Today’s Headlines

  • DOT Caves to Brooklyn CB 1, Postpones Bike Lanes for Deadly Metropolitan Avenue (Gothamist)
  • No Mistaking What Harlem’s 28th Precinct Thinks of New Yorkers on Bikes (Gothamist)
  • Queens CB 6 Chair Joseph Hennessy: Parking Minimums for Seniors Preserve American Freedom (DNA)
  • Transit Hub, Mixed-Use Development Proposed for 32 Acres on Flushing Waterfront (Times Ledger)
  • “This Is an Atrocity”: NIMBY Bozos “Had No Clue” Bike Share Was Coming to Upper West Side (CBS)
  • Retired Cop Charged With Homicide, DWI for May Killing of Bronx Pedestrian Marino Nunez (News)
  • Driver Hits MTA Bus, Jumps Curb, Hits Two on Sidewalk, Hits Building; No Charges (CBS)
  • TLC Board Approves Pilot to Replace Taxi TVs With New Payment Tech (NYT)
  • AMNY Explains Phantom Subway “Signal Problems,” Gets a Look at Ancient MTA Hardware
  • Just Another News Cycle in Vision Zero-Era NYC (News 1, 2)

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  • BBnet3000

    The support of elected officials doesn’t even mean anything against the car-obsessed CBs, all to stop an unambitious bike plan. Another news cycle in Zero Vision New York indeed.

  • WalkingNPR

    In other news, Upper West Side Man Needs To Revisit The Definition of “Atrocity”

  • When the 4th Avenue traffic safety plan was rejected by CB6 in Brooklyn over fears of losing parking and a couple of left turns, CMs Lander and Levin stepped in and wrote a letter to DOT asking Commissioner Sadik-Khan to install the plan anyway.

    DOT came back with a few tweaks, presented them to CB6, and it was finally approved, to the community’s relief.

    Why isn’t Trottenberg doing something similar here? The conditions are almost the same: a dangerous street, a community (which is different from the community board) that wants change, and a friendly CM (Antonio Reynoso) who is urging them to figure out a way to do it.

    This is just an utter failure of leadership, especially in the so-called Vision Zero age.

  • Atrocity! It’s an atrocity!

    I am absolutely shocked – SHOCKED – to find out that Joe Bolanos is an old white guy.

  • Alexander Vucelic

    They are dinosaurs. Bet the reporter published the atrocity quote just to discredit the free parking obsessed coot.

    I lived on RSD for many years and long time residents have ‘their’ no cost parking space established over decades. I can imagine the ripple effect of a couple of free parking spaces converted to 30 Citibikes which upset the parking culture for blocks around.


  • Joe R.

    Also many of those in wealthier neighborhoods haven’t had real problems in decades, so a minor inconvenience like two lost parking spots ends up being a trauma of major proportions.

  • Alexander Vucelic

    the clowns screaming the loudest regarding their free parking tend to be those living in rent controled apartments. The RSD building I lived in for 15 years is a typical example – 40% of the untie were rent controled. Not rent stabilized, but rent controled. This greedy bastards all had weekend houses on a lichtfield County lake or Fire Island.

  • Joe R.

    That makes sense to me. These people were able to afford cars and country homes paying WWII prices for rents, while everyone else in the neighborhood is struggling to get by. As if they haven’t already gotten enough, they act like drama queens over a few lost parking spots. These people are the very essence of Larry Littlefield’s generation greed.

  • Alexander Vucelic

    it’s even more interesting to realize that many of these whiney ‘ I want mine for free’ types are the grandchildren of the orginal rent control tenants.

  • ahwr

    DOT came back with a few tweaks, presented them to CB6, and it was finally approved, to the community’s relief.

    Why isn’t Trottenberg doing something similar here?

    Why do you think they aren’t? The article read to me like DOT is pursuing a plan, and the community board isn’t necessarily opposed to a change here. But unlike on fourth avenue the delay comes at the end of the season, not the beginning, which pushes the metropolitan project off until the next year.

    The rest of metro in queens isn’t all that inviting to 95% of potential cyclists, the larger scope DOT is pursuing is a good thing.