Today’s Headlines

  • Thousands Take to Streets to Protest Election Result (NYT 1, 2; DNALATCNNNPRChicago Trib)
  • You Can’t Walk Near Trump Tower Anymore (Gothamist, News); Transit Affected Too (Advance)
  • Cuomo and de Blasio Think Trump Will Help With “Infrastructure,” Whatever That Means (NYT, AMNY)
  • Future of Gateway Tunnel Completely Up in the Air (Politico)
  • Rents in the Vicinity of Second Avenue Subway Are Rising (Post, AMNY)
  • Murray Hill NIMBYs Don’t Want the MTA to Add Emergency Ventilation to 4/5/6 Line (DNA)
  • Transit Opponent and Safe Streets Do-Nothing Inez Dickens Headed to Albany (DNA)
  • Dismissing Other Options, DOT Proposes Traffic Circles to Slow Drivers on SI’s Greeley Avenue (Advance)
  • There’s Still Time to Put the Unified Transit Map Kickstarter Project Over the Top
  • Feeling Down? Try Subway Therapy (NY1)

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  • Vooch

    can we use the occasion of Trump Victory to ‘temporarily’ Pedestrianize a few blocks of Fifth Avenue for the winter holidays ? ( 2 bus lanes of course )

  • I think it’s a bit unfair to say “Dismissing Other Options, DOT Proposes Traffic Circles to Slow Drivers on SI’s Greeley Avenue (Advance)

    The DOT, at the Community Board’s request, proposed a Neighborhood Slow Zone for that area. After the CB’s initial support, Borough President James Oddo and City Council Member Steve Matteo stepped in and the CB rejected it.

    The problem there is primarily speeding, and they objected to the speed limit being lowered. Go figure. Steve Matteo wants to solve the speeding problem with stop signs, although The Advance reported that hardly anybody stops at the stop signs that are already there.

    It’s a real riot to watch NYC’s DOT actually bend over backwards to please Staten Islanders only to get this kind of resistance. Streetsblog’s headline might more accurately read “Staten Islanders Want Something Done About Speeding But Don’t Want The Traffic Slowed Down”.

  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    Also its about time the City is exploring options other than constant stop signs and red lights at every intersection. We should be celebrating the first traffic calming circle in the city.

  • Joe R.

    Agreed. The area around Rockefeller Center especially is in a constant state of pedlock from late November until early January.

  • Vooch

    Simply block off the east side lanes and Pedestrianize about 37′ width of fifth avenue, leave 33′ on west side of fifth for 2 bus lanes & a bus loading lane. The bus stops can be retained unchanged.

    Do this from 57th to 52nd from Nov 15th until January 7th when this area is mobbed. This plan would triple pedestrian space while allowing Bus serivce to flow even more effectively.

  • JamesR

    Because we don’t have a monarchy in the US, our presidents represent, in many ways, the embodiment of our value system. We project what we think of as our better selves onto them. With the election of an authoritarian, demagogic bully to the presidency, I am so concerned that we are going to see an ugly coarsening of everyday human contact in the public realm. That means get ready for more crosswalk bullying. Getting run off the road on the bike. More hit and runs. More ugly public altercations. More public displays of bigotry. “Might makes right” was just given a mandate and it is going to impact our lives in a visceral way.

  • bolwerk

    Dude! Enough with the relentless cynicism! It is time for Americans of all stripes to come together and give their God-Emperor an open mind. What could possibly go wrong? It’ll be terrific!

  • Joe R.

    To some extent the election was also a referendum on those who felt left behind by the changes, both economically and socially, in the last few decades. For the sake of the country, I hope Trump is able to make some progress economically so the cohort who voted for him does better economically. Much of the bullying and scapegoating which has characterized this election cycle has been a direct result of people struggling to get by. Most regulars here are highly educated professionals to whom this economy has been good. This is the second year in a row I’ll be making 6 figures, for example. Nevertheless, I get it that lots of people are struggling, including my two siblings. For better or for worse, Trump spoke for these people.

    That said, I’m skeptical that anyone can deliver here, at least in the way Trump supporters expect. For example, the loss of jobs in coal mining is part of a larger economic shift to cleaner energy. I doubt Trump or anyone else is going to get us back on coal. On top of that, there will be an increasing need to be educated if you want to remain employable. In the end, that may be the best jobs program—retraining all these blue collar workers so they’ll be able to do the kinds of jobs we need, and then creating more of those jobs.

    The bottom line here is I agree with your concern about a coarsening of everyday human contact and more bigotry. If we don’t get our economic house of cards in order people will pick scapegoats. It’s imperative then regardless of party that will hope for a successful Trump presidency.

  • JamesR

    I don’t know what to say… you found a comment of mine on here from three years ago?

    *slow clap*

    it turns out that you were indeed right. What more can I say.

    I can say this: BdB is an oaf. DJT is a potential killing blow to everything we hold dear. They’re not the same.

  • bolwerk

    Haha, I was mostly right about Hil/Trump too.

    I think the danger of Trump is more uncertainty than expectation. He’s a fairly unmotivated person, and largely wants to draw attention to himself. Rule from a milquetoast center is not unlikely, and lack of interest in liberal internationalist military adventurism may even be refreshing.

    That said, I might be totally wrong, and he might blow up the planet within 10 minutes of taking office.

  • Elizabeth F

    So now it looks like one lane of Fifth Avenue will be permanently shut down around 57th St, creating a choke point. When that shutdown is no longer needed, 4 or 8 years from now, we will have proven that life goes on, even with one fewer lane. That will be our opportunity to finally get a protected bike lane on Fifth Ave.

  • Komanoff

    The rebuttal to this would be to see just one pickup-truck driver signal before turning. I’m not holding my breath.

  • AMH

    The irony is that education is the/an answer, yet Trump campaigned on cutting it.

  • AMH

    Yes yes yes. I’ve heard so many people say it doesn’t matter who is in office so long as we treat each other well, seemingly oblivious to the behavior he encourages and may well try to codify.

  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    Is the sidewalk being blocked or just a lane blocked off for full size vehicles similar to Church St at Vesey? If its the latter why not run a bike lane right through the security zone right now? For the sake of argument lets ignore that NYC is a right-side drive city that puts bike lanes on the left.

  • Well, here you’ve got the city doing just that and the local politicians advocating for stop signs. Sometimes I think my fellow Staten Islanders hear the term “Vision Zero” and make up their minds they don’t want it.