Today’s Headlines

  • Riders Alliance Calls for Discount MTA Fares for Low-Income Riders (News, AMNY, NY1)
  • How the Port Authority Might Pay for a New Midtown Bus Terminal (Bloomberg)
  • Red Light Running Cabbie Injures Man in Wheelchair on W 103rd (News)
  • Wrong-Way Driver Critically Injures Man on Scooter in Glendale (Post)
  • SUV Driver Critically Injures Man on White Plains Road (News)
  • After Cabbies Get Medical Clearance to Drive a Taxi, TLC Never Follows Up With Another Exam (Post)
  • Giving the Press More Parking Perks Will Only Make Problems Like This Worse (DNA)
  • Straphangers Are on the Hook for MTA’s Mounting Debt in More Ways Than One (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • MTA to Release Study of Rockaway Beach Rail Reactivation by June 30, 2017 (QChron)
  • C’mon U.S. DOT, the National Household Travel Survey Isn’t Just About Motoring (MTR)
  • A Year in the Life of a Times Transportation Reporter

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  • Maggie

    It makes me so depressed that the UWS crash where a taxicab ran a red, hit another car, and injured a man in a wheelchair triggered a huffy Adrian Benepe snit-fit about the danger from bicyclists.

    It’s such a common NYC rhetorical trap, so absurdly detached from real events. I sort of wonder if these people hear themselves.

  • Alexander Vucelic

    only 4 New Yorker Killed this weekend by cars – Bratton deserves another medal. Any streetsogstreetsblogger Have A Crackerjack medal ?

  • reasonableexplanation

    Re the TSTC article on the DOT National Household Travel Survey: “cars and light trucks account for roughly one-fifth of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.”

    Considering that there are about 250 million cars in the US, that’s not too bad.

  • Reader

    His arguments made zero sense. And they illustrate one of the biggest problems in moving the needle on traffic safety: false equivalence.

  • WalkingNPR

    That’s pretty shocking about the cab drivers’ medical clearance. I knew the places that do their exams always appear to be little fly-by-night clinics that probably aren’t providing the most rigorous evaluation, but I had no idea they only had to be cleared once ever.

    By contrast. truck drivers have to have a medical evaluation every 2 years (that’s max–there are many conditions which either require more frequent re-certification or preclude driving altogether) and there’s been a recently-implemented national registry to try to prevent them from doctor-shopping until they get a clearance. Sure, trucks are dangerous mass-wise, but taxi drivers work in crowded conditions with a lot of other people to be possibly injured. There absolutely needs to be more oversight over their health clearance.

  • Joe Shabadoo

    the TLC medical exam is at a shady doctor’s office in Jackson Heights where they look at you, take your $20, and sign your form.

  • AMH

    The article noted the danger to passengers but glossed over the greater danger to millions of innocent bystanders. That absolutely must be considered.

  • Komanoff

    Where is the Adrian Benepe remark? I’m not seeing it. Link? Thx.

  • WalkingNPR

    You’d think the paper would be well-aware of that, considering how frequently they report “medical events” being the cause of cars on sidewalks and cars running over pedestrians and cyclists……

  • Check out his exchange on Twitter with @BrooklynSpoke last night. You’ll find it there.

  • It begins here.

    It was a very odd exchange.

  • Komanoff

    Thanks. Got it:

    Am trying to figure out why Benepe veered into his “cyclists are out of control” riff in the first place. Did the injured cyclist run a red against one-way, and did Benepe see it?

    Especially weird in light of grievous driver-caused injuries to B’s father and sister while cycling, some years back:

  • djx

    I don’t understand. The way I’m reading his tweets is that he’s talking about a cyclist as a victim, not the danger from cyclists.

    Like this

  • Maggie

    Totally agree. The 2015 report on bicyclist-involved injuries hasn’t been published yet so I’m looking back to 2014, when drivers were involved in 2944 collisions on the Upper West Side. The number of pedestrians hit by cyclists in the neighborhood all year was twelve. Given the demonstrated risks, I would love to know the ticket-writing totals for the precincts by cyclists vs people walking vs motorists, but I don’t think NYPD is willing to break it out for the public.

    I hope Benepe’s familiar with these collision and injury risks. I don’t understand how a former public servant lets a driver injuring a man in a wheelchair devolve into unsubstantiated scapegoating against something as beneficial as bicycling.

    And… I’m saying this as someone who biked home last night from Penn Starion to the UWS after dark. Because we’ve spent four years asking the city for cycling infrastructure that isn’t installed yet, I went an extra mile out of my way so I wouldn’t have to salmon or bike on Amsterdam Ave to get home. I watched cars and oversize trucks speed by on West End Avenue and a turning driver cursing out a man in the crosswalk because she had to yield to him, just while he was out walking his dogs. All while I was wondering about Benepe, and sort of terrified about what Gale Brewer will do next.

  • BBnet3000

    Presumably he not-so-secretly blames his family members for their own injuries for daring to be outside of a car in the first place. Sad.

  • Maggie

    Right, but then he went right into “cyclists on the UWS are dangerous and out of control.” If there was a tweet that said taxicab drivers on the UWS are dangerous and out of control, with a call to action to Gale Brewer, I missed it.

    Don’t know if you’re an UWSer but this really matters, in the context of the precincts’ priorities and how safe is the local guy in a wheelchair or the woman riding a bike on the street.

  • Alexander Vucelic

    cars crash 2,944 Times bikes 12 Times on UWS in 2014. obviously bikes are Out of Control crazy dangerous !!!!!!

    Maggie – do you Have the no for UES ?

  • JudenChino

    Notably, everything he said could apply to pedestrians jay walking.

  • Joe R.

    Unfortunately it seems a lot of police precincts are complaint driven rather than data driven. If a small number of vocal constituents complain about bikes, then the police issue huge numbers of sidewalk cycling and red light tickets. Nobody seemingly checks who causes the most deaths and injuries.

    As for Benepe, sounds like he and those he associates with view things solely from a windshield perspective. From his point of view, bikes are those annoying little things which get in his way when he wants to go fast. No surprise then he blames them for every ill under the sun. It just amazes me in a city like New York how such a large percentage of our leaders can’t fathom traveling any way other than by private automobile. If we could fix that, a lot of other problems will fix themselves.

  • Maggie

    Mixing two different sources for data: the DOT bicycle crash data report, by precinct, and the motor vehicle collision data, by zipcode.

    For UES, precincts 19 and 23 together reported 9 bike-pedestrian crashes in 2014, 5 bike-bike crashes, and 18 single bike crashes. I don’t get the single bike crash total.

    By UES zipcode in 2014, there are 5545 motor vehicle collisions and 766 caused injuries or fatalities to 928 people. 356 pedestrians injured, 116 cyclists injured, 445 motorists injured, plus 11 people killed.

    I just google for these New York City reports, its public data. Any calculation errors or misinterpretation of the data are my mistake.

    It would be nice if NYPD would share the enforcement breakouts.

  • ahwr
  • Alexander Vucelic