Today’s Headlines

  • Man Stealing Ambulance Runs Over and Kills EMT in the Bronx (NYT, AMNYPost, News)
  • The de Blasio Fundraising Investigation Is Over (NYT 1, 2, 3; Politico 1, 2)
  • Fare Hike Takes Effect Sunday (AMNY); Conductor Cuomo Nowhere in Sight (NY1)
  • Trump Budget: No Gateway (PoliticoWNYC), $910M in Cuts for NYC (Politico)
  • John Degnan Talks With the News About Cuomo’s Port Authority IG Plot
  • Cuomo’s LaGuardia Traffic Management Plan: A New Ramp (NYT)
  • Positive Press for DOT’s Fourth Avenue Bikeway Plan (Bklyn Paper, DNA)
  • Drunk Driver Who Killed Passenger in Williamsburg Bridge Crash Is a TEA (NY1)
  • Car Stuck in Parking Spot? Call NYPD (AMNY)
  • Even the Advance Is Peeved About Snow-Encased Bus Stops
  • People Are Paying to Be Talked Into Punishing Commutes and The Times Is On It

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  • Komanoff

    I want to object to kevd’s and Brad’s snarky tone.

    First, the same Real Estate section had mentions of a Brooklyn mom’s cargo bike and a transplant to Ossining who rides a folding bike between Metro North and home. (That’s probably a stiff climb out of the train station, by the way.) So it’s not all leafy suburbia — or, at least, your parents’ leafy suburbia.

    Second, I don’t begrudge the upscale/trendy stuff in the Times — at least up to a point. It helps pay for the coverage I (and you guys too, I’ll bet) want.

  • Urbanely

    Maybe they’re planning to have kids and the schools are good, so they’re just anticipating the future? NYC schools leave much to be desired these days, unless you live in a handful of select neighborhoods. Most people really wouldn’t choose these kinds of commutes otherwise. That said, it’s a little ridiculous that most days it takes me an hour and 15 minutes door to door from Queens to my job in lower Manhattan, while people have comparable commutes living in other states. NYC transit is insane.

  • Joe R.

    I’ve personally never understood why NYC transit is so pokey compared to other subway systems. The subways can run quite a bit faster than they do if we let the trains run at their full potential. That’s particularly true of the expresses.

    In much of Queens a good portion of people’s commutes is spent on a slow bus to the subway. The bus to the subway from where I am often takes 20 minutes. I recall it can take over 30 during rush hours. This is just to go a lousy 2.7 miles. NYC is reluctant to implement exclusive bus lanes and signal priority to speed things up. Also, much of Queens really needs subways anyway. It’s a pity the money isn’t in the budget for subway expansion in the outer boroughs. I totally agree 1:15 commutes are ridiculous. That’s one reason I never would have considered working in lower Manhattan unless I was making well into the six figures. Just not worth the long trip otherwise.

  • It’s possible the editors left out information about the family that they didn’t feel was relevant, like perhaps that the work-from-home spouse has local relatives, or that she has family money, or that she keeps a pony and wants to live close to the stable. These articles don’t really go into great detail about any particular family’s situation.

  • Joe R.

    That could all be true but I still think a reasonable commute should be up there on the priority list. Her husband may say it’s like coming home to vacation every day now, but I doubt he’ll feel that way a few years down the road. Long commutes like this just wear you down over the long run. A lot of people who do them die before they reach retirement age.