Today’s Headlines

  • Penn Station Wasn’t Fixed in Time for This Morning’s Commute (AMNYPost, NY1, AP)
  • Derailment Caused by Known Track Flaw Amtrak Failed to Fix (NYT, Politico)
  • Penn Dysfunction Has Transit Experts Pining for Gateway (PoliticoWNYC, MTR)
  • Astoria Ferry Launch Date Pegged for August (DNA)
  • Advance Maps Thousands of Staten Island “Accidents”
  • CB 3 Begs DOT for Relief From Traffic Danger and Noise at Clinton and Grand (DNA)
  • DOT: We’re Not Responsible for Street Safety Outside New Lower Manhattan School (DX)
  • SI Driver Who Hit Child and Fled Was Unlicensed (News); Victim Still Unconscious (Advance)
  • Cuomo Orders April Crackdown on Distracted Driving (AP)
  • TLC Strips Gene Friedman of Licenses to Manage Medallions (Post)
  • Squibb Park Bridge Set to Reopen, With Less Bounce (Bklyn Paper)

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  • That is a horrid location to build a school, for a number of reasons (most of which wouldn’t be improved by a sidewalk extension or a traffic study).

    DOT is being intransigent but I think it’s because they see the pointlessness of taking half-measures to accommodate a busy school at that site. I’m now far more interested in seeing how the developer’s architecture plan incorporates the school entrances/exits and loading/drop-off areas, keeping in mind that a lot of psychotic bus drivers who have laid over / discharged passengers at the base of Trinity Place come screaming up that street all the time.

  • Anonymous

    The DX article is a bit tendentious, but overall makes an interesting point – the city has no Vision Zero requirements for new developments. The developer is often required to do a regular traffic study, which invariably assumes that most people using the new building will drive, and therefore street widenings and off-street parking are necessary “mitigations.” But there are absolutely no requirements for either the developer or the city to make the location safe for large volumes of pedestrians, even school-age kids.

    Street safety is just not a part of the conversation, except for after the fact.

    IMHO, the study should actually be done by the MTA, because it stands to lose the most if both the original plaza proposal (which would eliminate the ramp from the tunnel) goes through and the street in front of the school is pedestrianized – it would severely limit express bus access from Brooklyn to Downtown Manhattan. In the short run, the area should include a transit plaza with drop off/pickup areas (perhaps with a couple of school bus stops included), while in the long run the Battery Garage should be redeveloped into a bus terminal with an office or residential tower on top.

  • Vooch

    if Edgar street is opened to pedestrians and connects to the existing parklet,,,, it’s a decent location.

    otherwise a death trap

  • HamTech87

    Given Penn Station dysfunction, shouldn’t the first priority of the LIRR East Side Access project be to get the LIRR trains into Grand Central on that station’s existing platforms? Then do the boondoggle-esque lower level LIRR-only station later? There is plenty of extra space in Grand Central, and it would move up the timeline for providing relief to Penn Station.

  • AMH

    It should have been built that way–it could have been operational by now. The LIRR tracks don’t connect with Metro-North, so it’s not possible for them to access the platforms.

  • You’d have to close the whole street (it’s diminutive anyway) plus do some significant reprovisioning of Trinity Place for about two blocks worth

    That might be a good idea.

    It’s crazy for a developer to just drop in and impose that on DOT, though.

  • AMH

    I don’t think buses can or do use Edgar St. Trinity Place needs to be redesigned into less of a speedway (it should go full busway). It could also be an important northbound bike route.

  • AMH

    Does anyone know why the Department of Small Business Services is in charge of a pedestrian bridge?

  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    SBS is the on-paper owner of City property that EDC (which is not a City agency) runs.

  • Vooch

    Oh for the days of JSK when she’d install a temp improvement in a couple of days. Test for 6 mths and bada bing bags boom

    motor traffic study done

  • walks bikes drives

    I don’t know if it is an effect of the distracted driving push, or if the 24 Precinct is really ramping up its rush hour traffic enforcement, but this morning around 8am, there was a cruiser on 96th and Broadway, 96th and Amsterdam, and 96th and Columbus at the same time. All busy, of course. They have even started getting more aggressive for views, pulling forward or backward if their views are blocked at the light.

  • Vooch

    open the whole street to humans ?

    sounds like a good idea

  • Vooch

    kinda hilarious some 50 years after the 3 systems ( LIRR, NJ transit, and Metro North ) were taken over by gov’t the trains still can’t run on each other’s tracks ?

    Almost as dumb as deciding to run BART on broad gauge

  • This is essentially the entrance/exit to the Hugh Carey / Brooklyn Battery Tunnel at this intersection.

    I didn’t say it was a horrid location for no reason at all. I wouldn’t want to send a child to a school right there. They’ll be sitting there breathing in automobile exhaust all day.

  • Vooch

    It might not be realistic to reallocate the Battery Tunnel approaches to active transportation just yet.

    but let’s make it a longer term goal.

  • AnoNYC

    Ride-hailing apps may help to curb drunk driving

  • HamTech87