Today’s Headlines

  • Motorist Leaves Van in Gear, Striking 2 Seniors in Astoria; 1 Dead (DNAAMNY); PostNews: “Accident”
  • De Blasio: Eastern Parkway Pedestrian Islands Should’ve Never Existed (DNA)
  • Related: Unnamed Electeds, NYPD — City Hall Can’t Decide Who Wanted Islands Removed (Gothamist)
  • De Blasio Ups J’Ouvert Police Presence (NYT); The Finest of the Finest Weigh In (News)
  • Cops Plow Through Group of Kids on Bikes in Bensonhurst, Striking 1; NYPD, News Blame Child
  • Driver in Park Slope Sends Cyclist Through Windshield (Gothamist); NYPD, DNA Blame Victim
  • Driver Who Killed Self and Two Friends on LIE May Have Been Racing; Post: “Accident”
  • Driver Who Killed Victoria Nicodemus on Brooklyn Sidewalk Will Fight Manslaughter Charge (DNA)
  • Fed-Up Judge Sends Recidivist Drunk Driver to Jail (Post)
  • Mirroring Streets, It’s Survival of the Fittest on New York City Waterways (NYT, WSJ, NY1, DNA)
  • bolwerk

    Probably a good description of de Blasio. But Quinn kind of reminded me of Mitt Romney: un-empathetic, uncharismatic, clueless, sycophantic, obviously disingenuous, and ultimately rather vicious. Not a good way to seem in the wake of George W. Bush, even now, and GWB somehow had some charisma. I don’t even know why, but he did.

    I’m no fan of de Blasio either, but even I get the sense he sort of cares about people in his own dumb, wishywashy kind of way. I don’t think he’s as dumb as he looks – he’s even a little shrewd. He’s not charismatic, but also not disingenuous.

  • bolwerk

    I dunno, I have little trouble reading, but your point is well taken. OTOH, I don’t sleep well on trains or any other kind of transportation. So maybe I exaggerate the importance of speed.

  • Joe R.

    I can sleep on trains. In fact, I’ve even been lulled to sleep on subway rides. I find I can’t sleep at all on any other type of transportation. The speed changes and bumps of road transportation make it very difficult to either read or sleep.

  • ad astra

    The media will focus on those incidents the way they focus on bicycle crashes.

    Distorted perception of risk is pervasive. The latest edition of the NYC Blue Guide, the bible of the tour-guide industry, warns you that the biggest danger faced when walking in Manhattan comes from bicycles. The second biggest is cabs running through red lights. And that’s it.

  • bolwerk

    I do best on trains, but that may be the seating. And in the EU anyway I sometimes get a bunk.

  • Larry Littlefield

    They’re both careerists.

    But while many commentators here were commenting on Quinn’s weight, and the weight of her SUV, I was happy to be parking my bike in a parking garage thanks to legislation that passed through her City Council.

    Along with Citibike, which as I’ve said is almost unbelievable to those who remember the invincibility of obstruction in city government decades ago.

    Similarly DeBlaiso may not be in the mood to stop and frisk drivers, but at least he’s trying to cajole them to kill less.

  • Larry Littlefield

    If autonomous motor vehicles making turns yield to pedestrians, the only vehicles able to move through Midtown during the day will be emergency vehicles with sirens and human drivers.

  • Vooch


  • bolwerk

    I want everyone stopped and frisked less anyway. It suffices to enforce relevant traffic laws, at least with regard to de Blasio doing his job. Blas probably would do that, but he is scared of the NYPD. Obviously I favor stronger laws/environmental changes, but de Blasio has less say over that.

    Well, I probably commented on her SUV, and it is a relevant point about her attitude. Quite frankly I’m glad she lost. She had the support of some of the most evil people in civic circles, and that never bodes well. The pickings were really awful in 2013 though. I’m also not sure she always understood what the hell she was saying. The Triborough RX bus was almost spit-your-coffee-out funny in the magnitude of cluelessness it conveyed.

  • bolwerk

    I might be big enough that most people not in a car will be polite to me on a crosswalk, but that distortion almost reaches Big Lie level. It’s the exact opposite of reality: social norms tell a cyclist to NOT be a danger at a crosswalk precisely because a cyclist is a sitting duck for a beating, deserved or otherwise.

    And I’d say the era of the discourteous cyclist is rather past. It was perhaps discernibly a decade ago, I think because cycling was getting more popular and people knew less about how to do it in urban space.

  • Jeffrey Baker

    The reason people focus on the Tesla crashes is because their system is terrible and kills people. There is a real risk that Tesla and others like them pushing half-baked solutions will seriously delay the adoption of actual autonomous vehicles that are in development by actual autonomous vehicle researchers and engineers as we speak. Tesla is just trying to jump the gun to get some marketing juice. They don’t have self-driving technology. They don’t even have driver-assist technology on par with Mercedes-Benz.

  • kevd

    don’t you mean “konfused”?

  • bolwerk

    I really don’t, cevd.

  • kevd

    So what is the rule for when “c” get changed into “k”s, then?
    And what exactly, is it intended to imply?

  • neroden

    “Cops Plow Through Group of Kids on Bikes in Bensonhurst, Striking 1; NYPD, News Blame Child”

    This is why support the elimination of the NYPD. It’s a gang of murderers. The few good people get treated like Serpico or Schoolcraft.

  • neroden

    What other problems are facing the city? “Accidents” appear to be the leading cause of death in NYC, and a hell of a lot of those are cars killing people.

  • neroden

    The mayor, *with the support of city council*, and that’s a huge issue, could create more affordable housing by eliminating low-rise and single-use zoning from the city. The development boom would eventaully bring everyone’s rents down; it would take about 5 years.

    Most zoning was designed to prohibit affordable housing, basically. Get rid of it, the affordable tenements come back.

  • neroden

    The word you’re looking for is “RepubliKKKans”.

  • neroden

    After looking at the history of autonomous trains, I suspect that autonomous cars will have to be 100 times better than humans in order to be accepted.

    Sadly, in the US, driving license standards are essentially nonexistent, and it’s very easy to be 100 times better than the majority of humans.

  • neroden

    FWIW, Chicago-Buffalo/Rochester/Syracuse (overnight) is a very strong market for Amtrak…. when the schedule isn’t being sabotaged by the “freight railroads” delaying the train.

    We need tracks owned by the passenger operator.