Today’s Headlines

  • Wider Brooklyn Bridge Path = Good News (AMNY, DNA, GothamistCrain’sWNYC, NY1News, Post)
  • Daily News Admits It Was Wrong on Stop-and-Frisk
  • Suspected Drunk Driver With Suspended License Critically Injured Man in Sheepshead Bay (News)
  • Council Delays Vote on Inwood Housing Project on Parking Lot Site (Politico)
  • Affordable Housing to Replace Two Parking Garages in Astoria (DNA, YIMBY)
  • Industrial Businesses Seek Protection From Rising Property Values BQX Is Supposed to Induce (Crain’s)
  • QueensWay vs. Rockaway Rail vs. NIMBYs (TL)
  • Paris Responds to Terror Attacks By Canceling Car-Free Events (Post)
  • “Earth Overshoot Day” Comes Earlier Every Year (MTR)

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  • Kevin Love

    I can’t believe my eyes! The Post, whose normal status is “poor quality cat litterbox liner” is actually doing real journalism that understands the issues facing major cities. I may actually change my opinion of the quality of their journalism if they keep printing things like this:

    “For more than a decade, Paris has been changing its approach to the streets — taking space for walkers and bicycles and away from cars and trucks. These changes have often started with temporary events — closing a road along the Seine as an experiment, and then keeping it closed after people can see that it has cut pollution and noise.”

  • bolwerk

    Possible subway extension to Marine Park being explored.

    I’m torn between praising NYDN for realizing something that was obvious to most people without their heads up their asses three years ago and excoriating them for thinking something blatantly unconstitutional is constitutional.

  • AMH

    That’s mainly because it’s written by Nicole Gelinas, for whom I have great respect.

    “Ceding the streets now because Paris needs fast-moving cars and trucks as a buffer between walkers and killers, then, is an ominous development, not just for Paris, but for the world.

    “And, in the long term, it won’t work: Cities depend on crowds of people on foot. Lose crowds, whether by decree or because more attacks keep even more people away, and the terrorists really have won.”

    Well stated. It’s incredible that the response to a killer truck driver is giving more street space over to motor vehicles.

  • J

    Indeed. It’s ironic that because a vehicle ran over a bunch of people, they cancelled vehicle-free events. Seems like a more rational response would be to create better barriers to keep the cars out, not to keep the people out.

  • kevd

    is that a link that ain’t workin right?

  • JudenChino

    Parking protected buffer — where have I seen those before. In this case, I’d endorse.

  • bolwerk

    Typo on my part. Hit “-” instead of “=” in setting the href. Try now.

  • kevd