Today’s Headlines

  • Hit-and-Run Driver Kills Jean Paul Guerrero, 39, in Highland Park (NewsGothamist)
  • Daily News Co-Publisher: 21st Century NYC Needs to Move Beyond Its 20th Century Transport System
  • Cuomo’s Uber Bill Includes Surcharge to Fund MTA (Politico)
  • Tri-State: Political Squabbling Jeopardizes Important Port Authority Transportation Projects
  • Paul White: As Bike-Share Expands, So Should Safe Streets for Biking (AMNY)
  • Brooklyn Legal Advocate Makes the Case to MTA Board for Lower Fares, Fewer Fare Evasion Arrests (AMNY)
  • Cuomo Continues His 2nd Ave Subway Credit-Grubbing Tour (NYTWNYC, Post)
  • MTA Awards $80M M Train Rehab Contract to Schiavone Construction Despite Checkered Past (DNA)
  • New Citywide Ferry Operator Starts Taking Over East River Routes (DNA)
  • More Coverage of NYC’s New Parking Payment App (PoliticoAMNY, Post)
  • Rental Truck Driver Backs Over, Seriously Injures Man Unloading Goods in Marine Park (Post)

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  • Kevin Love

    Shockingly enough, the Daily News article is actually making a lot of sense. Particularly in its “Reduce Traffic” section.

    It helps to evaluate this in terms of the model:

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

    It looks like we may be starting to move to the “win” stage. Unfortunately, we are mostly still in the “they fight you” stage.

    It helps to take a look at what victory looks like. Take a look at this article and video about how Amsterdam got over its Robert Moses-like plans and made a city for people, not cars.

  • Larry Littlefield

    At least Cuomo has pushed through some design-build projects, and we got a decent price on the Tappan Zee and airport project. Perhaps he can make the same magic at the MTA someday.

  • AMH

    No surprise that Uber continues to misrepresent itself as “ride sharing”, but it’s disconcerting to hear someone like Tomassi refer to e-hail that way.

  • AMH

    Yes, I was amazed. Just one quibble–Uber is an “e-hail” company. It is not “ride sharing”.

  • Flakker

    Aboit this article; since he brings up ferries, what is the subsidy for East River ferries versus NJ ferries at the current price point? Does anyone know?

  • Kevin Love
  • bolwerk

    Nothing better than projects we don’t really need at a “decent” price!

  • AnoNYC