Today’s Headlines

  • Time Is Running Out to Get the Second Avenue Subway Operational in December (NYT)
  • RPA and Riders Alliance Propose New BRT Service to Help Handle L Train Load (Politico)
  • NJ Transit Train That Crashed in Hoboken Had History of Brake Problems (PIX)
  • Thanks to Trump It’s More Dangerous to Walk in NYC Than It Was a Week Ago (DNA)
  • Gelinas to de Blasio: Streets Around Trump Tower Don’t Have to Be a Dead Zone (Post); More: News
  • MTA Says All Lettered-Line Subway Stations Will Have Countdown Clocks by 2018 (AMNY)
  • MTA Board Members Talk Subway Platform Doors (AMNY, News); Alex Marshall: It’s Time (News)
  • Motorist Hits 11-Year-Old Boy in Flushing, Causing Life-Threatening Injuries (DNANewsPost)
  • Box Truck Driver Hits 2 on Amsterdam Avenue and Flees Scene; 1 Victim Critical (DNA)
  • A Man Shot Another Man Over a Parking Spot in the Bronx (Post)
  • Bronx DA Darcel Clark Nabs Livery Driver Who Injured a Child and Fled to Germany (DNANews)
  • Chait: Schumer, Pelosi Should Oppose Trump Infrastructure Plan for the Good of the Country (NY Mag)

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  • Mike

    Trump needs to move out and sell his penthouse. Maybe make Florida his new home. Having him here is a massive burden on the city.

  • bolwerk

    “The idea is that, once you transfer at Lorimer, you can get to the
    Midtown east bus, the Midtown west bus,” said Richard Barone. “That’s
    the upside of buses, that we can actually create more one-seat rides.”

    Once you get to Frankfurt, you can catch a plane to Los Angeles!

    An “all-weather shelter” with “distinctive architecture”, something
    “more akin to a station head house” would sit at the center of the

    That’s what transit users like to do! Mill around and look at distinctive architecture!

    OMFG, who is hoping to make money from this boneheaded idea? These people just want BRT, don’t care how useful it is, and will say anything to get it.

  • bolwerk

    Hey, I have an awesome idea. Let’s have Santiago Calatrava design that distinctive architecture! What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

    Has Enrique Penalosa crashed the economy in Bogota yet? Maybe he needs a job too.

  • AMH

    Nicole Gelinas is my hero. So many good observations:

    “And much of what we’re seeing is not security, but security theater.”

    “Drivers prefer constrained predictability to unconstrained chaos.”

    The NYPD has been having so much fun with this, while making absolutely no one safer.

  • JudenChino

    Update: Suspect In Hit-And-Run Death Of Matthew Von Ohlen Charged With Manslaughter

  • Jeff

    You can call me an idiot or whatever, but as a transit user I do feel that I’m subconsciously influenced by what I perceive as more “substantial” infrastructure to some degree, which does include station facilities such as what is described here. The fact that transit modes which employ more substantial, physical infrastructure (such as how LRT lines tend to attract more new riders than BRT lines with other factors remaining equal) seems to suggest that there exist other easily-swayed-by-pretty-things morons such as myself.

  • vnm

    Great job Darcel Clark!

  • ohnonononono

    I bet you’d prefer better headways to get on the bus (or train) immediately than stand around admiring the architecture while you wait longer though.

  • c2check

    I’m expecting him to eventually move his residence to a fortified mountaintop (perhaps cleared by mining activity).
    I expect it will likely be called something like TRUMP Castle™®
    Great opportunity for infrastructure investment.
    c.f. “Project Riese”

  • c2check

    Let’s think something like the Temporary Transbay Terminal in SF—not too audacious and does the job.
    Not a perfect idea or a pancea for all the possible L-pocalpyse troubles, but it is convenient to the L at Lorimer/G at Metropolitan, and has easy access to the Williamsburg Bridge.

  • bolwerk

    I’m not calling anyone an idiot, but I don’t see it working that way. I am even probably what is called in some circles pro-infrastructurist. However, I think any transit infrastructure needs justification beyond distinctiveness. Overbuilt LRT is much more expensive and doesn’t attract more riders. Don’t repeat the mistake with buses.

    And in this case, aren’t we talking about something where a userbase is built in? We don’t need to attract people. If anything, we need to scare some of them off!

  • bolwerk

    Assuming buses can even accommodate a meaningful proportion of L Train users in a one-seat trip from Lorimer to some place on 14th, why bother riders with big terminals at all? There is oodles of curb space in that area.

    Save people the trip inside and probably up more stairs and let them board on the street level!

  • c2check

    They could just have buses stop at the curb along Marci Triangle. You could fit 3 articulated buses along the curb going Mahnattan-bound along Metropolitan.
    I wonder if turn-around will be a problem though.

    If the stop was to be elsewhere, some (covered) curb extensions would be good to give folks a place to queue out of the sidewalk path. Buses would be given priority with in-lane stops (as should perhaps be the case anyway)

  • bolwerk

    Well, covers on the curbside can be reasonable. We’re going a little crazy talking about “distinctive” architecture for something that only serves a purpose for a year or two though. Even if surface transit across the Williamsburg Bridge remains useful, the impetus for 14th-to-Lorimer bus service disappears when the tube is restored.

  • Flakker

    I do not think Trump (or Brexit) deserves blame for hate crimes. We should be consistent and clear that the perpetrators alone are responsible for their actions and say so publicly as much as possible. Saying “Trump did this” is necessarily taking some of the moral burden off of them.

  • Ari_F_S

    If that subway real-time story actually comes to pass, that is great news.

  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    There’s already a surface bus terminal in Williamsburg right by the Marcy J/Z stop.

  • c2check

    Not very convenient to the L service area though

  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    Its not that bad and the potential to greatly reduce traffic on 5th Ave may benefit the city in the long run.

  • c2check
  • Guest

    I see no reason we have to view this as an either/or, rather than recognizing it as an AND condition.

  • Guest

    Generally agree, but don’t care for the term “security theater.” It makes it sound too benign. It is an exercise of authority, at the expense of citizens’ rights to use our public space.

  • bolwerk

    And probably doesn’t draw a single additional rider!

    Fine by me though. If that’s really all there is to it.

  • AMH

    “Another board member, Charles Moerdler, pitched platform doors as a mean
    to cut back on overcrowding, the most common cause of delayed trains.”

    How do platform doors reduce crowding? They just prevent the crowds from falling onto the tracks.

  • bolwerk

    Incessantly blaming desperate (now white) people for acting out is almost like blaming blacks for inner city crime. The neolibs on both sides of the Atlantic give working class whites nothing. Now they’re being spanked for it.

    And like the Democrats, the Labour Party did all it could to marginalize its left. So there is no moral imperative to what progressive politics are there. They simply are tools to help people like Tony Blair win elections, and they get tossed aside if they stop winning elections.

    So the goons in New Labour wonder why Corbyn does so well there. Much like right-wing Democrats wonder why Sanders did so well.

  • Brad Aaron

    It seems you are making a lot of assumptions about the author of that headline.

  • Joe R.

    They reduce crowding for the reasons open gangway trains increase capacity by 10%—either bad journalism or wishful thinking or not knowing what the f you’re talking about.

    It’s scary how little some MTA board members know about the system they’re in charge of.

  • HamTech87

    5th & 6th Avenues should have protected bike lanes, and noticed that Gelinas didn’t mention it in the Trump Tower context. My cynical side thinks that if the City installed one near Trump Tower, it would get all the blame for problems there.

  • qrt145

    Sounds like sort of an “anti-Nuremberg” defense. (“I didn’t do it; I only told my followers to do it!”)

  • AMH

    It makes sense that open gangways increase capacity by some amount since they create more space inside the train, but platform doors actually take up space on the platform.

  • bolwerk

    Do you mean the writer of the hate crime article or you personally? (I’m assuming you wrote the description linking to it.) Either way, I was not. I was responding to Flakker’s comment. If I was making “assumptions” about anyone, it was politicians and power brokers.

    I think your assessment is entirely spot-on accurate.

  • HamTech87

    Would platform doors slow down service as the Rivoli article says MTA asserts? What are the numbers behind this assertion, especiallly if one calculates the delays from what appears to be a large number of people intentionally falling, or being pushed, onto the tracks and stopping service? Perhaps an argument can be made that this will improve service? After seeing platform doors in other cities, I didn’t see any slowdown from them.
    “MTA officials have never embraced platform barriers or doors because of their cost and potential to slow down service.”

  • HamTech87

    (1) You’re correct that we don’t need a Calatrava station, but we do need far better bus shelters along the curb. Like the wonderful new ones on MetroNorth rail platforms, which are fully-enclosed and have push-button heat! Why can’t bus riders have this quality of a facility?

    (2) BRT: sure I’d like rail, but we have it in the L train. Why not have a bus replacement that is the most efficient possible?

  • Guest

    Won’t reduce crowding.

    To the extent the second set of doors would limit the ability of passengers to hold the doors open, it could reduce delays caused by crowding.

  • Brad Aaron

    I meant me. OK sorry cool thanks.

  • AMH

    I suppose it’s possible that there could be more delays from adding another set of doors that have to close before the train can leave, but I don’t know if there’s anything backing up the assertion.

  • AMH
  • Vooch
  • Flakker

    I say that there is a distinct difference to the essentially left-wing position that economic circumstances cause crime in general- without necessarily letting people’s individual actions off the hook, and saying that a fake billionaire having a manic episode on TV for 18 months and winning the presidency sent the signal to idiots nationwide to act on their bigoted impulses and that it’s the fake’s fault, just as Trump’s sexual assaults are his fault and not rape culture’s fault. I am troubled because this is at its core an anti-free speech argument. Those who act this way are not innocent victims. This is just a comment, I recognize others disagree or see shades of gray. I’m saying my position is not to normalize Trump or to give him a pass but to object to the idea that the streets are less safe because of Trump- they are less safe because of the actions of street criminals. That’s who is doing this and what they are.

  • AnoNYC

    Less potential delays?

  • c2check

    The point isn’t to draw additional riders, it’s to make waiting tolerable for existing riders who now have to wait outdoors rather than staying inside, just as with the L

    The distinctive canopy design does make the terminal easier to find for the occasional rider who may not be familiar with the area, though.

  • AMH

    Good point, fewer delays could reduce crowding.

  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    Not too many buses have hourly off-peak service though.

  • bolwerk

    If it’s just to keep people warm and fuzzy, why does it have to be distinctive? Anyway, that’s silly. People on els and at bus stops all over the city wait outside. Compared to many other bus services at least, this should not involve long waits at all.

    (If this is the terminus, there will likely be buses queued they can wait on.)

  • bolwerk

    Hmm, I think streets are probably going to be less safe short term for some people. Something about this type of result encourages these outbursts, and there was a bump (it’s ongoing, I think) in anti-immigrant acts in Britain as well. I might caution against sweeping generalizations since this regards two cases involving two culturally and socioeconomically similar groups in two countries that speak the same language and have oddly similar political cultures.

    I didn’t think your comment was unreasonable, but gotta do something about the macro causes of that kind of behavior too. Trump may not be legally or morally responsible, and I think whether he is either is a distraction, but something about Trump helps trigger them.