Eyes on the Street: Pulaski Bridge Bikeway Rounding Into Form

The concrete barrier to protect the bikeway now covers the whole span. Photo: David Meyer

DOT crews are taking advantage of the frighteningly warmer-than-usual late fall weather to make serious progress on the Pulaski Bridge bikeway.

When the bikeway is complete, pedestrians and cyclists will have a lot more room and won’t have to share the crowded path on the west side of the bridge. The concrete barrier separating the bike lane from motor vehicle traffic consists of both pre-cast and cast-in-place segments. As of yesterday, the barrier appeared to cover the whole span, but work on it was clearly still going on. Closing the slip lane on the Queens side of the bridge is also a work in progress.

The Pulaski project was originally slated to wrap up last December before getting delayed by red tape. For a moment it looked like construction wouldn’t start until 2016, but crews were able to begin in September. So will the bikeway be complete before the winter freeze pauses construction? DOT isn’t counting on it, with the agency slating the opening for the spring.

  • test

    Rode by the other day… It seems like the flexible post barriers on the moving sections of the bridge, which in the original plans were meant to separate the walking path and the bike path to allow bikers access to the vista areas of the bridge, were installed between the bike lane and the oncoming motor vehicle lane. The pedestrian path and the bike lane are still separated by concrete barriers. Anyone know anything about this?

  • me

    I think those are just temporary to keep cars out of the construction area (they can’t use cones ’cause, drawbridge). They know they need some kind of barrier cause if a driver can fit his car in somewhere he will.

  • Mackle

    Okay, so what do we do when you reach LIC? Pulaski and Greenpoint Ave bridge need better integration with bikeways.

  • TheBestPlaceEver

    I thought they weren’t going to permanently close the slip lane on the LIC side? I hope they do, otherwise drivers WILL end up in the bike lane.

  • BBnet3000

    You mean you don’t appreciate the sharrows/truck route on Franklin Ave?

  • ZB

    So true. That intersection is a nightmare.

  • Shemp

    You’re not gonna get heavy concrete on the parts of the bridge that lift, and I doubt this project has the budget to knock down existing walls

  • Brooklyn Man

    They move the concrete barriers for entire lanes on the BQE multiple times a day, yet it takes so long to drop in barriers to make a bike lane? This is just a matter of low priority for cycle infrastructure (while cars always remain the top priority).

  • Jeff

    It’s not the same thing. There’s a big difference between dropping in a temporary barrier and building a barrier with a combination of pre-cast and cast-in-place segments.


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