Today’s Headlines

  • Six Port Authority Commissioners Warn Against Cuomo Power Grab (Politico)
  • Daily News: Rein in Surging Uber Traffic With Road Pricing
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Critically Injures Cyclist in Flushing (CBS2, Gothamist)
  • Driver Crashes Into Restaurant in Eltingville (Advance); It Was Probably Some Toddler’s Fault (Advance)
  • Legal Aid Society: Turnstile Jumping Can in Fact Lead to Deportation (News)
  • Kabak: Weekend Subway Ridership Is Down Because You Can’t Count on Weekend Service (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • If the MTA Doesn’t Put Transit on North Shore Rail Line, Someone’s Going to Turn It Into a Park (Advance)
  • Pennsylvania Ave 3 Station Reopens Five Months After Truck Crash (NY1)
  • In Park Slope, One Off-Street Parking Space Costs $300,000 — Plus Maintenance (DNA)
  • Queens Bioswale NIMBYs Might Pipe Down in Exchange for Cash (TL)
  • People You Share the Road With (DNA)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    “Homeowners at the February meeting of the Queens Civic Congress say that some of these things have paper, coffee cups, and dog droppings in them.”

    Wait, is the city dumping garbage on the non-cement part of the sidewalk? Or the Queens residents? And if they are dropping garbage because it is not cement, did they somehow respect the cement more?

    I don’t get it. There is a little non-cement area around the tree in front of my house. The city doesn’t clean that either. Sometimes someone dumps garbage in it. Isn’t that the problem?

  • Geck

    To be fair, since rainwater runs into the bioswales, it is possible that rainwater carries additional garbage into them. But the garbage was already in the area and just gets more concentrated in the bioswales.

  • Eric McClure

    “The homeowners of northeast Queens are exceptionally civic-minded.”

    LOL. Sure they are.

  • Vooch

    $300,000 plus $240 monthly fees establishes the value of a parking space in Park Slope.

    The city now has the market data needed to establish a neighborhood parking permit for Park Slope.

    Net Present Value is $1,000

    per month

  • reasonableexplanation

    Agreed, the most expensive thing in a neighborhood establishes the overall value for that thing in that neighborhood.

  • Vooch

    okay so 20% discount for street parking then $800 per month is fair free market price.

    city should start program at $800 and see if it frees up street space. They can always increase it later

  • reasonableexplanation

    Oy. Take the most expensive condo on sale in park slope, cut 20% off the price. Apply this price to all condos in park slope. Claim this is market value.

    That what you’ve done here. See the problem?

  • Vooch

    so what would be a free market price in Park Slope for street parking be if off street parking costs $1,100 ?

    I posit that $800 seems about right

  • reasonableexplanation

    If street parking in the slope (a cheaper neighborhood land wise than most parts of manhattan) is set at 1100, expect short term costs to fluctuate wildly, perhaps to 800, but the market will respond; and many new garages will be built.

    If a manhattan garage can make a profit at 300/month, a slope garage can profit from far less.

    End effect will be new garages being built instead of new housing; maybe not the best thing for park slope.

  • Hot dog vendor

    Right, so if dinner at Per Se costs $300, the fair market price for a hot dog at a street cart should be $240…

  • AMH

    The bioswales are working–the garbage is kept out of the river.

  • kevd

    I’m all for the city charging for residential permits, or simply charging for long-term on street parking (Wanna leave your car there on that residential street till street cleaning in 4 days? that’ll be $15 – or something).

    But, your reasoning here is completely faulty (as those below have made abundantly clear)

  • Vooch

    basically you argue parking permit in park slope should be $500 per month or 1/2 the cost of a private garAge ?

  • kevd

    No, not at all.
    I think residential parking should be charged at a level that reduces demand such that there are free spaces on most blocks.
    Also, $1000/month is not even close to the typical price for an indoor spot in park slope, despite your logically suspect “math”.
    Garages average more like $300-$450/month in Park Slope.

    Here is an actual price from the web site of an actual parking garage.
    It’s just the first one I found that had prices listed on-line (so it may not be totally representative. But I’m sure its more representative than you’re Trumpian $1000/month figure.

    $375/month –
    So yeah, $185/month for an on-street, residential permit doesn’t seem crazy at all there.

    But, I would prefer simply pricing all on-street parking (even long term) in a way that creates some free spots on every block – with prices that can be adjusted periodically to achieve that goal. It isn’t exactly a technological feat to create such a system.
    Park Slope’s residential blocks would be on the higher end of residential blocks in Brooklyn, but I can’t predict exactly what price point reduces demand to the desired level. I’d guess even $6-$8/day would have significant impact. (this if for currently “free” spaces – not currently metered spaces – though in many places those rates should go up as well). If that isn’t enough, raise it a buck or two.

    In less congested areas, it could be as low as $0-$2/day.
    Some parts of Brooklyn currently have free spaces on most blocks.

  • Vooch

    so $400 in Park Slope and $200 in rest of Brooklyn ?

    sounds like avoid place to start

  • kevd

    So you just make up any number you feel like and repeat it as if it has some basis in reality? Got it.

  • Vooch

    so why not start at $400 for areas like Park Slope and $200 for areas like Sheepshead Bay ?

    If not enough cars are stored on the public street at those prices, the prices can always be reduced until enough cars are stored on the street

  • kevd

    Why not start at $1/month and move up?
    (just as reasonable as your suggestion)