Today’s Headlines

  • Ydanis and 33 Other CMs Urge de Blasio to Fund Citywide Bike-Share (News)
  • Will the Next MTA Chief Overcome the Agency’s Institutional Inertia? (TransitCenter)
  • CBC: New MTA/TWU Contract Will Cost Straphangers (DNAPost)
  • Cuomo and Trump to Discuss “Infrastructure” Today (NYT)
  • Cuomo Budget Includes “Setting Light Shows to Music” at Bridges (NYT, Politico)
  • NYC’s Failure to Manage Curb Space Poses Mortal Risk to People on Bikes (AMNY)
  • New Leadership at City Planning Department, HPD, and NYC EDC (DNAPost, News)
  • City Council Expected to Pass Package of Commuter Van Regulations (AMNY)
  • Mindset at 52nd Precinct Explains NYPD’s Pathetic Hit-and-Run Clearance Rate (NYT)
  • CHEKPEDS Calls on DOT to Prevent Deadly Turn Conflicts on Hudson River Greenway (DNA)
  • Why Is It So Hard to Get DOT to Calm Traffic Near Schools? (DNANews 12)

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  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    Today, the day of this new commuter van bill, there were police from a specialized unit running a checkpoint for commuter vans on Flatbush Ave in front of the Barclay Center. Coincidence?

  • Kevin Love

    What? They were not harassing cyclists for perfectly safe behavior?

    What a waste of police resources.

  • RyanMcShane

    Are there really only six motorists crossing points (per DNA piece) along the Hudson River Greenway? Every time I ride it, it feels more like six-hundred, each more fraught than the last.

    I check back over my shoulder, not just oncoming traffic, before I roll through these spots. For oncoming terror, though, nothing beats two yellow cabs racing side-by-side at amped velo, each trying to be the first to turn right near the busdrop spot. When I realized they were absolutely both headed my way without fail, I jumped out of the saddle, stood on one pedal — with my right leg swung to the left side — like riding a scooter at that point. There was no stopping any of us. My flash thought was to go overboard, abandon ship, commit myself to the wild blue yonder and leave the untended bike to take what whacks were coming. Reader, the bike and I both made it through by a squeak, and neither of us looked back.

    I hope whoever stole it two years ago is similarly satisfied with the bike’s performance.

  • Guest

    Same precinct that recently allowed one of its own officers to drive drunk.
    While on duty.

  • AnoNYC

    Delays Continue to Plague Long-Awaited Completion of Roberto Clemente Plaza

  • AMH

    Thank you, CHEKPEDS for sending that letter. I look forward to riding the greenway each spring but those near-death experiences dampen my enthusiasm very quickly.