Today’s Headlines

  • DDC Expects Six-Year East Houston Street Project to Wrap This Month (DNA)
  • De Blasio Says Cops’ Discipline Records Should Be Public (DNA); Why Is NYPD Hiding Them? (DNA)
  • Uber Has a Thought on How Uber Could Profit From L Train Shutdown (Politico, AMNYPost)
  • Under Pressure From Cuomo, Developers Scramble to Make It Easier to Drive to LGA (Times Ledger)
  • Polling Site Moved for Brooklyn Heights Seniors Afraid They’d Die in Traffic (Bklyn Paper 1, 2)
  • If These Folks Wanted DOT to Undo Traffic-Calming They Wouldn’t Still Be Waiting (DNA, Press)
  • Cab Driver Assaults Female Passenger in Williamsburg, Flees Scene (DNA)
  • Police Mostly Helpless Against Dirt Bike Riders Who Tore Through Times Square (Post)
  • Advance Wants Cops to Confiscate Vehicles From Dangerous, Law-Breaking … Kids on Bikes
  • Queens Gazette Account of Astoria Curb-Jump Death Could Be Worst News Article Ever Published
  • Dealing With People in Cars From the Confines of a Toll Booth as Awful as You’d Imagine (NYT)
  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    Now that Houston is going to be finished, is there any chance for the transition from Allen Street to 1st Avenue to actually become protected for cycling? These are both streets that are claimed to have protected bike lanes and are falsely shown as continuously protected on the NYC Bike Map.

    It’s been a real shit chute for years now and construction wrapping may actually make things worse since people will drive through the intersection faster when it’s not full of steel plates and jersey barriers.

  • Nick Ober

    It’s still such a missed opportunity that the Houston Street project didn’t include protected bike lanes. Houston Street could have been a premiere crosstown bike route with dedicated signals and more. Instead we just get a lame Class 2 lane that will serve as a de facto double parking area.

  • Jeff

    It used to be continuously protected up until a few years ago, when they added a left turn lane from northbound Allen onto westbound Houston in lieu of the protected bike lane.

  • From the Staten Island Advance story….just look at all that traffic being obstructed.

  • bolwerk

    Just leaving this turd here on the floor:

    Section 50-A was enacted in 1976 to primarily prevent criminal defense
    attorneys from having instant ammunition to use in court to undermine or
    besmirch the credibility of an officer testifying at a trial, or harass
    them, without court approval, legal experts and officials say.

  • bolwerk

    Not really transportation- or streets-relevant, but some Bloomberg-era shitbags seem to be trying to re-assert control. Guess we can expect real reforms after 2017. Yessirree.

  • Mike

    Well, there is a parked car there that might have to not zoom out of its parking spot at dangerous speeds on the off chance its driver shows up.

  • Brad Aaron

    What a nothing story.

  • AMH

    Yep, as one of the commenters observed, we sure don’t want to make it possible to identify officers who have a credibility problem, at least not during a trial!

  • Flakker

    Forest Hills corner:
    if people are deliberately running a stop sign it’s not an “accident” when they crash. and i’m not paying cops to investigate why they’re doing it, I’m paying them to punish the perpetrators. The gloves come off on people with expired inspection stickers but not moving violators.

  • kevd

    “Cab Driver assaults female thief in williamsburg, flees scene” seems just as accurate. Your headline neglects the fact that she stiffed him. Which, seems important