Today’s Headlines

  • Maloney, Rangel, Espaillat Ask Obama to Fund 2AS Expansion Before Leaving Office (AMNY, NY1)
  • NYC Is Scrambling to Prepare for Trump Budget Cuts (WSJ, Politico)
  • Who Will Pay for Cuomo’s Cashless Toll Booths? Got to Be New York City Straphangers (Voice)
  • Subway Hate Crimes Have Almost Doubled This Year Compared to 2015 (AMNY)
  • The TLC Doesn’t Keep Track of Sexual Assaults That Happen in Cabs, Apparently (Post)
  • NYPD Is Taking CompStat Data Collection and Analysis Out of the Hands of Precinct COs (Post)
  • DOT Making Quick, Low-Cost Fixes That Could Save Lives at 100 Intersections (DNA)
  • Injuries Up at West End Avenue Crossing Where DOT Declined to Install Pedestrian Island (DNA)
  • Upper West Side Senior Community Wants Crosswalk and Signal at W. 106th Street Desire Path (DNA)
  • Unlicensed Driver Runs Red, Flips School Bus, Hospitalizes 3 Small Kids, NYPD Files No Charges (Post)
  • BQX Fan Joe Lhota Says Streetcar Would Be Better Than Ramping Up Bus Service (News)
  • Gotham Gazette Has the Scoop on the Race to Succeed Inez Dickens on the City Council

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  • ddartley

    I for one love that Streetsblog NYC now sends out a “Morning Round-Up” email. Thank you.

  • nanter

    I read Streetsblog mainly for the comments. Can we please have the comment count return to the front page so we know when to revisit stories already read?

    Thank you!

  • AMH

    Also, many comments have not migrated, and the full-width format is difficult to read. It’s also tough to find older stories that have dropped off the page.

  • Maggie

    So Cuomo’s cashfree toll booths for drivers that “pay for themselves” are actually going to cost us $650 million over four years, and our Metrocard fares are about to go up 9.1% ? Only 7.4 percentage points above inflation! What’s wrong with this picture?

  • sbauman

    I have failed to receive a toll bill for 3 of the 4 times I went through a cashless EZ Pass toll bridge. I did receive delinquency notices months after I used a cashless toll bridge for 2 of the 3 times I didn’t receive a bill. The postmark date on the envelope was several days later than the delinquency notice date. In one instance this delay plus the USPS delivery time exceeded the notice’s 15 day reply window.

    I had to take time to write explanatory letters to avoid the fine.

    I failed to get any notice from EZ Pass for one passage. I initiated a request to find out about it, when discussing a notice for a passage I made one month later. They gave me an account number for that crossing. I received a notice from a collection agency for that passage. The collection agency letter was dated 2 days after my check had been cashed.

    I had to take time to write an explanatory letter to the collection agency, enclosing my letter to EZ Pass and a copy of the canceled check.

    My refusal to buy an EZ Pass tag stems from a co-worker’s experience. He used to spend about 45 minutes on the phone with EZ Pass to reconcile his monthly bill. I’ve chosen to pay the extra amount on the toll and wait the extra time to avoid the same monthly aggravation.

  • AnoNYC

    Angry White Guy From Queens Now Running to Oust NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio

    The state senator, whose turf covers not Maspeth but neighborhoods like Bayside and Whitestone, read a scripted speech that sounded like a laundry list of middle-class outer borough complaints against the present administration: from de Blasio’s “narrow-minded anti-motorist” Vision Zero program,…

  • AnoNYC

    I’ve used EZPass for years. Never had a problem with billing.

  • AnoNYC

    How much money over four years would reduced congestion at tolls cost the city? Hard to quantify but worth taking note.

  • fdtutf

    Not only the comment count, but the widget showing recent comments as well. Thanks.

  • sbauman

    Removing the toll booths would have negligible effect on congestion in Manhattan. Tunnel congestion is caused by merging many traffic lanes the two that the tunnels have in each direction.

    The toll booths do cause delays, when the tunnel lanes are able to handle the traffic volume. However, the toll booths are not in Manhattan. So these traffic delays would not cause congestion in Manhattan. Moreover, during these hours, the toll booth delays slightly reduce the traffic volume into Manhattan.

  • sbauman

    My complaint is for those who do not use EZ Pass.

    The tolling authorities have a disincentive to mail out bills within the payment period. The late fees are more than the toll. The effort to fight the late fees is often worth more than paying them. The initial “evasion rate” recorded at the Henry Hudson Bridge was 33%.

    A big part of the problem is the EZ Pass payment procedure for vehicles without tags. The vehicle driver must wait for EZ Pass to mail him a bill. The reason is that bills are tied to an account number that EZ Pass supplies. The driver cannot initiate a toll payment based on his license plate number, toll facility, day and time. EZ Pass isn’t equipped to accept such payments.