Today’s Headlines

  • Daily News to Cuomo: Keep Your Promise and Restore the State’s Contribution to the MTA
  • More Coverage of Yesterday’s Rally Against Cuomo’s Transit Funding Cut (DNA, NY1)
  • Schaller on Unchecked Uber Growth: “We’re Just Going to Have More and More Congestion” (NY1WNYC)
  • Trump Makes Infrastructure Pitch With Fake Scare About Crumbling NYC Tunnels (AMNYPost, NY Mag)
  • …And the Times Humors Him
  • Got an Idea for a New Public Space on Steinway Street? Tell Costa Constantinides (QNS)
  • Someone Broke Down the Most Popular Citi Bike Trips By Age and Gender (DNA)
  • MTA Bus Driver Critically Injures Pedestrian on Roosevelt Avenue; Police Blame Victim (Post)
  • Dirt Bike Rider Drags Cop in Mott Haven, Charged With Assaulting Police Officer (News)
  • Christie Picks Two New Appointees for Port Authority Board (Politico)

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  • Urbanely

    I am honestly surprised that more pedestrians aren’t hit by vehicles on Roosevelt Avenue. I lived there for 6 years and was a regular Q32/33 rider. At least once every two weeks, I would be on a bus that had to stop short, or just stop, when someone (usually an old person) would just walk in front of the bus mid-block, without a care in the world. The drivers on Roosevelt are reckless and the pedestrians are just as ridiculous.

  • bolwerk

    There is a crumbling NYC Tunnel to be scared about. It carries Amtrak and NJT trains to Penn Station. Does Trump even know?

  • Vooch

    sounds like a good candidate for a pedestrian zone

  • Larry Littlefield

    Trump isn’t stupid. The jury is out on crazy.

  • AMH

    He rarely makes sense, but it’s amazing how long he goes on here about something he clearly knows nothing about. First he seems to say that the problem is partly old, heavy ceiling tile. Then he says the old material is better. Which is it?

  • reasonableexplanation

    It’s really infuriating when people decide to jaywalk mid block without looking. I’m not opposed to jaywalking in general, mid-block or otherwise (do it myself all the time), but I look!

    Far too often I’ll see someone cross a street with their back towards traffic! It makes me want to stop and shake some sense into them.

  • bolwerk

    Hell and blood, I don’t think he’s stupid at all. He even has a sort of low cunning.

    I might describe him as: compulsive, ignorant, delusional, narcissistic, petulant, incompetent, authoritarian, vicious. You can call that crazy if you want.

  • Simon Phearson

    I have yet to see him do anything I would classify as “intelligent.”

  • Larry Littlefield

    Well, he did manage to get himself elected President.

    With all his baggage, and with opposition from just about everyone in both parties, the media, business, unions, everyone. On a limited budget.

    Makes him smarter than all the idiots who lost, and their handlers. And the people who voted for him.

  • Simon Phearson

    By all accounts, he didn’t want to be elected President. He failed even at his apparent goal, through the campaign.

  • bolwerk

    That all just played to his image of himself as a maverick outsider. The Dems could probably have won handily by nominating literally anyone who wasn’t Hillary Clinton. Even Joe Biden, insider.

    Trump is no idiot, but he’s not an intellectual either. And mostly doesn’t pretend to be.

  • Maggie

    That’s a really interesting/frustratingly dumb DNAinfo writeup of the most popular Citibike trips by age and gender.

    I’ll bet the most popular trip for women: between Broadway and 29th to First Ave and 30th, is workers commuting from the East River ferry landing to workplaces in midtown south and the fashion district.

    It’s not exactly a mystery why someone might “want” to bike from Penn Station to 47th and Park Avenue every weekday. I’m not sure why the author presented it as so inexplicable.

    The helmet line at the end is ridiculous. A decent editor would’ve pulled that line and asked for some on the ground reporting.