Today’s Headlines

  • De Blasio and City Council Reach Informal Budget Deal (NYT, Politico, DNA)
  • Albany Inaction on de Blasio’s MTA Board Nominations Gets Some Attention From the Times
  • NJ Transit Strike Is Still a Possibility (WNYC)
  • Subway, Bike, and Pedestrian Trips to Midtown Rise as Bus and Car Speeds Slow (NewsPost)
  • DOT Begins Demarcating Commercial Activity Areas in Times Square (NY1)
  • More Coverage of DOT First Avenue Bikeway Gap Closure From DNA
  • Suspect in Henry Hudson Parkway Crash Charged With Manslaughter After Victim Dies (NY1)
  • It’s a Banner Week for NYPD Car Chases (Gothamist)
  • Preet Probe Nets Correction Officers’ Union Boss Norman Seabrook (News, Crain’s)
  • Crain’s Gives Some Ink to New York-New Jersey CrossRail Proposal

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  • com63

    That NYPD chase is the same one from from Monday. Just from a different angle.

  • com63

    The post blames the slow speeds on “Changes to roads has also caused car and truck traffic speeds to slow by 12 percent in Manhattan south of 60th Street. ” Yep. That must be it, not an increased number of cars in that area.

  • reasonableexplanation

    Not sure it’s that simple; here’s a quote from the daily news article:

    The congestion caused motorists to avoid driving into Manhattan, which saw 45,000 fewer cars entering the central business district last year compared to 2010.

    Sounds like a classic “Nobody drives in Manhattan, there’s too much traffic!” situation.

  • Jonathan R

    Larry Littlefield once pointed out that the authorities in NYC exert substantial resources to maximize automobiles entering the CBD, e.g. contraflow lanes on bridges, traffic cops, and parking lanes used as moving lanes during the morning rush. Ceasing those efforts would reduce the number of motorists entering Manhattan without making much of a difference in congestion.

  • reasonableexplanation

    Wait, that doesn’t make sense; if there’s no difference in congestion why would less cars enter Manhattan? I think the point of that is to increase congestion to discourage cars from entering, no?

    But regardless, it’s pretty interesting that the number of cars coming in has dropped, but congestion has increased.

  • BBnet3000

    Does anyone have a link to the study cited by the News and Post related to traffic speeds?

  • stairbob
  • BBnet3000

    One thing I’ve noticed anecdotally is that actual gridlock has seemingly made a comeback as the NYPD has stopped enforcing the law against blocking cross streets. As retail and food businesses have also boomed in Manhattan the number of double-parked vehicles loading could also be a factor.

    One way or another the Post’s take is ridiculous crap. Average auto speeds have actually increased on the avenues where protected bike lanes have been added, largely by removing turn queues from the general traffic lanes. Average auto speeds have also increased in Times Square as the complicated multi-phase intersection that was there before has been streamlined by closing the arms where the plazas are to auto traffic.

    I tend to think that worrying about auto speeds in Manhattan should be a tertiary priority, but to the extent that it matters it simply hasn’t been caused by the things the Post says, unless this study contradicts earlier ones.

  • reasonableexplanation

    Looks like both the post and the news were citing the same DOT study, so I’m not sure you can lay the blame on the post for this one.

  • com63

    I have a feeling that there is a big difference between cars entering and cars traveling within. Maybe a truck enters once and six years ago made five deliveries before leaving, but today makes ten. The would lead to more congestion. The same is true for livery car drivers (uber and lyft) who linger in the CDB and contribute to congestion.
    I wonder if there is a stat that measures the number of vehicles on the road within manhattan rather than just the number of cars entering and exiting.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “It’s pretty interesting that the number of cars coming in has dropped, but congestion has increased.”

    More for hire cars?

    Ubers, black cars and taxis move around all day, increasing congestion. Those driving their own cars in and out generally do so only twice.

  • Larry Littlefield


  • BBnet3000

    Yes but the News reported it fairly straight (though I object to the idea that people are taking the subway rather than driving because they are “forced to” rather than rationally responding to incentives), and didnt blame it on cycling and pedestrian space without any evidence.

  • Reader

    FWIW, the reporter, Danielle Furfaro, bikes everywhere. One day the Post’s editors will die off and the young journalists who don’t drive will take over. Or, if that doesn’t happen fast enough, the Post will go out of business.

  • Emmily_Litella

    The latter please.

  • AMH

    Every time I take the bus, I regret it. Enough time goes by that I think, “Hey, I never take the bus, I should try it.” Then I immediately remember why I walk or bike (or just don’t go) instead. The entire bus system needs an overhaul, not just line-by-line SBS treatment.

  • Vooch

    slower Motorist speeds are a good Thing in CBD. shouldn’t DOT Have some Target such at 5mph by 2025 ?