Today’s Headlines

  • Why Is Transit Ridership Declining While NYC Grows? (NYT)
  • Freddy Ferrer Isn’t the Crusader for Better Transit We’ve Been Waiting For (AMNY)
  • More Coverage of City Hall’s Vision Zero Progress Report (News, DNA)
  • Visualize the Impact of the L Train Shutdown With This Mapping Tool (Sidewalk Labs)
  • Safety Fixes Coming to Six Intersections in Kew Gardens (QChron)
  • The Indignity of Riding the Bx7 (Riverdale Press)
  • MTA Approves Raises for TWU (NY1)
  • Illegally Parked Big Rigs Are All Over the Streets of Southeast Queens (QChron)
  • One More Reason to Avoid the BQE (News)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    I don’t know about anybody else, but I shifted from subway to bike. I’ve also started working from home some days on the days I don’t bike.

    The car is back with our child after four years Upstate.

    And I’m the only member of our family who doesn’t use Uber/Lyft.

    Moreover, as I’ve noted the city may have stopped growing for the moment, due to soaring rents and greater employment opportunities for young people in less expensive places. Rents have started to fall too.

  • Greg

    Since Citibike I’ve gone from using the subway every day to using it at most a few times a week. It’s glorious. I never want to go back.

    But I’d be really surprised if there are enough people like you and me to show an actual dip in transit numbers.

  • Larry Littlefield

    The dlp isn’t that large. Combined with a halt to the surge of young people moving to the city (compared with those moving out) its enough to move the needle.

  • Flakker

    Re: L shutdown: kind of a weird example to use, Canarsie to UES, because one could ride two stops on the L from the Canarsie terminus and assuming that the station is open again, get out and transfer to the 3, and from there to a Lexington line. Google Maps shows this as not much slower than the L alternative for getting from near the Canarsie station to 2nd Ave. and 86th Street.

    Once again I’m going to plug Vanshnookenraggen’s idea though: shut down the Lorimer and Hewes Street stops on the JMZ and open a new Broadway stop between them which connects to the G. Those stops are already skipped over by the rush hour expresses anyway, if nothing else this will slightly speed up the locals.

  • Also for me, when I became a full-time bike commuter, it took me off the subway.

    But, while I of course love riding and I also like staying in shape, I sometimes miss taking the train.

    On those days when I do use the subway, such as on account of rain, I find it almost luxurious. To be able to just sit there and read for 45 minutes, or else sit with my eyes closed, all while someone else does the work of getting me from place to place, is pretty remarkable. So my infrequent use of the subway has only increased my appreciation of it and my affection for it.

    Anyway, I can feel that I am helping the system out by not contributing to overcrowding (most days).

  • Vooch

    “On those days when I do use the subway, such as on account of rain, I find it almost luxurious”

    luxurious ?

  • Yes, as I described in my previous comment. I sit there reading something, listening to something, or just communing with my thoughts, and then I am at my destination.

    Whenever I am away from the subway for a while, I consider it with fresh eyes upon return; and I always realise anew how lucky we are to have such an extensive system, and one that is so reliable and safe.

  • Vooch


    but you gotta admit it’s a rarely used descriptor 🙂

  • Unfortunately yes. We tend to become inured to even the most remarkable things.

  • bolwerk

    I still say Mike Bloomberg should be drafted for MTA chair. Put that fucker to work on the only thing he was arguably good at. He has experience negotiating with unions without always being too hostile to them, has an ear for ideas outside New York, and is generally at least open to the idea of improving transit.

    Granted, it may not be the ideal pick, but it might be the best guy who can do the job. Unfortunately, Cuomo probably hates Bloomberg and won’t do it.

  • bolwerk

    Guess it works in a jam, but 3-seat rides are not good usually.

    But that’s why the real answer to the L Train, no matter what anyone does, is “grin and bear it.” :-

  • Flakker

    Having commuted from Staten Island to Brooklyn for years via transit I am not at all sympathetic to an hour-long ride and walk with three seats. And I had far from the worst transit situation, many others not near subways in the boroughs to begin with are and continue to be the victims of the status quo.

  • bolwerk

    Yep. L Train riders (my apartment is along the L, BTW) are about to learn what it’s like to live in a part of Queens away from the subway.

  • AMH

    I have the same reaction when returning from a transit-starved city, such as Atlanta or Cairo.

    Gliding along the rails without fumes or honking, it seems like a miracle.