Today’s Headlines

  • It’s Election Day! (NYC CFB)
  • There Are DA Races in the Bronx and Staten Island (BxTimes, Observer)
  • Mother of Nyanna Aquil: “I Feel Only Pain, Numbness and Sorrow” (GothamistPost)
  • Most New Yorkers Aren’t Paying Attention to MTA Budget Issues (Politico)
  • Gelinas: What If This Is Just the Start of the Delays for 2nd Ave Subway Phase 2? (Post)
  • Way More Commuters in Daneek Miller‘s District Take Transit Into Manhattan Than Drive (MTR)
  • Greenway or Rail Right-of-Way in the South Bronx? (Crain’s)
  • 2nd Ave Sagas: The Livonia-Junius Transfer in MTA Capital Plan Is a Big Deal
  • There Are Shuttered Entrances at 1 in 4 Subway Stations (AMNY)
  • Shocker: Taxi Kingpin Freidman Accused of Cheating the MTA (Post)
  • Cap’n Transit Has Stopped Using the Word “Gentrification”

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  • Bolwerk

    What the hell is this obsession with more parks? I love a nice park as much as anyone, but NYC far from maintains the parks it has and it has a lot. We really shouldn’t be adding more, especially in park-rich areas, until we find a way to take care of what we have.

    The High Line was a special case of a postindustrial zone that needed green space. There probably aren’t many more of those. We’d be lucky if unnecessary HIgh Line imitations don’t turn into blights, and expecting them to see wide use in marginal, relatively inaccessible neighborhoods with competing amenities is almost certainly outlandish.

  • stairbob

    In my Brooklyn voting precinct the only offices on the ballot today are judges. And, for all but one of those, the candidates were running unopposed. I wonder how many votes the winner will get and how much it would cost to wage a winning write-in campaign against one of them next time this happens. I’m sure I would be an excellent supreme court judge.

  • Matthias

    More specifically, the obsession with turning any unused rail ROW into a park. It’s not an automatic success.

  • HamTech87

    Somebody has to map out all these ROWs, and put something in to DCP that assures their preservation. It is unbelievable that Via Verde would be allowed to block this South Bronx one. Are we so lacking in foresight that we’re willing to discards decades of infrastructure that would cost Billions to re-assemble?

  • AnoNYC

    Randall’s Island Connector, still closed.

    Bronx River Greenway bridges and 1 mile extension to be complete in 2020…

  • AnoNYC

    This ROW sits litterly beneath St. Mary’s Park.

    Randall’s Island, Macombs Damn Park, Joyce Kilmer, Franz Sigel, Crotona, Claremont and Soundview Parks and the Bronx River Greenway are a bicycle ride away.

  • AnoNYC

    I wonder if it is completely blocked. I always worried about that and find it hard to believe that they wouldn’t take its preservation into consideration when building Via Verde.

  • Bolwerk

    Yes, well, railways aren’t exclusively the concern. Parkland can be land that’s good for housing too.

    I’d love to see these “park advocates” go after converting a segment of the BQE into a park. But they probably drive on it.

  • ahwr

    You don’t see a difference between something that’s currently in use and something that’s not currently in use?

    If there were abandoned roads scattered about there would be people pushing to turn some into parks like a few sections of the former Long Island motor parkway have been.

    With a plan to replace the Alaskan way viaduct in Seattle with a tunnel there were some advocates that wanted to reinforce the existing structure once the tunnel opens and turn the viaduct into a park. That has since morphed into a new plan to build a new viaduct once they tear down the old one.

  • Bolwerk

    Did I say I don’t see the difference? If ever there is a time I truly don’t see the difference, I will be happy to alert you with a written cue like, “I don’t see the difference….”

    But the point was to illustrate that these newfangled hipster playground advocates are rarely going after after the stuff that is actually harming the urban fabric. Instead, they’re destroying possibilities for future generations to use these things.

    Plus a BQE park and bikeway in an area like Williamsburg would be pretty cool. Bonus: that area of Brooklyn even seems kind of green space-starved, unlike St. Mary’s. Much of the green space that is there is located next to a roaring highway.

  • Matthias

    Yeah, particularly in areas where highways are ruining existing parks (e.g. Corona)

  • Bolwerk

    May I introduce to you a convenient place in Williamsburg for your dog to take a dump.

    ‘Cause, really, who wants to sit there?

  • ahwr

    Alright, I’ll take that to mean you don’t see the difference between an abandoned decrepit structure and an actively used transportation facility. Nobody has asked to turn the Jamaica El into a park. Just the garbage dump that isn’t being used.

  • Bolwerk

    You’ll take your penchant for missing the point as evidence that I don’t see some completely besides the point distinction? Okay!