Today’s Headlines

  • Will the BQX Be Faster Than the Bus? (AMNY)
  • De Blasio Talks Up Ferry Jobs, Launch Date TBD (AMNY, DNA); Advance Not Impressed
  • NYPD Arrests Women’s Rights Demonstrators for Disrupting Traffic (DNA, GothamistPost)
  • DOT Plans Median Island, LPI at Intersection Outside Forest Hills School (DNA)
  • Cyclist Severely Injures 62-Year-Old Woman on 14th Street (DNA)
  • 122nd Precinct Breaks Out the Magic Tape to Save Seniors From Reckless Drivers (Advance)
  • Driver Flips Car on Neighborhood Street; NYPD Declines to Investigate (Rag)
  • Post Weeps for Impaired Motorist Who Left Greenway Cyclist Olga Cook to Die
  • Upstate Taxi Group Wants Schneiderman to Probe Uber Law-Evasion Tech (News)
  • It’s Going to Take Road Pricing, Not Robocars, to Fix City Traffic (NYT)

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  • djx

    How come the link to the 14th Street crash doesn’t say “Police blame victim”? That’s pretty common in the Today’s Headlines section.

  • 1ifbyrain2ifbytrain

    so the right to drive trumps our right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.?

  • Larry Littlefield

    Because in this case there police didn’t blame the victim yet.

    But for a pedestrian to be critically injured in a bicycle crash it would either have to be a case of very bad luck, a head striking the pavement in a way that could have happened if pedestrian fell on their own. Or the cyclist was going too fast for the area, too close to the cars where the woman stepped out. If you are riding as fast as the motor vehicle traffic, you ought to move to the center and take the lane.

    It seems that all the fatal and severe injury crashes I can recall for years were either in parks, with cyclists riding fast for exercise, or involved pedestrians stepping out from between cars mid-block.

  • kevd

    “The cyclist was not immediately arrested or charged”
    Because it was clearly not the cyclist’s fault.

  • qrt145

    “Both Olga and Silva had the right of way when he turned onto Chambers Street and struck her as she pedaled north June 11, 2016, the lawyer said.”

    No, they did not.

    If the lawyer had said that an evil invisible telekinetic mutant had thrown the victim onto the accused’s truck, would the Post also report the equally impossible claim without qualification?

  • djx

    The article says:
    “The woman had just stepped out from between two parked cars mid-block….police said”

    That’s the kind of “illegal” action that’s merited a “Police blame the victim” in the past.

    Here’s an example:

  • Greg

    It’s like the roundup writer didn’t even read the Post article. I was expecting some backwards story focusing on the the driver’s pain and ended up reading a thoroughly reasonable article focusing on the victim and making multiple references to the unacceptable nature of what the driver did. I mean, this is in the first paragraph:

    “her fiancé was sent to prison for mowing down Cook’s wife and leaving her to die as he fled the scene.”

    And the article closer:

    ““Fleeing the scene of a crash is not only illegal; it’s an act of cowardice,” said Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. in a statement. “Samuel Silva’s negligence killed a woman—a newlywed and a triathlete— in the prime of her life.”

    I don’t even know what possessed you to write the headline that way.

  • Guest

    Of course, driving is not a right. It’s a privilege.

  • Komanoff

    I agree with Greg. The driver and his family accepted responsibility. The article was, as Greg says, thoroughly reasonable.

  • Flakker

    I don’t know how long this specific tactic has been going on but I have seen it used at two previous demonstrations by NYPD this year: force protestors into the street and threaten with arrest for blocking traffic

  • ahwr

    Do you really have to ask? Hit by a guy on a bike and not by a guy in a car. Totally different situation.

  • Brad Aaron

    I read it several times, because it took more than once to figure out who I was supposed to feel sympathy for.

    Start with the headline. The killer’s fiancee is the subject.

    The story leads with the pain of those close to the person who ran over the victim and kept driving.

    The reporter repeats the ludicrous assertion that “both had the right of way” — which, though it came from the victim’s family attorney, is obviously wrong and should have been noted as such.

    In this case I think none of these decisions were made with ill will. Tabloid gonna tabloid, etc. But it read to me as if everyone involved was a victim.