Today’s Headlines

  • Bicycling in NYC — A Piecemeal Bike Network, Overseen By a Police Force That Doesn’t Care (Slate)
  • More on the MTA’s New Trains and Stations (2AS, Politico, NYTAMNY, PostMTRDNA, NY1)
  • To Combat Fatigue, TLC Votes to Cap Daily For-Hire Driving at 12 Hours (NYT, News)
  • Survivor Recounts the Terrifying Moments Before Speeding Driver Killed His Wife (News)
  • Driver Who Killed Cyclist Sean Ryan Had BAC Twice the Legal Limit, 4 Passengers in Car (News)
  • Unreal: The Post Serves Up Excuses for the Drunk Off-Duty Cop Who Killed Andrew Esquivel
  • Drunk Staten Island Man Crashes Minivan Into Pole, Injuring Four Child Passengers (Advance)
  • Jessica Lappin Hopes This Summer’s Shared Streets Day Marks the Start of Something Bigger (DNA)
  • There’s a New Midblock Crossing on Clinton Street Between Grand and East Broadway (DNA)
  • Bronx CB 11 Insists on Keeping a Strip of Asphalt for Cars on the Pelham Parkway Malls (BxTimes)

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  • Simon Phearson

    Wow. The Post is legitimately trying to normalize deaths caused by drunk driving.

  • BBnet3000

    News from afar: Edmonton, Alberta is having the debate about its High Level Bridge that New York never did about narrowing the Manhattan Bridge Bike Path with additional unforgiving posts inside of the existing fence:

  • Maggie

    That Post article reads like the Onion.

  • JudenChino

    Yah, that’s fucked up. Like his brother passed away (which of course is very sad) and he’s adopting his late brother’s kid (so that’s good, right). So why the fuck is he drinking and driving when he’s got a kid to take care of! When my son was born this past May, I immediately started wearing a bike helmet (despite my aversion to them as a long time bike commuter, I figure if others are now literally relying on me, better safe than sorry).

    But what’s really f’d up is that the guy was drinking with other cops that night! Like dude, call a car. Like, which is it, you can’t have it both ways:

    (i) We shouldn’t have to live in the City because it’s too expensive, thus
    (ii) we need free parking for our personal cars and thus we shouldn’t have to take transit to work like everyone else (men/women of the people) but then,
    (iii) you cannot bitch that you cannot afford a taxi/uber to take you home after a night of drinking in the city (which Williamsburg effectively is). It’s one thing to get a slide on parking (which is a serious issue). But you cannot get one for DWI’s! Good thing they charged him with manslaughter. This would seem to be about as open and shut as they get . . .

  • This justification of “he didn’t mean to cause harm” needs to end. That is not and never has been the legal or moral standard anyone has been held too.

  • walks bikes drives

    No, in an onion article, the drunk driver would have MISSED hitting the pedestrian. That would be about the only difference.

  • walks bikes drives

    For the Pelham Parkway road, since it has been paved for 100 years, keep it paved. Make it a basketball court. But please do save the tree.

  • Guest

    We’ll see how FiDi “Shared Streets” work… “For the Shared Streets area, cars will still be allowed on the roads, but they’ll have to first go through NYPD-manned “traffic entry points.”

    This is the same NYPD, mind you, that mans the entry points into 1 Police Plaza, which let in psychopaths with illegal license plate covers every day.

  • The Post sends a 23 year old and a 29 year old reporter to write a puff piece excusing a drunk driver who killed someone. That’s despicable.

  • Kevin Love

    How are the reporters’ ages relevant?

  • com63

    “This is not a patch job,” Cuomo said. “Patch jobs are a waste of money, in my opinion.”
    The 31 new stations will have entrance canopies, USB ports, glass dividers (rather than metal bars) at turnstiles and leaning benches.

    Sounds like a patch job to me. They should be working on adding entrances to overcrowded stations first. Nobody cares about glass dividers and USB ports. Maybe countdown clocks aboveground are a little helpful.

  • One is a young reporter basically right out of college without the leverage in the newsroom to push back on this kind of piece. It seems exploitative.

  • Joe R.

    This being NYC, the USB ports will likely be unusable within a few weeks and the glass dividers will be broken not long after. I’d rather we spend the money on things which speed up commutes than waste it on cosmetic stuff at stations.

  • Joe R.

    He should be charged with terrorism instead of manslaughter. Call it a copycat act of what happened on France but somehow get the charges to stick. That will ensure he never sees the outside of a jail cell again (or better yet faces the death penalty if we’re talking federal terrorism charges).

  • Brad Aaron

    Had the same thought. One of the guy’s drinking buddies calls up an editor and voila.

    Even the layout of the page, a big photo of our hero up top with a thumbnail of the kid who got in his way below… vile even by Post standards.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “Atson said his friend has been troubled since his brother died recently. ‘[Batka] recently adopted his brother’s daughter because his brother just died,’ he explained.”

    Troubled people driving cars and armed with guns appears to be a recurring problem.

  • Jeff

    I just tried submitting it to r/nottheonion, but it was rejected by the auto-mod because “ has been determined to not be a reliable news source, or possibly not even a news source at all.”

  • bolwerk

    They sound like perfectly reasonable things to do as stations are rehabilitated as you’d expect them to be. But the expensive stuff is structural.

  • ocschwar

    I’m wondering who will be first to cast aspersions at Andrew Esquivel for being out at 3AM.

  • “This being NYC” we can’t have open gangways.
    “This being NYC” we can’t have tap-and-go fare payment systems.
    “This being NYC” we can’t have physically separated bus lanes and properly developed bike lane networks.

    I know what you’re saying here, but a reminder that we’re not that special here 🙂

  • bolwerk

    I wouldn’t be too cynical about the cosmetics, besides maybe expecting a layer of grime on that shine, but the thing about USB ports is they’ll put up with a lot of physical abuse and probably get gunked up. So, yeah, I’m not sure they’d last so long.

  • Joe R.

    I’m just being realistic based on past experience. We built glass bus shelters, for example. Quite a few of them get broken on a regular basis. I knew that’s exactly what would happen when I saw them going up. Maybe they’re planning to use polycarbonate or some other type of unbreakable “glass” here instead, which would be fine.

  • kevd

    its only terrorism when brown people and foreigners do it.

  • Joe R.

    Yeah, sad to say you’re right. If the driver had been Muslim he’d probably already be on his way to Guantanamo but since he’s white we’ll be lucky if the manslaughter charge sticks.

  • BBnet3000

    The bus shelters prove that glass is fine. Yes, some of them get broken, mostly from cars mounting the curb and crashing into them, which wont happen in the subway.

  • Jeff

    I may be reading too deeply into this, but:

    The rookie NYPD cop who killed an MIT student and injured several others when police say he drove…

    Notice the use of “cop” when it’s a regular guy that we’re supposed to be identifying with, but “police” when it’s the big bad government authority coming down on us regular guys.

  • com63

    The passageway from the 6 to the E/F at 51st Street has glass partitions. They work just fine. Ditto with the newer bus stops. The glass occasionally gets broken and then replaced.

  • Joe R.

    “The glass occasionally gets broken and then replaced”

    That’s money spent would could be used elsewhere. The iron bars are fine. Replace them with stainless steel if you want something which looks better cosmetically but don’t use things which require even occasional maintenance if a maintenance-free alternative exists. It’s not like the MTA doesn’t have enough regular maintenance work to do already just to keep the system running.

  • Geck

    … And why are is cop drinking buddies letting him get behind the wheel of his Durango?

  • Joe R.

    Maybe because they were even more drunk than him? Perhaps in cop-speak a designated driver is the guy who only had 3 drinks instead of 6.

  • bolwerk

    I’d have to doublecheck, but I think that station at 51st is at least partially privately maintained anyway. Some developer got a big tax break for including that passage.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Is anyone calling CB 18 for comment on whether or not that kid should have been allowed to bicycle on Gerritsen Avenue?

  • Joe R.

    I vaguely remember the same thing. That glass is way too clean to be something the MTA is responsible for maintaining.

  • bolwerk

    This isn’t a problem with glass per se, but those shelters suck. They barely provide any shelter. They leak, they let snow in, they hardly protect you from wind.

    I’d guess they meet two other goals: assaulting people with ads, and pretending to be proactive about “safety.” The masters of this city hate bus riders and want them to suffer. There can be no doubt.

  • murphstahoe
  • Greg

    Charging a situation like this with terrorism would be completely inappropriate and a dangerous precedent for the future of unchecked projection of government power.

    I get your point. But I also know you know as well as I do that terrorism – the conscious act of inflicting violence on others for the purpose of raising fear in the populace to further political goals – has nothing to do with what happened in that car in Williamsburg. I’ve totally got your back that we as pedestrians / cyclists *are* terrified. And the ongoing institutional violent *negligence* that continues to contribute to that has a comparable outcome.

    But that’s still a very different thing from terrorism and we as a society have nothing to gain from conflating the two.

  • AMH

    Iron looks better than both stainless steel and poorly-maintained glass.

  • HamTech87

    In the Station Information renderings of the redone stations, there is nearby BusTime departure information. But no Citibike available bike and dock information.

  • Miles Bader

    some of them get broken, mostly from cars mounting the curb and crashing into them, which wont happen in the subway.

    I think you underestimate drivers…. ><

  • Patricia Spangler

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