Today’s Headlines

  • Peggy Diaz, Hit by Driver in Rossville, Dies From Injuries (Advance)
  • The MTA Will Give the “Freedom Ticket” a Try This Fall (AMNY)
  • Cuomo’s Screwy Transit Priorities, in Two Stories (Voice, New Yorker); Meanwhile … (DNA)
  • Who Wants to Run Cuomo’s MTA? (Second Ave Sagas)
  • De Blasio Is Getting Involved in the Port Authority Bus Terminal Imbroglio (Politico)
  • Bklyn Paper: Mathieu Eugene Wants Cars Out of Prospect Park
  • Motorist Kills Woman Walking on Major Deegan; No Charges (News)
  • Motorist Strikes and Injures Child Near Cadman Plaza; No Charges (DNA)
  • What Carl Heastie Does When He’s Not Obstructing NYC Speed Enforcement (WNYC)
  • More Motor Mayhem: NewsPost, Post

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  • bolwerk

    Mike Bloomberg should be appointed to run the MTA. He’s good at negotiation, too rich to deign to be corrupt in that position, not too vicious to unions, has a fairly good understanding of why transit is important (for a politician), and understands financial management.

    It’s probably the only public sector job Mike Bloomberg could do where the good things about Mike Bloomberg outweigh the problems with Mike Bloomberg.

    While we’re at it, Bill de Blasio could be moved from City Hall to Port Authority executive and improve both entities.

  • sbauman

    Bloomberg showed disinterest in public transit as mayor. He first campaign’s platform included NYC taking over control of its subways and buses. He quickly changed course, when elected. He also transferred the private company buses to the MTA, further avoiding direct NYC involvement with public transit.

    His sole contribution was extending the subway to Hudson Yards. However, that was more of a real estate venture than a public transit expansion. The 10th Av – 41st St station was deemed expendable to his Hudson Yards real estate vision.

  • bolwerk

    Not sure I disagree with you, but I’m still not sure there is anyone better, and he wasn’t entirely disinterested. Would SBS have mushroomed around the city without Bloomberg? He also has signaled a willingness to treat the region as a unified whole for transportation planning purposes (e.g., 7 to Secaucus).

    Let me put it this way: he could do the job better than anyone else I can think of who might get it, he could be a change agent, and it would keep him from meddling in things he’s really stupid at like policing and education.