Today’s Headlines

  • Amsterdam Ave Protected Bike Lane Clears CB 7 in 28-13 Vote (AMNY) — Full Coverage Soon
  • Even Light Parking Reforms Will Be a Heavy Lift in City Council (Gotham Gazette)
  • Parking Pay-By-Phone to Launch Later This Year (News)
  • Lyft Joins Uber in Race to the Bottom (Post); TLC Takes Note (News)
  • Fordham Plaza Ready for Its Redesign (BxTimes)
  • What You Can Do to Get Better Walking/Biking Policy Out of Albany (MTR)
  • A Peek Inside the Transportation Industry’s Revolving Door — DOT Comes Out Looking OK (News)
  • Gale Brewer and Eric Adams Want More Ferry Subsidies (Crain’s)
  • Driver Who Killed Passenger in High-Speed Staten Island Crash Succumbs to Injuries (News, Advance)
  • Your Daily Dose of Moronic Comments (With Some Common Sense Tacked On) About Bike Lanes (DNA)

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  • Alexander Vucelic

    could we invite the 13 CB7 members who voted against Complete Street for Ansterdamm to take a walk on the Henry Hudson Parkway ? in the dark ? in the rain ?

  • BBnet3000

    At least 13 Upper West Siders have an extremely callous view of human life.

  • ZB

    The way I feel about the bike lane haters is similar to how I felt about 2004 Bush voters. Disgust is putting it mildly

  • AnoNYC

    Fordham Plaza is set to be redesigned again? Or is this just a reconfiguration of the street?