Today’s Headlines

  • Huge Swaths of Brooklyn Still Have No Bike Infrastructure (NYT)
  • Yellow Cabs Are Occupied Just 46 Percent of the Time They’re on the Streets (WSJ, NY1)
  • The Case Against Fare Evasion Arrests and For Discounted MetroCards (News)
  • Cyclist Doored Then Run Over on Graham Ave in Brooklyn, in Critical Condition (News)
  • Driver Hits and Kills Woman Standing By Disabled Car on BQE (ABC7)
  • Unlicensed Driver Backing Up to Park Minivan Critically Injures 67-Year-Old Man (Post)
  • Court Upholds GPS Tracking in Yellow Cabs (Post)
  • The Petition for a Bike Lane on Classon Avenue Now Has 5,000 Signatures (Bklyn Paper)
  • Assembly Member Ron Castorina Postures Against Red Light Enforcement (DNA)
  • Columnist Michael Goodwin Is a Real Moron’s Moron on Bike Infrastructure (Post — Scroll Down)
  • Amtrak Announces Purchase of Bigger, Faster Acela Trains (NYT)
  • Listen to the Click-Clack of the Amtrak Departure Board While You Still Can (NYT)
  • bolwerk

    Another thing I haven’t looked into in years, so mayhap I am remembering wrong, but it may be illegal for them to discount their fares the way airlines do. You know, nobody likes rail, but just in case, we better make sure it doesn’t compete with airlines.

  • Andrew

    There is no scheduled Acela service at 3 AM. The earliest train of the morning leaves Washington at 4:55 AM on weekends; the latest reaches Washington at 11:57 PM on weekdays. (Weekend service starts later and ends earlier.)