Today’s Headlines

  • Judge Takes Driver’s License From Paul Roper; Lawyer Blames Bus Design (NYT, NewsPost)
  • Community Board 8 Committee Endorses UES Crosstown Bike Lanes (TA 1, 2)
  • Opening of World Trade Center Transit Hub and Mall Delayed Until 2016 (NYT)
  • Horodniceanu Shows Off East Side Access, Predicts 2022 Opening (Politico, 2AS, WNYC, APPost)
  • Post Editorial Board Links Governor Cuomo to Second Avenue Subway Budget Cut
  • NYPD: “No Criminality” When Driver Hit Woman and Baby in Stroller in Dyker Heights (Post, CBS, ABC)
  • Queens CB 1 Votes to Allow Children to Play in the Street for Three Hours a Day (QChron)
  • Imagine a City Where a Disoriented Person Could Walk Outside Without Risking Death (DNA)
  • Who’s Who of Upper Manhattan Bigs Competing to Succeed Charlie Rangel (Politico)
  • New York City DAs Can Rally for a Common Cause, When They Want To (News)

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  • Bobberooni

    The surveillance photo shown in the News is pretty damning.

  • KeNYC2030

    NBC 4 declares that the video of the bus driver killing Carol Bell is “just too graphic” to be shown in its entirety. Maybe what this city needs to wake up to traffic violence is a little more graphic video rather than being shielded from the horrific truth.

  • stairbob

    Roper was also charged with “failure to exercise due care”. I didn’t know police knew that was a law….

  • com63

    They should show these videos on PSAs on TV just like the graphic anti-smoking commercials.

  • Guest

    There’s no blind spot in the world so large he could have missed her – had he bothered to look. Even if we bought that, there is no design in the world that excuses driving off and leaving somebody to die!

  • SteveVaccaro

    The surveillance video, including the strike, is viewable in the NY Post report.

    The blind spot the TWU talks about is to the left of the driver, behind the rear view mirror that protrudes from the side of the chassis. If the victim had been walking north to south, she might have been at least partially in that blind spot. She was crossing south to north, and was no where near it.

  • Andrew

    If you have a blind spot, you can make the working assumption that it might be occupied and perhaps lose a few seconds while you verify, or you can make the working assumption that it’s vacant and perhaps kill someone because you didn’t bother to verify.

    Maybe he had a blind spot. Maybe he didn’t. Either way, he isn’t relieved of his responsibility to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.

  • Miles Bader

    Essentially, if you can’t see where you’re aiming, you can’t drive there. A blind spot is never an excuse.

  • Andrew

    Yeah, well, that’s plainly obvious to some of us. Not all of us, apparently.