Today’s Headlines

  • NJ Transit Director: “We’re Going to Remain Talking Until We Can Get This Thing Settled” (NYT, Politico)
  • 2016 Shaping Up as a Banner Year for DOT Bicycle Program and Protected Bike Lanes (WNYC)
  • 20th Precinct Has 3 Officers Assigned to Motorist Enforcement, 2 Handing Out Bike Tickets (DNA)
  • For Some Reason the MTA Is Fueling Paranoia About the L Tube Shutdown (DNA)
  • Let Them Have Wi-Fi (News, 2nd Ave Sagas)
  • MTA Overtime Costs Rose 11 Percent in 2015 (News, Post)
  • Barge-to-Rail Shipping Across the Hudson Makes a Comeback, But It Ain’t What It Used to Be (Crain’s)
  • Here’s What Happens to an MTA Bus at the End of Its Working Life (NY1)
  • Anyone Think the Tabs Will Stop Putting Desnudas on the Cover Once Times Square Is “Zoned”? (News)
  • Boris Johnson’s Biggest Regret: Not Building Enough Great Bike Lanes (Guardian)

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  • Alexander Vucelic

    16 miles of protected bike lanes for 2016 ! That is triple the 5 mile rate of last 2 years and adds 16% to 100 miles of existing protected bike lanes ( of which ~40 miles is two recreation paths in Queens). Therefore, these 16 miles is adding nearly 20% to USEFUL protected bike lanes for daily riders.

    116 miles down only 6,184 miles of treets emiaini to make saf(er) for all users

  • Guest

    And how many officers does the 20th Precinct assign to closing out 311 complaints with false reports?