Today’s Headlines

  • Turning SUV Driver Kills Andrea Kremen, 68, on UES; “No Criminality Suspected” (News, WPIX)
  • Cuomo’s Penn Station: Advo Concerns Muted (Crain’s); Dwyer: Could Happen; WNYC Posts Timeline
  • Pouring Cash Into the Moribund Convention Business Is the Quintessential Cuomo Big Idea (NYT, Politico)
  • Politico Says Master Road-Builder Cuomo Is Shaping Up as a Climate Change Hero
  • Port Authority Reform Goes Nowhere in NJ State Legislature (Politico)
  • WSJ: Bypassing de Blasio, City Council Wants to Make It Even Easier for Uber Drivers to Get Licenses
  • DNA Maps Parking Tickets Issued in Fiscal 2015
  • Park Slope Got Two Citizen-Requested Speed Humps, and the DOT Crew Got Cake (DNA)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Kills 29-Year-Old Man on FDR Drive (NewsPost, AMNY)
  • ATU Prez Larry Hanley Blames Death of Maryland Pedestrian on Bus Mirrors (The Hill)
  • Damn Cyclists (Post 1, 2, 3; News)

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  • BBnet3000

    Woman killed by SUV on the UES a day after the local CB held a public forum for complaints about a bike lane that they already approved in 2010.

    Just another day in NYC.

  • AMH

    The contrast between the SUV driver who got off with killing a senior and the foul-mouthed exhibitionist cabby who lost his licence without even injuring anyone says a lot. Lives do not matter in New York.

    The WSJ Uber article doesn’t say that anything would be easier for Uber drivers, just that the city is moving ahead with regulations ahead of the mayor.

  • Brad Aaron

    “The council plans to require the company to make Uber cars more accessible for the disabled, including those with sight and hearing impairments, along with making it easier for drivers to get licenses to operate.“

  • AnoNYC
  • AMH

    Thanks, totally breezed over that part.

  • Brad Aaron

    Seems like a major point that didn’t get much ink.

  • kevd

    would the penn station expansion mean that people could wait for train on the platforms like at every other train station on the planet?
    if so, it would significantly speed loading and unloading and could significantly reduce dwell times at the country’s busiest amtrak station. currently amtrak trains stop for 10-15 minutes at ny penn.

  • bolwerk

    I wish.

    Though, currently Amtrak doesn’t seem to usually allow waiting on the platform at DC or Philly either. (Not sure about Baltimore, haven’t use it since 2002. Does Baltimore still exist, or did that bonehead Maryland governor plow away the rubble to put a highway interchange there?)

    When I last boarded in Philly (circa December 23?), I was surprised they let us down to wait on the platform because normally it seems they don’t. They gave us about 5m to distribute ourselves before the train came.

  • HamTech87

    It is like Cuomo pulled out a planning guide from 1962. So out-of-date.

  • kevd

    5 min is still a hell of a lot better than the circus at Penn Station – which I thought was due to the lack of platform space because of the MSG support pillars (a reasonable concern, I think).
    I don’t know about Union Station in DC. I’ve only taken a train from there once, and cut it pretty close.

  • bolwerk

    That crowding argument they present is bunkum for Amtrak. Amtrak trains by design have a few hundred people when they’re full, and probably fewer than that boarding even at Penn. That’s on platforms wider than, say, the 4/5/6 shared directional platforms at Union Square or 42nd Street where each train might easily have an Amtrak load boarding and/or alighting on a normal rush hour.

    The refusal to let us down to the platform is any or all of: bumblefuck fare control, bumblefuck security theater, NIH, or controlling us. (I left bumblefuck off those last two, because it’s tautological in those cases.)

    Maybe the commuter rail really is that crowded. Glad I don’t know!

    DC does the same thing as Penn for long-distance trains. Was just there NYE actually.

  • kevd

    National Institute of Health?

    No, really- what is “NIH” for?

  • bolwerk

    Not Invented Here

  • kevd