Today’s Headlines

  • There’s a Special Election for a Bronx Council Seat Today and Hardly Anyone’s Expected to Vote (Post)
  • Calatrava’s $4 Billion PATH Station: The Reviews Are In (NY Mag, Post)
  • Port Authority Too Embarrassed to Throw a Ribbon-Cutting for WTC PATH (Politico, WNYC)
  • De Blasio: Seniors “Want Affordable Housing a Lot More Than They Want a Parking Space” (News)
  • What Will Queens CB 7 Say About Replacing a Parking Lot With Affordable Housing? (TL)
  • Eric Adams Withholds an Endorsement of BQX (Bklyn Paper)
  • Broken Rail in Midtown Caused Delays to Half a Dozen Subway Lines Yesterday (DNA)
  • More of McGuinness Management’s Yellow Cabs Are Sitting Idle (Crain’s)
  • The Unattended Car That Hit a Man Outside the Park Slope Food Coop Had an FDNY Placard (Gothamist)
  • DOT Won’t Be Extending Time Limits for Bayside Parking Meters (QChron)
  • What Makes the L Train Special (AMNY)

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  • rao

    Probably the best that can be said for that Calatrava station is that it will make an amazing underwater ruin someday.

  • Daphna

    4 billion could have gone a long way towards building the second tunnel that Amtrak and New Jersey Transit so badly need across the Hudson River. More trains an hour need to be run but can not be because the current tunnel is at capacity. Instead 4 Billion went for an unnecessary station enclosure. Sad.

    Such a tunnel was originally planned as the ARC tunnel; Gov. Christie cancelled it because ostensibly he was worried about cost overruns when actually he needed the 3 billion that NJ has allocated to the ARC to prop up his near bankrupt highway fund – which is bankrupt again because after he gave it that one-time infusion of money stolen from the ARC, he never raised the gas tax or any other funding mechanism for it, so it is bankrupt again.

  • dporpentine

    From the NY Mag story: “A building that is years late and fantastically over budget is the sign of a troubled client.”

    Talk about victim blaming . . .

  • Greg

    You can say much better about it than that. Straight from NYMag:

    “I doubt it will ever feel empty. In the end, we are left with a structure that must endure a century or more. Calatrava’s skeletal dove joins the tiny circle of New York’s great indoor public spaces, serving not just the city that built it but also the city it will help build.”

    This of course doesn’t justify the cost. But it’s here. And at least we have an overpriced unnecessary architectural icon rather than an overpriced unnecessary ugly metal box. C’est la vie.