Today’s Headlines

  • NYPD on Defense After Hit-and-Run Trucker Kills Pedestrian (News, News 12, DNAPost)
  • Uber Driver Arrested for Killing Henry Boimel, 67, in Queens Crosswalk (DNANews)
  • Preet Sues NYC DOT for Racial Discrimination (Politico)
  • Post: Straphangers Will Pay Higher Fares So Cuomo Can Look Good
  • Wasting Money on Synchronized Bridge Lights — Cuomo Wasn’t Kidding (CBS)
  • MTA Failed to Implement Safety Protocol That Could’ve Prevented LIRR Crash (Post)
  • DMV to Suspend Toll Cheats’ Vehicle Registrations (NewsPost)
  • Lobbyists Attack de Blasio Waste Carting Reform Plan (News)
  • How Long Will de Blasio Ignore Street Dysfunction Around Trump Tower? (DNA)
  • Woman Crushed by Bus Driver Not Injured Enough for NYPD to Investigate (Post 1, 2; News 12)
  • Erstwhile Albany Power Broker John Sampson Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison (NYT)

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  • Kevin Love

    I am definitely not a Cuomo fan, but I think “Wasting money” is a bit harsh. This falls into the category of public art. Yes, some people believe that all forms of public art are wasted money, but New York City would be a much more dreary place without it.

    Also, to quote from the article: “Cuomo says the new lights will actually save money because LED lights last longer and are more energy efficient than regular lights.”

  • Pat

    “four broken ribs, a broken collarbone and leg and a swollen, bleeding eye.”

    NYPD: “Injuries were not serious.”

  • bolwerk

    I don’t have a problem with it, but it’s a bit silly for the state to be doing that. If they want to support public art, then give us the money for public art and let us decide what to do with it.

    Personally I’m for naked statues of Cuomo and Trump holding hands. Those types of things seem popular these days.

  • Kevin Love

    To a large extent that is what happens with the Art Commission of the City of New York handing out grants and fellowships to artists. See:

    However large works of public art consume significant public resources. And example is the Statue of Liberty and its supporting infrastructure which occupies an entire island. That is why we elect politicians, to make decisions about allocation of public resources.

  • RyanMcShane

    Also NYPD, via NYDN: “The initial police report said the victim was “not in an intersection” but the video shows her clearly walking in the crosswalk. Police could not immediately account for the discrepancy.”

    Ayse Ayaz is lucky only in the existence of video evidence clearly contradicting the record filed in the sole, official investigation the crash was ever going to receive. Get well soon, Ms. Ayaz.

  • Pat

    The NYPD clearly has trouble with the laws of physics.

    When they claim someone wasn’t in the crosswalk, they actually mean the body didn’t come to rest inside the crosswalk. Never mind that a multi-ton car/bus/truck may have, I don’t know, knocked or dragged a person outside of it.

  • RyanMcShane

    Is that really it? The cops are reporting the victim’s location after they’ve been whacked, not where the were struck? Crazy.

    For most of us, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen an error in the initial accident reporting, with every single error favoring the motorist over the victim. And we can surmise with reasonable confidence how the “discrepancy” made its way into the police report: Cops talk to the driver following the collision and the drivers consistently minimize their responsibility, for reasons we needn’t guess.

    If no video surfaces, or if (God forbid) the victim is unable to provide an alternate account, the crash stands as caused by pedestrian/cyclist error, and the injured party or their loved ones face an immediate hurdle in any attempt to pry loose some partial measure of justice.

    NYPD might as well never initiate any homicide investigations because, invariably, when they arrive on the scene, the victim is already dead, so obviously no killing has occurred.

    NYPD: “They were dead when we got there.”

  • AnoNYC

    I personally like the multibridge lighting scheme synchronization. It will be a good look for the city in the way that the lit spires are on skyscrapers.

  • dporpentine

    It’s funny how little concern the Times shows for these traffic deaths. No one even expects them to cover them really–except in political pieces that frame them as issues.

    I mean: two people–TWO–were killed by out-of-control drivers on the streets of the city the paper takes its name from and they can’t even bother to mention either one of them.

    But some guy in Australia kills four pedestrians and it’s top news because he was fleeing another crime so that makes it wrong (in their unconscious analysis) while the others are, as we all know, just accidents.