Today’s Headlines

  • Primary Day Is Tomorrow and Politico Has a Guide to the Races
  • Jay Street Protected Bike Lane Needs Better Protection (Bklyn Paper 1, 2, 3)
  • Traffic on the Rise on MTA and Port Authority Crossings (Post)
  • 23-Year-Old Woman Killed in Two-Car Crash in Ozone Park (News, Post)
  • Vehicular Killing of Senior Spurs Call for Traffic Calming on Bronxdale Ave (BxTimes)
  • There’s Less Public Review for Huge Highway Widenings on Staten Island Than for NYC Bike Lanes (LL)
  • Here’s How the Post Covered de Blasio’s Remarks About Street Safety on Brian Lehrer
  • Tri-State: Reduce Traffic Deaths By Investing in Transit
  • Citi Bike NIMBY Mad Libs, Industrial Gowanus Edition (DNA)
  • Eat Your Heart Out, Woody Allen (Patch)

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  • Bill Barker

    Thanks for your coverage of the Senate Subcommittee hearing on transit and climate change!

  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    The Jay Street lane southbound is so short that the few times I’ve used it I’ve barely noticed it’s there. It doesn’t do anything for the most stressful points on the route (the Tillary intersection and between Willoughby and Schermerhorn).

    This is one of the top bike routes in the city with few alternatives thanks to the black hole of the various superblocks in Downtown Brooklyn. It needs a comprehensive solution that’s actually protected for its full length. No mixing with buses and much better treatment and protection at the intersections.

  • Maggie

    On Brian Lehrer’s show, for some semblance of balance, did he take a question / pose one himself on how the search for Matthew van Ohlen’s killer is going?

    It’s beyond chilling to think an innocent man can be killed in a bike lane, and months later we can’t rely on NYPD to bring his killer to justice. Since de Blasio said he spoke with NYPD the previous day, this seems like an extremely important point Lehrer should have followed up on.

  • HamTech87

    The Politico elections article mentions the State Senate race between Rivera and Cabrera. I know Rivera was a big Webster Ave SBS supporter, but I also saw that StreetsPac didn’t endorse him. Anyone know why the Pac didn’t endorse him?

  • The guy complaining about Citi Bikes on 3rd Avenue seems really concerned about bike safety. To make sure no one is hurt, 3rd Ave through Gowanus should have a protected bike lane. There’s plenty of room. It could then connect with a protected bike lane on 9th St so people can go up the hill to Prospect Park West.

  • Joe R.

    It’s even more chilling when you consider the motorist intentionally hit Matthew. Had there been a video of someone being shot on the street execution-style the police would be all over it. The fact the weapon of choice was a motor vehicle seemingly gives the police carte blanche to treat this as just another “accident”. I personally feel they’re trying to cover for one of their own here.

  • PBJReports

    The blog post of about SIE expansion is not accurate. There was public review in 2009 and 2010.

  • vnm

    Fantastic piece by Larry Littlefield.

  • bolwerk

    Well, unless it’s the police doing the executing.

  • mfs

    I agree, this lane is less than useful in its current condition. There are blind turns on the northbound side at Myrtle & Cathedral where a motorist unaware of the lane could easily take someone out. The bus stops, especially at Jay Street are used by private vehicles, sometimes blocking access to the lane. Plus the construction sites on the northbound side make it no more than three blocks of uninterrupted protection.

    There is a signalized intersection coming to the bridge exit ramp, right?

  • com63

    I thought they announced they had found the car. I have a feeling you won’t hear anything at all until one day you will hear about charges being filed and an arrest. I think everyone’s best guess is that it was an off duty law enforcement officer and they are probably negotiating for the best plea they can get.

  • AMH

    It sounds like better parking regulation and enforcement of loading zones is also needed. “On a recent Friday, a cyclist steered between a truck that was being unloaded and a parked car and nearly crashed into one of Paciello’s two forklifts.”

  • Larry Littlefield

    Was it a public review of an 8 lane SIE plus the HOV lane?

    And how did that level of review compare with the process for Select Bus Service, or even many bike lanes?

    All we heard about was the express bus lane. All that was in that document was the HOV lane plus “auxiliary lanes” near Todt Hill Road, where trucks have trouble with the grade.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Moreover, you commented on my blog that the public hearing was in July 2010. Was it this one, announced as a meeting to decide if what was “environmentally” the bus lane that was converted to an HOV lane and the widely used by solo drivers would be a bus lane again?

    The way “auxiliary lanes” near Todt Hill became additional general traffic lanes nearly the whole length of the island?

    That’s the only meeting I can find in a search. And that doesn’t sound like a meeting on a fourth general traffic lane each way, and a fifth if you count the unenforoced.

  • Maggie

    Yeah – a family literally had to hold a funeral for their beloved 35-year-old son, with the fatal hit on video, an apparently deliberate swerve into the bike lane. The driver doesn’t even have a mark on their driving record yet. I feel like we could draw some meaningful connections on how we see personal responsibility in NYPD’s handling of Matthew’s horrible death.

    If it does turn out the driver is NYPD affiliated, I guess I’m confused why NYPD would be the investigating agency. One of the best things BLM has achieved so far, in my view, is making sure that NYPD officer-involved killings are handled by the AG.

    At any rate, bringing someone to justice for Matthew’s death and so many others should be no less a priority for NYPD than the Queens jogger. Maybe should be easier, but equally urgent.

  • ahwr

    Wasn’t the bus lane project separate from the Staten Island Access Improvement project? A lot of road projects are done piecemeal.

    The Transportation Committee will meet Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in the board office. On the agenda, a representative from state Department of Transportation will discuss the Staten Island Expressway Access Improvement Plan.

    TRANSPORTATION, JEANNE HOGAN – A meeting was held prior to the Board Meeting this evening. In light of the 100 people that attended and reviewing the Staten Island Expressway Access Improvement Plan

    The Rosebank/Fort Wadsworth/Shore Acres area committee also will meet Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in Mount Carmel Hall at Fletcher and Amity streets, Rosebank. On the agenda, a continued discussion of the Staten Island Expressway Access Improvement Plan.

    From your post

    While the ten-lane Staten Island Expressway, the ten-to-twelve lane Tappan Zee Bridge, and the pedestrian pens to prevent people from crossing Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, all sailed through with little or no public review at all.

    There were years of study and public meetings for the tappan zee bridge.

  • AnoNYC
  • Larry Littlefield

    The did the bus lane. Then Staten Island politicians got it converted to HOV, which is harder to enforce (and unenforced).

    Then they had a project to extend the bus lane, and provide “auxiliary lanes.” That project turned out to be adding four general traffic lanes on nearly the entire road.

    Geez, if they were going to do that, why not go all the way?