Today’s Headlines

  • Citi Bike Set Another Daily Ridership Record Wednesday (@CitiBikeNYC)
  • It Never Ends: Treyger and Greenfield Think “Illegible” Signs Should Void Parking Rules (Eagle)
  • Cyclist Injured in Central Park Collision Involving Second Cyclist and Truck Driver (DNA)
  • Lawsuit Seeks to Classify New York Uber Drivers as Employees (AMNYBloomberg)
  • Remember: If the TLC-Approved “Nightclub on Wheels” Guy Hits You He’ll Keep His TLC License (News)
  • Gothamist Spoke With Ya-Ting Liu and Williamsburg Residents About the BQX; More: Bklyn Paper
  • Your Creaky Decades-Old Subway Car Might Soon Have WiFi (NY1)
  • Ferries Will Spark a Waterfront Development Boom, Says Real Estate Guy (Crain’s)
  • Inhumane Road Design Makes LIRR Stations Hard to Reach on Foot and By Bike (MTR)
  • Chris Christie, Bona Fide Visionary (Politico, Trentonian)

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  • “Your Creaky Decades-Old Subway Car Might Soon Have WiFi (NY1)”

    I see where you’re going with this, Brad, but that’s a bit unfair to the MTA’s rolling stock, the vast majority of which dates from 1999 or more recently.

  • HamTech87

    That Christie Trentonian article is a good example of a journalist letting an unsubstantiated accusation go uncorrected. Christie implies that the trains are empty, and yet a 10 second look at the River Line wikipedia page suggests that its ridership is higher than original projections. Just as bad, my comment on the article making this point was not approved.

  • redbike

    re: “Chris Christie, Bona Fide Visionary” — Trump should name Christie as his proposed Transportation Secretary.

  • bolwerk

    I was hoping for Health and Human Services myself.

    However, the great thing about this crop of 2016 Republikans is any one can be named to almost any office and it’s automatically a punchline.

  • bolwerk

    Someone else made the same point on the article at least, minus the (fair) criticism of the journalist. I have trouble resisting a sense of schadenfreude about Christie. He’s such a fuckup that New Jersey is going to be digging its way out of the messes he has created for decades. It’s tempting to say everyone who voted for him deserves exactly what they got.

    Speaking of shitty journalism and schadenfreude, there’s an amusing movement afoot to try to get Christie to resign. I knew he sucked before he was elected, and I knew he sucked before he was reelected. Yet a lot of those newspapers presumably were on the “hurr, he’s a moderate, sensible, bipartisan leader” bandwagon, publishing opinion pieces trying to snowball him back into the statehouse. It’s like a microcosm of what happened with George W. Bush; in 2004 everyone was deferential to him, and by 2006 he was a joke among the neoliberals in press circles. Anyone remotely discerning could just look at him in 2002 and 2003 and tell when he was lying. That’s not to mention he had a press secretary who lied so much that he was constantly sweating bullets.

  • AnoNYC

    When is that losers term over?

  • Emmily_Litella

    Really?? I think someone hacked your Discus account. There are 3100 pre 1990 cars in service (including Staten Island). Half of a 6000+ car fleet is not a majority, vast or otherwise. Hope you get that job in the Cuomo administration.

  • If we’re going to get into a battle of snarky comments, at least get your facts right. 2788 out of the MTA’s current rolling stock of 6394 are pre-1990 cars. The remainder or over 3600, as I said, date from 1999 or newer, and the E cars on which the wifi pilot is being conducted are among the newest. Ultimately, the age of the MTA’s rolling stock, outside of the R32s and R44s aren’t the problem, and there’s a new order over 1000 R211s on the way.

  • Emmily_Litella

    So 55%, by your numbers, is vast. Ok.

  • bolwerk

    Really not sure what the problem with pre-1999 rolling stock is either. The R32 strikes me as rather creaky, but even it’s holding up about as you’d expect for 50+-year-old equipment.

    Otherwise I think I like pre-1999 equipment’s ambiance better. :-p

  • AMH

    Agree. The hospital glare of the new cars makes sunglasses necessary at all hours.

  • bolwerk

    Haha, I do just that. Always figured people probably think I’m blind or crazy.

    I don’t know WTF they were thinking with that. Is it some environmental control scheme to keep homeless as uncomfortable as possible?