Today’s Headlines

  • Cuomo’s Latest Transportation Reveal: Cashless Tolls and Pretty Lights (NYT, PoliticoAPAMNY)
  • The Voice Captured the Essence of Cuomo’s Cutting Edge Transformational Sexy Bold Creativity
  • Cuomo in No Hurry to Appoint a New Port Authority Chief (Politico)
  • PABT Survey Highlights Disconnect Between Ribbon Cutters and Commuters (Bloomberg)
  • Process-Truther Dan O’Donnell Says Citi Bike Wastes “Critical Parking Spaces” on UWS (@pfrishauf)
  • Now’s a Good Time to Tell Brooklyn CB 6 About Your Favorite Bike-Share Station (Patch)
  • DOT Denies Play Street for Lower Manhattan School Because of Parking Garage (Express)
  • Motorist Crashes Into Cars in Chelsea (News); Bronx School Bus Crash Injures 8 (Post)
  • Men Driving Private Garbage Truck Assault Pedestrian in Brooklyn Heights (DNA)
  • People Are Pretending to Be Uber Drivers and Apparently There’s No Stopping Them (CBS)
  • Citi Bike: Killing the American Dream, One Parking Spot at a Time (Medium)

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  • Kevin Love

    From the Bloomberg article:

    “Whoever does design the replacement may be a savior to the hordes who traipse daily through the station’s begrimed passages”

    Dorothy, you have brought back the use of a word into the English language!

  • dpecs

    That VZ rendering in AMNY doesn’t look like a wave, it looks like a blob.

    In any case, this would be fine if it weren’t coming out of the MTA’s capital budget (at the expense of something that doesn’t only benefit folks trying to leave New York). Also, let’s get a damn bike lane on the Verrazzano!

  • van_vlissingen

    I think the Tunnels and Bridges announcement is a lost opportunity for us.
    As the toll plazas are eliminated, the roads will be straightened – this opens up a ton of space which Cuomo will be using for security theater. However, the space could also be used to put in bike lanes on the bridge approaches – allowing future bike access over the remaining MTA bridges and tunnels.

  • JudenChino

    What? Like a bikelane through the BK Battery Tunnel? That would shorten my commute by a lot.

  • Kevin Love

    “Malcolm Emerich, a resident of Boerum Hill for 32 years, said parking has always been terrible in the neighborhood but the Citi Bikes will only make it worse. He spends 30 to 45 minutes looking for parking, opting out of the $500 a month garage fee to rent a parking spot.”

    Communism vs. Capitalism:

    With Capitalism you pay for what you want.

    With Communism the government provides it to you, but you usually have to wait for it.

    Too bad the USA is increasingly opting for Communism as a form of government for car drivers.

  • van_vlissingen

    I was thinking more about getting bike infrastructure on the VZN, Throggs and Whitestone Bridges but sure why not?

  • Guest

    The missed opportunity to take the dead space back from the toll plaza to create a bike lane on the Henry Hudson Bridge, which already went cashless as an early pilot, is an ongoing failure.

  • Guest

    Somebody close to Cuomo has got to convince him to stop trying to design things himself. He’s terrible at it, and he should be spending his time on real governance work.

  • Greg

    Oh my that “Killing the American Dream” article is weak.

    Any time this “parking loss” theme comes up we need to strongly counteract with the argument that Citibike adds (substantial) parking. Repeat and rinse.

  • Kevin Love

    How about in the rest of the world, where that economic system known as “Capitalism” or “Free Markets” allows people to buy new condos and choose whether or not to buy a car parking spot with them. Given the choice between paying the actual cost of a car parking spot or not, a lot of people say, “no thanks.”

    Aren’t free markets wonderful? I believe that car drivers should be exposed to them. See:

  • Joe R.

    When I read the comment “I think it was part of the American dream to have a parking spot.” in the article I assumed it was parody. Sadly, it isn’t.

  • Annoyed

    Just gave an earful to the person answering phones at Assembly Member O’Donnell’s office. We should all do the same.'Donnell/map/

    Crazy that he can claim there was no community input process after many DOT-led meetings, and even an online suggestion map on the DOT’s website. Everybody knew about it and was talking about it. Now the DOT has to waste time responding to this idiot, instead of figuring out how to stop increasing deaths of pedestrians and cyclists???? This guy may have just earned himself a financial supporter of his future primary opponent. Grrrr…..

  • ohnonononono

    It’s actually a surface parking lot operated by LAZ across from the Peck Slip School, not a garage. And it seems to be mostly the Landmarks Preservation Commission’s fault that such a huge surface parking lot is on that big block in the first place. The owners submitted a number of proposals to develop it over the years but apparently the LPC reasoned that a parking lot fits in better with the Seaport’s history than mixed use development:

    The 1951 aerial shows the block still packed full of the same kind of 19th century commercial buildings as on the other side of Water Street, and I wonder how the entire block was cleared to create the parking lot. I have to guess that it was originally a part of a failed urban renewal scheme, maybe connected to the creation of Southbridge Towers.

    Parents and other people who want to see the play street on Peck should support redevelopment of the site. The parking lot is just an interim “taxpayer” use until something gets built there. The building fronting Peck should NOT have a curb cut.

  • Joe R.

    I just heard Cuomo say on NY1 how he was “amazed” drivers waste 6400 hours every day waiting to pay tolls. I wonder how many person-hours NYC residents spend each day delayed on subway trains or sitting in traffic on buses? I’ll bet it’s a lot more than 6400 hours but Cuomo’s answer to that is USB ports on buses. I guess we’re all equal but some of us are more equal than others.

  • AnoNYC

    I support the automation and removal of toll gates. Smoother traffic through the tunnels and bridges will reduce idling and gridlock. Potentially reduced driver frustration. This took way too long,

  • Andrew

    Removal of toll gates was going to happen, anyway, regardless of Cuomo. The Henry Hudson Bridge was the testbed, with the intent of rolling it out to the other B&T facilities.

    He may have accelerated the timeline – I’m not sure what the original schedule was – but, without the provision of additional resources, acceleration of the timeline for one project inevitably sucks resources away from other project. So what other projects (from within B&T or perhaps even from elsewhere in the MTA network) are being delayed or deferred or canceled to make way for the accelerated open road tolling project, and what impact will those delays/deferrals/cancellations have on the overall transportation network? For some reason I don’t see that information in any of the press releases.

  • AnoNYC

    The tolls might be wide but i’m not sure if you could reallocate space within the tunnels for example at this time. There won’t be any physical changes in the tunnels or on the bridges. As New Yorkers get more familiar with this technology, perhaps we can garner better reception for Move NY though.

  • Joe R.

    I’m not saying removing the toll gates was a horrible idea, but let’s focus on speeding up ALL forms of transportation. A much faster rollout of CBTC is essential at this point, both to speed up trains plus avoid the delays caused by the ancient signal system. I’d also like to see more bus lanes, traffic signal preemption, prepaid fare collection, bike highways, maybe even a unified fare system where a city resident can use commuter rail for a subway fare. Time of day fares wouldn’t be a horrible idea, either.

  • AnoNYC

    Amazing how long this has taken. They could have gotten it going years ago by simply removing those toll gates and relying on existing camera enforcement/EZPass.

    I expect the reconfiguration of the plazas to take longer, but automating the process could be implemented on all paid crossings in just a few weeks.

    Seems like low lying fruit.

    BTW, is EZPass even necessary at this point? Why not use camera enforcement for everyone? Base discounts on automobile registration.

  • AnoNYC

    I wonder if you could cantilever a path off the side of that bridge?

  • AnoNYC

    I think a cantilever is more realistic for those crossings.

    One place where you should definitely repurpose a lane is on the 3rd Ave Bridge.

  • van_vlissingen

    Bridges I feel is doable – just allocate the space for a future facility now, and hopefully TA can restart the FiBoro bridges campaign at some point.
    Tunnels I think JudenChino and I were being tongue in cheek.

  • van_vlissingen

    I agree that this gets people familiar with the technology that is going to make Move NY work

  • Andrew

    I’m apparently not the only one seriously concerned about Cuomo’s latest approach to transit:

  • Larry Littlefield

    Cuomo may not know a lot about the transportation system, but at least he has woken up and decided it’s important.

    As for funding for cashless tolling, it is funded by not having to pay active and future retired toll takers. Unless as part of the deal we have to pay them anyway even as they no longer work.