Today’s Headlines

  • Subway Ridership Hit 67-Year High in 2015 (News, NY1, DNA)
  • At the Same Time, On-Time Performance Is Getting Worse (WNYC)
  • Cuomo’s Earth Day Posturing Would Feel a Lot More Genuine If He Cared About Transit (MTR)
  • Winner of Today’s Vote to Replace Shelly Silver Could Rep Lower Manhattan for Decades (JP Updates)
  • Skateboarder Killed in Crash With Parks Department Truck Driver Was Rodney Tavarez, 18 (News)
  • We’ll Know a Lot More About the L Train Shutdown Next Month (2nd Ave SagasNYT, DNA)
  • More Frequent Off-Peak Service Coming to the 2 and 7 Trains (NY1, DNA 1, 2)
  • The Times Explains MTA’s Next-Gen Fare Payment
  • …Which Probably Won’t Debut on Schedule, If You Can Believe It (News)
  • James Vacca Tries to Keep Traffic Moving (BxTimes)

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  • Bobberooni

    The Times suggests looking at London or Chicago to see modern fare collection? Why not look closer to home and head over to the PATH train, or Boston, both of which use the same system as London?

  • Nick Ober

    This. As someone who uses PATH regularly, SmartLink works really well. The online interface is solid for connecting your credit card and the turnstile readers never require more than one tap — even through a wallet.

  • AMH

    Heck, DC has been using their SmarTrip card for at least a decade.

  • AMH
  • ohnonononono

    Right. The PATH turnstiles also already accept MTA MetroCards. You’d think they could just tweak them to accept unlimited Metrocards, which should be an easy fix, and you could instantly start installing new turnstiles and have a system for all of the MTA NYCT in less than a year.

    There’s too much reinventing the wheel (“not invented here” syndrome) at the MTA.

  • BBnet3000

    I don’t mind them not taking unlimiteds, though integration in that respect might be nice. I do mind that they don’t take non-unlimited EasyPay Metrocards.

  • BBnet3000

    He’s right but for the wrong reasons (his comparison of LIRR to HSR is way off base).

    LIRR really is awful, largely because of antiquated operating procedures related to scheduling and labor. Alon Levy has covered this in depth:

  • rao

    Which is completely idiotic. The MTA is far from brilliant. On any metric, it’s probably among the world’s worst-run major transit systems outside of a place like Johannesburg, where passengers regularly set trains on fire in frustration.

  • AMH

    Didn’t see this story anywhere. There’s a quote saying that City Hall has to “build the railroad,” and no explanation of how little City Hall has to do with it.