Today’s Headlines

  • Will Trump Back Gateway? Who Knows! (Politico)
  • This Villager 14th Street Piece Is Mashugana, Right Down to the Photo Caption
  • Livery Driver Hits Child on Brooklyn Sidewalk; NYPD: “Medical Episode” (NewsPost)
  • Nothing to See Here: Bronx Officer Indicted for Driving Drunk in NYPD Patrol Car (Post)
  • De Blasio to Develop Vacant Lots for 440 Affordable Housing Units (News)
  • DDC’s Astor Place Revamp — Justin Davidson Is Into It (NY Mag)
  • Oddo Proposes Variable Tolling on Hugh Carey Tunnel During BQE Repairs (Advance)
  • Staten Island Politicos Spitball Cuomo Pick to Succeed Prendergast (Advance)
  • Another Story on How Nerve-Wracking It Is to Earn a Living Driving a Cab (NYT)
  • What a Lifetime of Victim-Shaming Does to You (NYT)

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  • Reader

    The Daily News has been doing this thing where anytime there’s video of a crash they headline the story “SEE IT.” Truly disgusting and a clear sign they value clicks more than helping New Yorkers not get killed or injured by drivers.

  • reasonableexplanation

    Why the scare quotes around ‘medical episode?’ Both the news and the post mention that the cabbie had a heart attack.

  • Brad Aaron

    I anticipated that question. Thanks for asking.

    If (often wrong) initial reports are correct that the driver had a heart attack, did he have a known history of heart problems? Does he have medication? If so, was he taking it? If he knew of his health issues, did he inform the DMV, as required?

    The scare quotes are directed at NYPD and the media for issuing and accepting “medical episode” as a blank check to run people over. This happens frequently, and it’s not unusual to learn later that drivers in these crashes were aware that they shouldn’t be driving and chose to draft the public into sharing the risk.

    Not saying that’s what happened here, but crashes like this one shouldn’t be written off so easily.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Trump, who knows? It is a general thing. The Republican Party is acting like it won the election, rather than being defeated by Trump.

    Who is Trump scamming? The Republicans, or his working class supporters? And to what end? Who knows?

  • reasonableexplanation

    In the case of something like epilepsy; I totally agree with you.

    But a heart attack? They (unfortunately) tend to happen quite out of the blue. So unless this guy had some really specific condition that made him super prone to heart attacks, it’s more likely that it just sort of happened, as these things sadly do.

    By the way, one of the great benefits of the (soon to come) self driving car revolution, will be that epileptics, other sick folk, and seniors that can’t drive now will no longer lose their mobility (especially outside city centers).

    Even thinking of my own future retirement; without self driving cars, I would only be able to retire in a (usually pricy) walkable neighborhood, in a small apartment. But with the advent of automation, I’ll be able to grab a nice big house in the boonies, have a big garden, etc. and know that i won’t lose my mobility.

  • Brad Aaron

    Yeah, I agree that a heart attack and an epileptic seizure aren’t the same. But we need to stop accepting “medical episode” as an excuse for crashing cars and start figuring out how to prevent such crashes from happening. With the vehicles we have now.

  • bolwerk

    Perhaps “defeated by Trump” goes a little too far. They were subverted by Trump. They don’t actually mind Trump’s politics, and they never did. They’re sacks of shit. All they minded was the fact that they thought Trump couldn’t win. Now they know better.

    Ironically, the Dems had the opposite delusion. They thought the stay-the-course candidate was “electable.” Now they don’t know better.

  • bolwerk

    It’s a wonder people with epilepsy can get a license at all.

  • reasonableexplanation

    Supposedly, with medication, the risk of epileptics driving becomes negligible. Similar deal with diabetics.

    See their advocacy site:

    Having said that, it should be very much a criminal matter if someone knowingly has a medical condition like this, stops taking their meds, and gets behind the wheel anyway.

  • Charles Siegel

    This Villager 14th Street Piece Is Mashugana,

    I think that should be mashugge. As I understand it:
    –Mashugge is used a predicate adjective, as in “Der mensh iz mashugge.” (The person is crazy.)
    –Mashugane is used as an adjective, as in “Er iz a mashugane mensh.” (He is a crazy person.)
    –Mashugane is also used as a noun, as in “Er iz a mashugane.” (He is a crazy.)

  • ahwr

    Conclusion: Although it is clearly dangerous for many people with ongoing seizures to drive, the findings provide no support for the hypothesis that mandatory reporting of patients by physicians reduces accident risk and suggest that concerns about the impact of epilepsy on driving compared to other medical and nonmedical risk factors may be excessive.

  • bolwerk

    Guess that means they’re statistically no more dangerous than anyone else. How reassuring. :-p

  • Vooch

    it’s dialect, so no hard and fast rules :)!

  • Vooch

    If I am holding a loaded pistol and kill someone while having a ‘medical episode’ what should be consequences ?

  • AMH

    I read it as a noun: “The piece is nonsense.”

  • AMH

    “I tell him it was my fault, which it was, and how sorry I am for being hit by his car.”

    That’s satire, right?

  • reasonableexplanation

    If you were observing the 4 rules of gun safety at a shooting range and had a heart attack that made you inadvertantly shoot someone… I don’t think anyone would call that criminal.

  • Vooch

    negligent homicide

  • reasonableexplanation

    What’s negligent about it?