – he could have held them all in a tool belt), two with clipboards evidently documenting the whole thing for posterity, two standing either side to keep people away (I’ll give them that) and another couple of guys handing things to the guys who were handing tools to the ladder guys (I kid you not).

  • Vooch

    make a great twitter feed


  • JudenChino

    Cuomo’s New Chief of Staff Is Married to Uber Lobbyist (NYT); Got a Problem With That? (Politico)

    That Uber Lobbyist is also Cuomo’s former press secretary so I don’t think it really matters at this point.

  • Joe R.

    That’s what happens when workers have no incentive to improve their skills. They just ride along for 25 or 30 years to collect a pension, doing the bare minimum needed to keep their job, which apparently isn’t much.

    NYC needs to change the way it repairs streets. Award contracts paying x dollars per year for keeping a street in good repair. The street is then inspected regularly. Any period it fails to meet standards the company doesn’t get paid. Such terms would probably encourage the company in charge to rebuild the street at the start of the contract to the highest standards possible so it doesn’t need to put much money into it for the next 50 years. Make the same company responsible for snow removal. They will have an incentive not to gouge the street when they plow it.

    While we’re at it, part of the rebuild could include moving utilities to cover trenches so ConEd never needs to break up the street again.

    The current system of paying per repair gives a strong incentive to do crappy work so you can get paid for the same repair over and over.

    I don’t understand all the noises the subway makes myself. Why is commuter rail which uses the same type of track so much quieter? Every time I’m on the subway it’s the same assortment of screeches. There are even some places where the train makes a low roar, like when the expresses shoot through Woodhaven Boulevard. I have yet to figure out how they manage that. And then you have the general quality of the track work itself, which is pretty lousy. Amtrak shakes around less at 125 mph than the subways do at 30 to 45 mph.

  • Joe R.

    The #7 is using CBTC now? I thought that wasn’t supposed to be operational until the end of the year.

  • ohnonononono

    This states “CBTC is operational on the Canarsie Line and Flushing Line” in January:

  • Joe R.

    Cycling harassment as experienced by the cyclist in the DNA article is far too commonplace because it seems police don’t take it seriously. This emboldens motorists to run cyclists off the road, throw things at them, in general use them for their own sick pleasure. I’ve often wished it was legal to carry firearms in this city for exactly this reason, or at least to make it legal for cyclists who regularly have their lives threatened. If the police refuse to take these crimes seriously, then cyclists should have a right to defend themselves. Throwing stuff at cyclists isn’t a harmless “boys will be boys” thing as some idiots seem to think. It constitutes assault with a deadly weapon. It can easily cause a cyclist to crash. As far as I’m concerned it merits a like response which can include deadly force. I don’t expect the NYPD will ever start taking it seriously, but once a few motorists who harassed cyclists get shot for their troubles maybe others will find some other way to get their rocks off. I still remember the time a (former) friend bragged to me about running a cyclist off the road, then throwing soda on him. He had no idea I was a cyclist myself, at least until he was missing a few teeth.

  • Joe R.

    Well, January 2017 start time is probably MTA-speak for late 2017 or early 2018. I’ll look forward to taking a ride once CBTC is operational. It would be nice to see the expresses get back their speed.

  • Ken Dodd

    The problem with cops in this city is that they too are drivers, and in all likelihood have that same asshole attitude when they’re driving off duty. This attitude also extends to the DA’s office and all over the criminal justice system. They have no interest in clamping down on behavior which they themselves engage in.

  • Joe R.

    Yeah, sad but true. I wouldn’t doubt it if quite a few of the drivers who harassed me were in fact cops.

  • Ken Dodd

    Re: “James Oddo Says “Rogue” Bike-Share Operators Not Welcome in Staten Island”

    …””Do Staten Islanders really want to contend with the possibility of hundreds of poorly made bikes littering our streets, manufactured at the lowest possible cost by foreign companies with few or no safety regulations?”

    Does this bozo even realize that the bulk of the CitiBike stock was made in China? They are built like tanks. A car slammed into the back of one I was riding recently at 40+mph and it barely had a scratch on it. The new “motivate” ones, however, which are made in Detroit, are according to the mechanics who fix them, poorly made and structurally unsound.

  • Ken Dodd

    Oh, absolutely. Many years ago a driver at a red light intentionally lunged forward into my thigh as I was crossing Gold St downtown. I did the customary “f*ck you!” and he leaped out of his SUV, got me in an arm lock, slammed me onto his hood and then showed me his badge. Off duty cop. Plus he stank of whiskey. This was at 7am in the morning. Nearby on-duty cop witnessed the whole thing, did nothing and then claimed to have missed the encounter when I asked if he would be a witness.

  • Joe R.

    Wow! Unbelievable but not surprising. The on-duty cop giving his colleague “professional courtesy” is particularly galling.

  • Wilfried84

    When did NYC cops stop walking beats, and why? And where are there no bicycle cops here, as there are in many other cities? Seeing the streets from two feet, or two wheels, might go some way to change police culture.

  • This shows the institutional corruption. Even an on-duty cop who wanted to give an honest account of what he saw would know that doing so would effectively end his/her career in the department. This is why the entire agency is irredeemable.

    In a sane world we could disband the NYPD, jail its leadership, and start over with a new agency dedicated to civilised policing principles. In this twisted world, we have unaccountable savages comprising what amounts to a military junta, and a civilian government that refuses even to assert over the police the authority that the law says it has.

  • Ken Dodd

    Have you seen the physical shape of many cops nowadays? A lot of them are obese. When I was a kid in the 70’s and 80’s, cops tended to be quite burly and athletic. These days they have the characteristic physique of people who spend most of the day in a seated position.

  • Vooch

    Look at a map of Manhattan precincts and you be baffled why any NYPD drives to his patrol station in the CBD.

    each precinct covers a tiny area. It’s much faster for NYPD to walk to their patrol station than to drive.

    Yet they all do drive.

    It’s some pathological suburban mental illness

  • Vooch

    this was done once with the NY Metro Police

    so it can be done

  • Vooch

    it isn’t


  • Vooch

    Eyes on Street:

    2nd ave Gap is closing fast. About 1/3 of the buffered bike lane is complete, the rest is laid out.

    plenty of amusing conversations between befuddled drivers ( who
    stole my parking ) and jades traffic cops ( just doing my job )

  • Wilfried84

    Right, that’s a symptom. So why did they stop walking beats?

  • Andrew

    Except that, in fact, it’s a very old signal system. The replacement for that old signal system is under construction right now – it isn’t in service yet.

  • Andrew

    The Flushing line is still running on its old wayside signal system: