Today’s Headlines

  • No One Knows When Penn Station Will Be Functional Again (NYT 1, 2; PoliticoNewsPost)
  • Nicole Gelinas on Train Derailments as the New Normal (CJ)
  • Several Dock-Less Bike-Share Companies Looking to Launch in NYC (Post)
  • More on Council’s Proposed Bike-Share Expansion and Discount Fares (AMNYNews)
  • NY1: Uber Bill Included in State Budget Deal
  • Drivers, 2 Unlicensed, Critically Injure People in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan (News, DNA, DNA)
  • Fourth Ave. Trucker Kills Street Tree (Bklyn Paper); Carjacker Mayhem Round-Up: News, DNA
  • NYPD Looking for Motorist Who Injured Child in Staten Island and Fled Scene
  • Advance Holds Social Media Trial for Kids on Bikes
  • Desperate, Distracted Drivers All Part of the Uber Business Model (NYT)
  • Forget It, Placard Holders — It’s Chinatown (Boogie)

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  • Kevin Love

    I love the technology of the dock-less bike-share companies.

    It is ironic that New York’s own Social Bicycles (SoBi) company is not used in its own home city. Other cities ranging from Portland, Oregon to Hamilton, Ontario are taking advantage of its advanced technology.

    Among other things, by putting a GPS unit on each bike, there is no such thing as dock blocking. If the official rack is full, just lock up nearby with the built-in lock and walk away.

    And if I am in a rush and there is no official SoBi rack right in front of the building where I am going, no problem. Just lock up anywhere with the built-in lock and walk away. Usually a small fee is charged for this; in Hamilton it is $1.00 with a 66 cent bonus then being given to anyone else who takes one of these out-of-station bikes and returns it to an official SoBi station.

    This user bonus provides an effective incentive so that SoBi bikes do not cause “chaos” by being parked where people park their own private bikes.


  • Vooch