Today’s Headlines

  • De Blasio Allocates $1.5M for Campaign Urging Motorists to Not Hit People After Dark (NYT)
  • The MTA May Never Adopt Efficient and Modern Payment Tech … (NY1, WNBC)
  • … But Will Burn a Ton of Money on Cuomo’s Bus WiFi Gimmick (@AirlineFlyer)
  • MTA Sought Approval of Cuomo Toll Project While Hiding Costs; Trottenberg: Nope (AMNY)
  • Two Second Avenue Subway Stations Might Not Be Finished in December (NYT)
  • School Bus Drivers Vote to Strike (AdvanceNews, NY1)
  • City Hall Asks City Council to Hold Off on Food Cart Bill (Crain’s, Post)
  • Though Data Indicate Otherwise, de Blasio Says Vision Zero Is Working in Staten Island (Advance)
  • Rather Than Junking Defective Used Cars, the NYC Department of Finance Is Selling Them (NYT 1, 2)
  • Human Rights Protestors Took Over Half a Level of the GWB Yesterday (WNBC, NewsPost)
  • MTA to Adjust Q59 Route as Part of DOT’s Meeker Avenue Project (DNA)
  • Inside or Outside a Vehicle, Traffic Justice Remains Hard to Come by in New York (Post)

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  • Jesse

    Happy Birthday, NYC Subway. You don’t look a day over 200.

    Oh really? Yikes. How embarrassing…

  • Vooch

    $1.5 million also buys 3 miles of PBL.

  • WalkingNPR

    Oh goody, more education campaigns. Vision Zero is totally different than the status quo, you guys…

  • Toddster

    From the NYT:

    “At the 86th Street station, only 10 of 13 escalators have been installed…”

    Why does that station have 13 escalators? That seems excessive.

  • As someone pointed out on Twitter, it could also buy over 30,000 flex posts. They could slow down drivers at thousands of intersections or use them along the edge of curbside bike lanes. That would have a longer-lasting impact than any vague education campaign.

  • JudenChino

    I think it’s because they’re all deep stations, like the 59th street F, which spurs to the 2nd avenue line.

  • bolwerk

    I haven’t seen a station schematic yet, but could be there are escalators into fare control, and then escalators from fare control to the platform areas? It’s probably not one bank of 13 escalators. :-p

  • Geck

    Peter Norton talking about Vision Zero on The Takeaway:

  • 1ifbyrain2ifbytrain

    Walking home on Tuesday night someone had placed an orange plastic traffic cone smack dab in the middle of the entrance to a side street. And I had the same thought!

    If these were in every street entrance then drivers would be forced to slow down when turning, doing away with those fast sweeping turns which are killing pedestrians.

  • Kevin Love

    Flex posts? That provide zero protection? I prefer proper security bollards, like these ones:

    A quote from the website:

    “Quick and easy to install crash-rated bollards that provide superb protection against vehicular threats”

  • Kevin Love

    And education campaigns are so effective! Look at how educating people on the dangers of tobacco smoking has totally eliminated this behavior… Not!

  • kevd

    these work well, too

    if drivers think they might damage their vehicle, they modify their behavior.
    Sadly, the threat of killing people won’t modify every driver’s behavior

  • WalkingNPR

    I kid you not, I had an NYC Dept of Health official at a Vision Zero event tell me exactly this when I questioned why NYC Vision Zero was so focused on education rather than infrastructure, like the real deal. Which is just patently wrong (there’s actual research showing the progress we have made in the city is due to smoking bans and taxation–you’d hope a DOH official would know that…).

    But sure–the problem with not running people over is that people don’t know it’s a bad idea! Posters for everyone!

  • SSkate

    Maybe it’s because time seems to go by faster as you get older, but wasn’t there a school bus driver strike just a year or two ago?

  • Sean Kelliher

    DOT is spending 1.5 million dollars to remind drivers in the most densely populated area of the nation that there may be pedestrians around.

    A real “shot in the arm” for Vision Zero would be (1) congestion pricing/Move NY and (2) parking/placard reform. These would reduce the number of vehicles in the city, free space to repurpose for pedestrians and bicyclists, and create revenue streams to fund enforcement and capital projects.

    In 34 months in office, the de Blasio administration hasn’t touched either of them. It’s just not that serious about your safety.