Today’s Headlines

  • Hoboken Train Crash — 1 Dead, 108 Injured (NYTAP, NY1, News, PostWNYC, Politico)
  • Under Christie, NJ Transit Is “an Agency in Distress” (NYT)
  • Would Positive Train Control Have Prevented the Crash? (WSJ, Post)
  • NJ Transit Service Will Be Disrupted for Weeks (News)
  • New Bill From Glick and Peralta Would Suspend Licenses of Repeat School Zone Speeders (DNA)
  • The Fair Fares Campaign Finds a Receptive Audience at Hunter College (DNA)
  • Gridlock Sam Talks Driverless Cars With the Brooklyn Paper
  • MTA: W Train Service Will Return to Astoria November 7 (TL)
  • People in the 112th Precinct Want a Plan to Stop Honking and Double-Parking (QChron)
  • 9 Ideas From Around the World for Better Streets and Transit (AMNY)

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  • AMH

    The Gridlock Sam column includes a timeless Car-toon:

  • HamTech87

    Would the Glick-Peralta bill apply to school zones throughout the state?

  • Larry Littlefield

    What a gutless coward Chris Christie turned out to be.

    He inherited a financial mess decades in the making, and came into office claiming to be a truth telling outsider, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt when he made some decisions I didn’t fully agree with.

    It is now clear, however, that he is just another self-serving careerist unable to face the hard truths and force his constituents to do so. He even failed to hold up his side of his own pension deal. His gutlessness is unbelievable.

    Is this what we can expect from Generation Apathy, when Generation Greed’s music stops and there are no more chairs? If so skip my generation too, and look for leadership from those in their 30s and younger. They may not have the knowledge yet but, sorry, your elders can’t be relied on.

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