Concerned About Illegal Parking? Stuff It, Says P.C. Richard & Son

Here’s one company doing business in NYC that doesn’t want to hear about fleet safety.

When Jeremy M. Posner tweeted P.C. Richard and Son about a double-parked delivery truck in front of a store on E. 86th Street, despite an available loading zone a few yards away, the company’s customer service department replied that it “isn’t ideal” to cart appliances “down the block.”

It wasn’t the first time Posner posted photos of a P.C. Richard truck blocking the street. In addition to making the street less safe for biking and walking, Posner says the trucks impede the M86.

“Keep in mind that they are double parked next to a loading zone, rather than in the loading zone,” he tweeted. “Every day.”

It could be that P.C. Richard benefits from the city’s Stipulated Fine program, which lets companies off the hook for parking violations. We asked, but either way, if the city is going to continue offering this program, the least it can do is require participating companies to complete Vision Zero surveys.

  • The free market encourages this behaviour, the company benefits, less effort for its employees, more gets done, and there’s no financial cost, the cost is paid by the public in inconvenience and danger. So of course they’ll keep doing this. I made this comment in the other post. No amount of shaming will change this. Only regulation, and laws will. The free market is perverse in this instance.

  • AMH

    Yep, need to internalize those costs by steep and consistent fines. Traffic cams should be able to ticket double-parkers.

  • Appliances are big. But they are not semi truck big. Are they really delivering 100 full sizes refrigerators to that one location?

  • NYCyclist

    The PC Richard truck is double-parked next to the ubiquitous truck/van parked next to produce stands all-day (and night). Probably parked with their version of a Placard (saying “Produce guy” or something like it). And it doesn’t even look like it has a license plate!

  • NYCBK123

    Wow, I used to only dislike the store because of its crappy products.

  • walks bikes drives

    Paying for the merchandise I want in their store is not ideal for me either. What’s the difference? Wish I had a twitter account to twit that back (intentional).


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