Today’s Headlines

  • The Election to Succeed Charlie Rangel Is Today! Politico Checks In on the Race
  • Queens Judge Rules Right of Way Law Unconstitutional — Prior Rulings Disagree (NY1)
  • NJ Assembly Passes Gas Tax Hike, Sales Tax Cut (
  • Albany Failed to Pass Legislation to Enable Cost-Saving Design-Build Construction Contracts (Crain’s)
  • Crain’s: Get Developers to Pay for Infrastructure¬†Instead of Bonus Plazas
  • New York’s Road Gang Wants More Federal Funding for Highways (AMNY, Crain’s)
  • Daily News on Calatrava PATH Station: $4.4 Billion and There’s Nowhere to Sit?!
  • Drunk Off-Duty Officer From 70th Precinct Drives Into Parked Cars By Brooklyn College (DP Corner)
  • NYPD Suspends Sergeant Caught Drinking and Driving on Staten Island (Advance)
  • What People Told DNA About the City’s Plans for East-West Painted Bike Lanes on 31st Ave in Queens
  • Pair of Horses Too Much for Region’s Surface Transport Network to Handle (News)

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  • BBnet3000

    I prefer 31st Avenue as it is now. The median, if it ever gets built out like 34th Avenue, means that people driving can’t pass people cycling unless the latter are forced into the door zone. Even then, passes are a lot closer than they are on other two-way avenues in the city (such as 31st Ave today). If you don’t believe me, go ride 34th Ave and 31st Ave on a bicycle and compare the experience.

    The only high quality approach to cycling on a street of this width without removing parking for a protected lane is removing through-traffic:

  • ddartley

    The horse thing:
    All “impeding traffic” laws should be thrown out on First Amendment grounds.

  • BBnet3000

    NY1 is reporting that 19-190 has been ruled unconstitutional in court. Can this be true?

  • AMH

    Exactly–every driver is already impeding traffic in his or her own way.

  • AMH

    Does Streetsblog have a take on the race for the 13th? Curious whether any of the numerous candidates have a record on transportation/street safety. I don’t see it in any of their platforms.

  • Guest

    2 DUI cops in one day. Wonder how they get the impression the law doesn’t apply to them… @placardabuse?

  • Vooch

    suspended = paid vacation

  • ddartley

    I’ve thought about this for years, but the simplicity of the comment above doesn’t reflect that. Indeed I’m not sure *all* such laws should be repealed. But those laws do come from a very wrong place.

  • AnoNYC

    And was Rangel any good in the past?

  • Susanmmcdaniels1

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