Today’s Headlines

  • Surprise! Cuomo’s MTA Funding Pledge Was a Bait-and-Switch (C&S, McMahon, 2ASPolitico)
  • After Tough Talk (Politico), Cuomo Gets Mealymouthed on NYC Budget Hit (NYT 1, 2; News 1, 2)
  • De Blasio Reminds the Public That the MTA Is a State Agency Controlled by the Governor (Politico)
  • Drivers Seriously Injure Pedestrians on Amsterdam Ave., Ocean Ave.; NYPD Blames Victims (News)
  • City Study Rumored to Show Uber Isn’t Causing Congestion Increase (NYT, WSJ, Post)
  • Joshi: TLC Will Relax Cab Driver Work Rules, Introduce Universal Licensing (Crain’s)
  • Judge Finds Gene Friedman Tried to Defraud Creditors by Shifting Assets Offshore (Real Deal)
  • Firefighter Pens Moving Letter to Unknown Woman Who Comforted Richard Oates (News)
  • Motorist Dead After Flipping Car in New Dorp (Advance); Speeding Bronx Driver Injures Cops (AP)
  • Gondolas? (HuffPo)

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  • bolwerk

    Subtle but important hairsplit: not sure Cuomo even promised anything beyond financing the capital plan, but/so most commentators seem to agree this is about what we should have expected all along.

    Either way, it’s disingenuous, and it’s at least the third time he has been this disingenuous publicly. The other times I remember are when he lied to NYS senate Democrats about campaigning for them and the other was the Moreland Commission fiasco.

  • bolwerk

    Speaking of the Moreland Commission, this seems to have gotten little press.

  • “De Blasio Reminds the Public That the MTA Is a State Agency Controlled by the Governor (Politico)”

    Obviously, he’s right in theory, but in practice, if he thinks the city can sit idly by while the MTA shuts down the L train, he’s in for a big surprise. This will require coordination across the city/state divide, and de Blasio could either try to be a leader or play a game of brinksmanship that will affect many small businesses and hundreds of thousands of residents/voters.

  • Simon Phearson

    You’re absolutely right, but I’m not optimistic that BdB is capable of wrangling the MTA, DOT, and Citibike together for a coordinated, comprehensive response. If past patterns are any indication, we’ll only get coordination to the extent any real estate developers along the L are going to feel threatened. But, given the relatively short term of the closures (in real estate development terms), I’m certain we won’t get them on board. They’ll just develop some more waterfront properties and insist on ferries/streetcars/trams like they’re doing now, until it blows over.

  • Peter

    Cuomo is obsessed with screwing De Blasio at every turn. If De Blasio takes the lead out of the gate, Cuomo will step in at the last minute and rewrite everything, once it’s in everyone’s mind that it’s DB’s project to run.

    It makes sense for De Blasio to start with the fact that the MTA is a state agency. The question should really be put on Cuomo: “What are you going to do to ensure your agency doesn’t create transportation armageddon for 350,000 daily riders?”

  • walks bikes drives

    With respect to the man hit by the motorcycle on 96 and Amsterdam – that is one insane intersection that does not feel safe in the least. I live right there. From the looks of the image, he couldn’t have been more than ten feet from the crosswalk. There is often a cop sitting at that intersection that I have never seen stay in place for more than one light cycle before pulling over another driver. But they aren’t there as often anymore, and usually just in the morning to begin with. It is honestly safer to cross 96 against the light than with the light because of turning drivers going from Amsterdam to 96. The construction bridge on the corner also just makes visibility even worse.