Today’s Headlines

  • People Take to Streets for Second Night to Protest Our Openly Bigoted President Elect (News)
  • To Fund Discount Transit Fares, City Hall Would Want to Split the Cost With Albany (NYT)
  • If London, SF, and Oslo Can Modernize Transit Fare Payment, So Can the MTA (NY1)
  • De Blasio: Trump Can’t Reinstate Stop-and-Frisk in NYC (Politico)
  • Expect More Overbearing NYPD Security Theater Around All Trump-Branded NYC Properties (Crain’s)
  • Fixing the Brooklyn Bridge Will Cost More Than $800 Million But Drivers Pay Nothing for It (Post)
  • TLC Looks to Expand Wheelchair-Accessible Dispatch Service Citywide (AMNY)
  • A Driver Struck a Man at Eldridge and Canal, Scant Information Available (DNA)
  • Some Pols Are Wasting Time on This East River Gondola Distraction (News)
  • Tuesday: Weigh in on the Most Convoluted Part of the BQX Streetcar Route (Bklyn Paper)
  • A Crumbling Ped Bridge Over LIRR Tracks in Bayside Is Coming Down and Won’t Be Replaced (TL)

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  • Mike

    Tonight should see bigger protests, with tomorrow being Saturday. And then, there’s tomorrow at noon starting at Union Square. Bring friends.

  • bolwerk


    Save your strength. The turd just hit the fan, so see where the splatters fall. Every one of these goons who comes out ahead now is inexperienced at governance and has no plan. There is no way they will be unified.

  • Mike

    This is the perfect time to do it. The man in question is a complete narcissist who feels an overwhelming need to be adored. He already tweet-whined about the protests yesterday and then tried to praise the spirit of the protestors today. He can be emotionally maneuvered, and it’s never to early to start. He doesn’t want his home town to hate him.

  • bolwerk

    Maybe. But it might be best to see who opposes him and then play them against each other first. Much of his own party sees him as a boorish usurper.

  • Vooch
  • gneiss

    They have been doing that already. CHP set up a nice little speed trap heading into downtown Sausalito where they ticketed cyclists for going faster than 20 mph, because of residential complaints. One of my friends went to traffic school in order to reduce his fine after he was caught going 26 mph in a 20 mph.

    The new part here, is that Marin County Parks has purchased speed detectors and is going out on mountain biking trails to look for people “speeding” on the trails. This is largely political. There’s a virulent group of politically well connected and wealthy anti-bikers called the “FootPeople” who want to ban people from riding bicycles (but not horses) on a number of trails which are currently open to them. The Marin County Supervisors had been convinced by this group to address the “problem” of speeding cyclists on the trails. First step is to figure out if “speeding” is actually a problem by collecting data on the trails.

  • Vooch

    at least we get one block of Fifth Avenue liberated from motor traffic. Now if the DOT could only convince the NYPD to Pedestrianize this block “temporarily” for the Winter Holidats we’d be moving forward