Today’s Headlines

  • How Long Will DOT Allow Queens CB 4 to Delay a Safer 111th Street? (DNA)
  • De Blasio’s Congestion Plan to Include New Delivery Regs (AMNY)
  • More on Vision Zero Presser: GothamistDNA, AMNY, Advance; Post Gets Both Sides
  • Nicole Malliotakis: Speed Camera Program Shows NYC Not Serious About Street Safety (News)
  • TransAlt: Tell Albany “No” to Legalized Speeding on Ocean Parkway
  • Attorney Calls Fatal High-Speed Willy-B Crash an “Accident,” and Post Agrees
  • New York State DMV Keeping Centenarians Behind the Wheel (Advance)
  • Developers Troll Upper Manhattanites at Long-Awaited GWB Bus Terminal Forum (DNA)
  • David Dunlap on How Robert Moses Forced the Sheridan Expressway Into Being (NYT)
  • Damn Jaywalkers (Gothamist, Post, News)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    Older drivers trapped in the suburbs where there is no better way to get around is going to be a big issue. No doubt the Generation Greed response will be send limos to move us around, and slash other services or raise taxes on non-retirement income, or we’ll kill you.

    My suggestion for others who are trapped is dynamic carpooling, allowing younger but retired seniors to make a few bucks driving older seniors around. Google’s solution is self-driving cars.

    My solution for myself was to live in a place where my children could get around as teenagers, and I can get around after age 70, without having to drive at all. But most of my generation moved out to the burbs when their kids hit school age.

  • Jeff

    From the AM NY article about De Blasio’s “Congestion Plan”:

    The plan won’t, however, include a congestion pricing proposal like Move NY, because de Blasio has said that he considers installing new tolls to be too difficult of a political fight.

    De Blasio then proceeded to reveal a great new way to lose weight that doesn’t require any changes to diet or exercise!

  • stairbob

    Also from AMNY:

    “The bottom line is cars are not supposed to block bike lanes,” de Blasio said. “And
    certainly not for long period of time except for particularly sensitive things like
    delivery trucks that might.”

    Sounds like there’s an awful lot below that bottom line, Mr. Mayor!

  • Reader

    If the proposed level of enforcement against trucks under de Blasio’s new congestion-reduction plan matches the current level of enforcement against trucks we might see congestion go down by as much as 0%.

  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    CB4 stalled before the racist tirade, obviously they’re going to continue doing that now. The CBs are a broken, crooked and totally non-representative system that puts real people in danger, so long as they’re given a defacto veto.

  • Larry Littlefield

    A libertarian is a liberal that has been mugged by a co-op board.

    If you don’t like CBs, I suggest avoiding co-ops, developments with homeowners’ associations, and the suburbs in general.

  • sbauman

    The rule is no stopping in bike lanes. This means not even to drop off passengers (standing) or unloading trucks. There are exceptions for vehicles moving across a bike lane but none for non-moving vehicles. Non-moving vehicles are supposed to stand or stop adjacent to a bike lane, not within it.

    This is a very easy rule to enforce. If there’s a vehicle in a bike lane without a driver, that vehicle should be subject to the $115 fine. All the evidence that should be necessary is a photo showing an unattended vehicle within a bike lane. It should not require a police officer or a traffic agent to gather such evidence.

    I’ve suggested that DOT write or certify smart phone applications that can be used by the public to take the photos. The application certification would ensure that the evidence is not faked. I’ve also suggested that NYC split the $115 fine between the photo snapper and the application developer. The would receive $10 and $5 respectively, for each fine collected. NYC would retain the remaining $100. There can even be a lockout around two blocks surrounding a police precinct.

  • Vooch

    yup – we don’t need more laws regulating trucks, just simply enforce the existing ones.

    All of us routinely see illegal >55′ tractor trailers all over the city. Traffic Cops do not even know they are illegal. I even spoke ( nicely ) to their supervisors a couple of times – not a clue.

    A big difference between civilized feeling cities and Manhattan is the size of vehicles. for example, somehow UPS in Europe magically gets by with narrower & smaller trucks.

    Magically, big box stores, hypermarches, department stores in Europe seem to do perfectly well with small box trucks doing deliveries. Mail gets delivered via bicycle not lumbering USPS trucks.

    I love commerce and always support commercial transport over private cars. I think all parkways should allow commercial vehicles like vans & pick-ups.

    but…the use of large trucks in NYC isn’t economics it’s just sloppy. European wage costs for delivery drivers are much higher than ours.

  • Vooch

    People should ride as passengers with 80 something drivers. Illuminating and terrifying – they drive as if they are extremely drunk.

  • Vooch

    “…This is a very easy rule to enforce. If there’s a vehicle in a bike lane without a driver, that vehicle should be subject to the $115 fine.

    All the evidence that should be necessary is a photo showing an unattended vehicle within a bike lane.

    It should not require a police officer or a traffic agent to gather such evidence….”

  • A vehicle without a driver in a bike lane should really be towed.

  • Bluewndrpwrmlk96

    More political football by Qns CB 4. I imagine it’s the same nonsense I saw during the Queens Blvd meeting, probably not a single one has transportation or civil engineering experience but plenty of unjustified fears and political sway. There’s a great article in the Village Voice pretty much illustrating what the real reason is.

    And the real icing is on the presentation itself by the DOT, when they write in bold Parking net gain of 10 spaces and still it gets rejected. Not even a win-win is a win-win.

  • djx

    “drop off passengers (standing)”

    I’m not commenting on stopping in bike lanes, but dropping off passengers is not standing.

  • Jeff

    Correct. Dropping off passengers is “stopping”, and bikes are indeed “no stopping”, which is indeed more restrictive and a superset of “no standing”.

  • AnoNYC
  • AnoNYC
  • AnoNYC

    And how about cars parked or stopped inside parking protected bicycle lanes?

    When will the city install bollards or at least flex post at the entrances?