Today’s Headlines

  • It’s Budget Crunch Time in Albany — How Will MTA Funding and Ride-Hailing Shake Out? (Politico)
  • Drunk Big Rig Driver Kills Motorist By GWB and Flees (DNA, Post)
  • SUV Driver Injures 37-Year-Old Woman on Upper East Side (DNA)
  • Mother of Skylar Perkins Raising Money for Funeral Expenses (Gothamist)
  • Jamaica Residents Frustrated By DOT’s Lack of Action to Improve Streets and Transit (TL)
  • To Keep Drivers Out of the Jay Street Bike Lane, DOT Put Out Six Big Planters (Bklyn Paper)
  • Yikes — This Is Where Simcha Felder Wants to Raise the Speed Limit? (Bklyner)
  • Finally, DDC Starts Work on North Flatbush Ave Pedestrian Triangles This Week (DNA)
  • Nassau Reaches Deal With Albany to Avert Worst-Case Cuts to Bus Service (Newsday – Paywall)
  • The Case for Driverless Cars (Post)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    Nah, none of those issues identified in Politico matter much, and neither does the MTA. The question is what pension increases will the unions score this time.

  • reasonableexplanation

    From that bklyner article on Ocean parkway:

    When one commenter on Lander’s thread asked if the car that caused the crash was speeding at the time, he responded, “I don’t know. But there’s overwhelming evidence that crashes at lower speeds save lives.

    Based on the reporting though it looks like car tried to beat the light on the service road?

    Gifter also captured video testimony from the hit driver, who says her black car with Jersey plates spun out of control after being rear-ended on the service road near Avenue J.

    The efforts to raise the speed limits would be for the main roadway of ocean parkway, not the service roads.

  • Komanoff

    The DOH study that David Meyer wrote about yesterday included a table that put the number of pedestrians killed in collisions with bicycles in NYC during 2012-2014 at five.

    I certainly recall Jill Tarlov and Irv Schachter’s deaths in such collisions, in Central Park in 2014. I’m not recalling any others. (Stuart Gruskin’s death, in Times Square, was in 2011.) Can anyone refresh my memory re the other three?

  • qrt145

    Stuart Gruskin was killed in 2009, actually.

    I also wonder about those other deaths. I guess the local tabloids didn’t hear about them, because otherwise I’m sure Streetsblog would have reported them, too.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Whatever they were, the circumstances ought to be known to improve safety. It’s pretty difficult to kill or severely injure someone with a bicycle, so when it happens the reasons should be known.

  • Komanoff

    Yes, 2009, thanks for fixing that.

  • Elizabeth F

    I’m wondering how the big rig driver got to Vince Lombadi Rest Area.

  • Joe R.

    Most of the time when it happens there’s nothing glaringly obvious as to why. In nearly all of these cases, the cyclist’s speed in no higher than in many other crashes where both parties walked away. From where I stand these deaths mostly seem to be freak occurrences. The person who was hit falls down, but they hit their head in such a way as to cause traumatic brain injury. Such things happen occasionally even when people trip while walking. In fact, it would be interesting to have data on such deaths so we can make a comparison. My guess is death from tripping occurs more frequently than from being hit by a bicycle simply because a lot more people in this city walk.

  • Vooch

    illegal >55′ tractor trailers is a serious safety issue in the City.

    Authorities appears oblivious to enforcement

  • Elizabeth F

    The issue of >55′ trailers is irrelevant here. This crash happened on an Interstate highway, which was designed for large trucks and where such trucks are perfectly legal. What’s NOT legal is driving a commercial vehicle with BAC >.04%, which is what this driver was doing.

    Anyway, later reports answered my question. The truck was driven to Vince Lombardi, where authorities easily picked it out due to extensive damage to its front.

  • AMH

    The Streetsblog USA headlines link points to this page.