Citi Bike Expands South of Atlantic Avenue

A newly-installed Citi Bike station outside the Fifth Avenue Key Foods in Park Slope. Photo: @brooklynsja
A newly-installed Citi Bike station outside the Fifth Avenue Key Foods in Park Slope. Photo: @brooklynsja

Yesterday, Citi Bike began installing stations in the Brooklyn neighborhoods south of Atlantic Avenue and west of Prospect Park. A few stations are already operating, according to the Citi Bike station map, with a total of 73 set to go live in the area in the coming weeks.

All told there are 139 new bike-share stations coming online this year, with another batch in the pipeline for 2017.

The initial expansion map for this part of Brooklyn called for 20 stations per square mile, spreading them farther apart than the 23 per square mile in the initial Citi Bike service area. This was a problem, since longer walking distances between stations make the system less useful.

In May, DOT proposed 11 more station locations [PDF], bringing the station density in line with the rest of the system (but still short of the 28 per square mile recommended by the National Association of City Transportation Officials).

The eleven "infill" stations added by DOT after the initial station map was approved are marked in black. Image: DOT
The 11 black stations are “infill” added to the initial station map. Image: DOT

Here’s a look at a few more of the new stations that have gone in since yesterday:

A station installation yesterday at Clinton Street and Congress Street in Cobble Hill. Photo: NYC DOT
Clinton Street and Congress Street in Cobble Hill. Photo: NYC DOT
Wyckoff Street and Third Avenue. Photo: Citi Bike
Wyckoff Street and Third Avenue. Photo: Citi Bike
  • wklis

    That Fifth Avenue Key Foods brick wall only needs boiling oil and tar dropped from its ramparts on the barbarians below, in this version of Games of Transportation!

  • Bernard Finucane

    Yeah, it does have a sort of “we hate you and don’t care about your comfort” vibe.

  • qrt145

    When I first saw the picture I thought it was a prison wall…

  • Larry Littlefield

    It’s a little late to complain because that Key Food is supposed to be replaced by condos.

  • Vooch

    what is so great about this expansion is how routine we all feel about it. Ho Hum – just added another 10,000 people cycling via Brooklyn citibike expansion

  • Wilfried84

    I wonder what the community board meetings were like planning the new stations. Was there much NIMBY obstructionism? Or was it more like, “Please, please, put one next to my building!”?

  • Mike

    There’s a little orange triangle on that map that is down the block from me. Nothing yet, it looks like the wave of installations is fast approaching, which is pretty exciting. That said, does anybody know if Citibike still has serious rebalancing issues?

  • sinion

    That picture of the key foods station looks like the whole sidewalk is blocked as soon as the station is filled, why not put it in the parking lane, i know Baltic has one.


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