Today’s Headlines

  • John Samuelsen Brags About Waging War on Vision Zero After MTA Bus Drivers Kill Three People
  • Traffic Deaths Down Citywide This Year, Up More Than 100 Percent in Staten Island (WNYC)
  • Cuomo Nominates Westchester DA Janet DiFiore to Succeed Lippman on Court of Appeals (NYT)
  • Northeast Corridor Pols Fend Off Transit Funding Cuts in Federal Transportation Package (MTR)
  • Capital Plan Indicates MTA Will Test Open Gangway Subway Cars (Second Ave Sagas)
  • De Blasio Orders City Vehicles to Be Replaced by Electric Cars, With Charging Station Network (NYT)
  • Drivers Injure People on Sidewalks in Queens and Manhattan (Gothamist, West Side Rag)
  • NYPD Defends Garbage Truck Driver Who Injured Senior in Midtown and Left Scene (News, DNA)
  • NYPD Again Accused of Using a Motor Vehicle as a Weapon, Again (News)
  • Cuomo Attributes Fewer Drunk Driving Deaths to His Father Raising the Drinking Age
  • DOT Astoria Boulevard Workshop Is Tonight (DNA)

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  • bolwerk

    Since Cuomo hates freedom so much, maybe he won’t object when Preet Bharara goes after his?

    Why doesn’t less driving and more transit use get credit for reducing drunk driving? And what about the vast majority of automotive casualties, which are not alcohol-related?

  • WalkingNPR

    The vast majority of automotive causalities, which are not alcohol-related, make drivers uncomfortable. Drunk drivers are bad drivers, the “other.” Speeding, inattentive, non-yielding drivers hit a little too close to home…

  • Guest

    So where is the DA when cops are caught on film using a car to assault their innocent victims?