Today’s Headlines

  • NYPD Says Man Killed by Hit-and-Run Driver in the Bronx Was “Lying in the Street” (Post)
  • Motorist Tries to Run You Over in a Protected Bike Lane? Don’t Bother Telling NYPD (Gothamist)
  • Tri-State Analyzes Where Transit Ridership Is Growing in the Region, and Where It Isn’t (MTR)
  • City Council Wavers on Bills to Hold NYPD Accountable for Excessive Use of Force (Gothamist, Post)
  • Bratton: BLM Has No Business Protesting in the Street; De Blasio: Let’s Hire More Cops (AMNY)
  • TLC to Require Driver Sensitivity Training, But There’s Still No NYC Road Test (AMNY)
  • Driver Who Hit Cop Gets Community Service (Post); Motorists Collide, Flip Outside Preschool (Advance)
  • DOT Looking at Greenway Conflicts Where Driver Killed Cyclist Olga Evgleska Cook in June (Trib)
  • Will the NYT’s Expanded Transportation Beat Include Traffic Violence? (@emmagf)
  • Uptowners Slam Inclusionary Housing Project, Which Includes Parking Garage (Politico, DNA)
  • Newark Wants the Port Authority to Clean Up Truck Pollution, Pay Its Rent (Voice)

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  • com63

    @NYpost reporters, please ask more questions from your “police sources” when they report something that doesn’t make sense.

    “A 35-year-old man was lying in a Bronx street Tuesday night when he was fatally struck by a vehicle, cops said.” How do police know that he was lying in the street before getting struck? Is it possible he was first hit by another car that also fled?

  • Kevin Love

    This is the same NYPD that said, in response to an assault with a lethal weapon, (from the Gothamist article linked above)

    “…an officer wasn’t on the scene to witness the attempted assault and there was no damage to person or property, they could only classify the incident as ‘a verbal dispute.'”

    So if someone fires a gun at me and the bullet misses, no biggie? Oh wait, in NYPD world it is only OK to assault someone with a lethal weapon if that weapon is a car.

  • ohnonononono

    The project in Inwood would go where there is currently already a parking garage…

  • sinion

    The intersection of Chambers and West could be converted to a dead end from Chambers, blocking any turns in and out of Chambers there. The area has very low traffic volumes and everything would still be accessible through Warren Street and North End Av. If anyone’s worried about emergency vehicles, a filtered permeability solution would ensure that…

  • Brad Aaron


    Otherwise concerns about building height and gentrification would be eclipsed by “WHERE’S THE PARKING?!?!”

  • Geck

    Similar problem at W43rd. Southbound right-turning vehicles have a green signal and cross the Greenway without yielding while bicycles have a green signal.

  • “Bratton: BLM Has No Business Protesting in the Street”

    All Cars Matter.

  • bolwerk

    All rubber tires matter.

    (Except buses.)

  • notsurprised

    Today I watched a tour bus force its way through intersection with runners, cyclists, rollerbladers who had green light. The problem is there’s 0 enforcement of even existing rules. Cops/Parks Dept. love to set up cyclist stings but shrug if vehicles fail to yield or decide they want to drive down the greenway for a bit.

  • BBnet3000

    I don’t even use the Hudson River Freeway that often but see terrible behavior from those buses most of the times I am there. Last time there was a bus blocking the Greenway forcing many people (this was a Saturday afternoon) to thread between the front of it and the back of another bus.

    One of these buses killed someone on a bike a few years ago but there doesn’t seem to have been any change.

  • AMH

    Except buses and bicycles.

  • AMH

    This morning at the tow pound there was a police SUV waiting for the light smack in the middle of the greenway instead of behind the stop line. Tow trucks also love to barrel in and out without slowing down.

  • Kevin Love

    This article provides the winner for “delusional quotation of the day.” From the construction union:

    “We know we cannot build our way out of this city’s affordable housing crisis,”

    Kevin’s comment:
    Actually, we can. By (surprise, surprise) building more affordable housing.

  • AMH

    Or just ban turns and allow only straight through movements (including the M20/22). The current arrangement is a disaster–even if the bikeway is initially clear, vehicles block it while waiting for pedestrian traffic. It’s really nerve-wracking to bike through.

  • David

    My favorite experience at the tow pound, was when I was cycling through and a car was smack in the middle of the bike way, block both directions. As I went behind the car (I was heading south), I tapped on the trunk and yelled at the guy. Next thing I knew, he turned down the bike lane and tried to overtake me a few hundred yards later. I stopped and looked at him incredibly while he was fully in the bike lane. I thought he was going to go berserk, but he simply said, “I am a cop. Don’t touch my car again.” Naturally, I said “then don’t block the bike lane….”

  • AMH


  • AMH

    Something needs to be done about this aggression toward cyclists. I once considered myself a brave and savvy rider, but not anymore. The killing of Mr. Van Ohlen really shook me to my core. This morning as I approached a red light a van half a block behind me leaned on the horn and didn’t let up until I reached the light and stopped about 20 seconds later. It was so incredibly pointless, and though I didn’t know whether I was in danger it was quite terrifying–by the time I stopped I was shaking so badly that I had to take a few deep breaths before I could ride again. This is not a world-class cycling city.

  • AMH

    Exactly–by building affordable housing, not more luxury condos.

  • ahwr

    The irony (if you’d call it that) is replacing extant parking will make the project more expensive, making residential and commercial rents higher than they might be without it.

    In aggregate if removing parking requirements allows projects to get built that otherwise would not then the expansion of housing/office supply can lead to lower rents. But it doesn’t scale down to an individual project. What gives you the idea that the developer would pass along lower costs?

  • BBnet3000

    We don’t need to build new luxury condos, we can just kick out middle class tenants and renovate existing units!

  • Elizabeth F

    In 2013, the police were able to arrest and charge someone they didn’t see, who made a wiild, reckless drive around Manhattan in 24 minutes. So why can’t they do the same when presented with photo evidence of someone driving in the bike lane?