Today’s Headlines

  • Unreal: 84th Precinct Tickets Cyclists at Jay and Tillary (@D00RZ0NE); DNA Pities Truck Driver
  • Voice Alarmed by Most Recent Wave of Pedestrian Deaths and City’s Indifferent Response
  • NYCLU: Crime Continues to Fall Along With Stop-and-Frisk (News)
  • The Times Examines de Blasio’s Municipal Hiring Spree
  • City Council Could Vote to Increase Food Cart and Truck Permits (AMNY)
  • People in Sunnyside Are Fighting a New School on the Site of an Old Parking Garage (DNA, QNS)
  • Forest Hills Chamber of Commerce Opposes Rules That Would Limit Street Fairs (DNA)
  • Have You Said Your Goodbyes to the Penn Station Departures Board? (DNA)
  • The Nets Are Walking, Biking, and Taking the Train in Brooklyn (NYT)

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  • Kevin Love

    Of course NYPD is going to harass cyclists at Jay and Tillary. Victim-blaming is so limited when there is only one victim. So NYPD is moving to the next step.

  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    Jay and Tillary needs to be made safe by design, which can also help bring the behavior of people cycling into compliance and make these ticket stings a thing of the past.

    What happened to the #fixjaystreet campaign? It is NOT fixed. Have our advocates moved on to the Grand Concourse? This is why the focus needs to be on high quality design and on a comprehensive network approach, because NYC is too big to be advocating for a corridor at a time.

  • AMH

    I’m completely incredulous. I mean, I kind of expected this since targeting cyclists is SOP for NYPD even in a situation like this, but I still can hardly believe it.

  • Kevin Love

    Yes, if only there were some sort of design manual for bicycle traffic that could just simply be used everywhere.

    Oh wait! Look what I found:

  • MatthewEH

    From the DNA coverage of the crash in downtown Brooklyn:

    “[construction worker Tim] Meadow, who’s helping build 285 Jay St. nearby, has seen five cyclists get hit during that same time period, he said.

    Cyclists, he said, don’t use their designated bike lane and instead wait to turn in the same lane that other vehicles use.”

    Dafuq? The bike lane disappears at the intersection and becomes a sharrow painted on the second lane from the right (which is the rightmost lane that’s still a through lane). Of course cyclists aren’t in a designated bike lane there; there isn’t one.

    Also, the DNA coverage makes it clear that the impact was to the *driver’s* side of the truck, not the far right hand side. So it wasn’t a right-hook scenario. It sounds like what happened is that the truck driver was turning right (quite possibly signaling it), the cyclist came up in the through lane/on the sharrow, and then the truck driver juked left to actually get his overlarge truck enough clearance to make the turn. Crap. I’m a damned seasoned cyclist and I could see myself making the mistake of passing a truck to the “safe” side only to discover it is not so safe. 🙁 And again, but for the fact the trucker was driving illegally (too large a truck to be hauling around divisible loads), the crash wouldn’t have happened.

    Heck, it’s possible the cyclist had been sitting ahead of the trucker in the lane all along (waiting for the light to turn from red to green), the trucker came up, and then when the light changed he “didn’t see him”.


  • ddartley

    I’d feel better about the food cart thing if the didn’t all run gasoline-burning generators on the street all day long.

  • AMH

    I can’t believe that we don’t have electrical outlets on the street for this purpose.

  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    I would be very curious whether it’s possible to add outlets to light poles with a payment system kind of like under-seat outlets at some airports (such as DFW IIRC?). It could end up being a good deal for everyone. I wonder how much local air quality would benefit.

  • Kwyjibo

    I tend to like DNA more than the tabloids because they (unlike the tabs) are capable of decent post-crash reporting, but IME any story with Aidan Gardiner’s byline is likely to be rife with victim-blaming.

  • Jesse

    It would also be nice if the food carts were off the curb instead of on the sidewalk.

  • Reader

    DNA coverage of bike and pedestrian fatalities and injuries is generally horrible. I wonder who they think their readership is? It’s not bike-hating construction workers.

  • JudenChino
  • Why there’s no action from DOT to make Tillary and Jay into a protected intersection of some kind is beyond me. I get that there’s a lot of car traffic there, but something could be done to make this much safer.

  • JudenChino


  • JudenChino

    Just plug it into one of the charging ports that all our new buses have.

    – Cuomo, probably

  • ahwr

    If the city can put in chargers for electric cars they can put in outlets for food carts.

    The food cart industry is a mess. Some improvements would be welcome.

  • Jeff

    Yeah but that particular space is being used by real adults with real things to do, whereas the sidewalk is just for people faffing about.

  • com63

    I think the bike being in front of the truck and the trunk not seeing him is the most likely scenario. The articles all say the cyclist was turning, but the photos make it look like he was going straight. If the cyclist were turning right, he would have not been that far into the intersection.
    The light turned green, the cyclist started to go straight and the truck driver started to turn right from the middle lane, didn’t see the cyclist and ran over him as the truck driver turned.

  • nanter

    From the Village Voice article, they received a response from the mayor’s office that they added 18 miles of protected bike lanes this year. In a city of over 6k miles of roadway, seems like they’ve got a bit of work to do!

  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    Falafeling about**

  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    What you’re looking at today is the “after” picture. Jay Street has been “fixed”, even this sharrowed section with the horrible intersection will probably be counted as protected lane mileage, and TA has “We Won!” in huge letters on the “People First on Jay Street” page.

    I doubt if we’ll see any further changes here before 2020, though the 2-way bike path on Tillary is being extended east to Jay. If the NW corner where they meet gets a competent protected treatment I will be shocked.

  • AMH

    That article is a mess. It says that the cyclist was turning both left and right:

    The cyclist was crushed “while apparently making a legal left turn with the light.”

    The cyclist “was turning right with the light, when the truck, which was making the same turn, crushed the cyclist.”

    Two contradictory accounts, published in the same story, with no attempt to reconcile them. What actually happened here?