NYPD: “No Criminality” as Cab Driver Runs Over Kids on Bronx Sidewalk

Several people, including a number of children, were seriously injured when a livery cab driver drove onto a sidewalk in the Bronx this morning.

At around 7:45 the driver, a man whose name was not released, “lost control” of a Toyota Camry at 229 E. Kingsbridge Road, according to NYPD. A police spokesperson said the driver hit one woman and four children on the sidewalk. Four victims were hospitalized in stable condition and one in serious condition, NYPD said.

FDNY said there were six victims: two in critical condition, three in stable condition, and one with a minor injury. The two critically injured victims were children, according to a fire department spokesperson.

NYPD told Streetsblog the Collision Investigation Squad, which works only the most serious traffic crashes, was dispatched to the scene.

WNBC reported that the driver was taken into custody this morning, but NYPD could not confirm. Unnamed police sources told the Post “no criminality was suspected.”

From the Post:

A passer-by comforted a 5-year-old boy as emergency workers arrived at Valentine Avenue and East Kingsbridge Road in Fordham Manor after the 7:45 a.m. accident

“I held his hand and he said, ‘I want to see my sister, I want to see my sister!’ He was so scared. I said, ‘Look at me! Look at my eyes! You’re going to be OK,’” said Nilda Guerrero, 57.

“He was crying and he wanted to hold his mother’s hand. I pretended I was his mother. And I held his hand. And I said, ‘Miguel, you’re going to be fine,’” she added.

“I heard a noise — a loud boom and a crash. There were people screaming. I ran over and there was a mother and daughter under the car,” said Migdalia Morales, 42, a parks worker.

“There was a little girl that had her legs stuck under the car next to the building,” she said

The Post reported that the 5-year-old boy and his sister, age 8, suffered broken legs and chest trauma. The girl had two broken legs and was bleeding internally, the Post said.

“Neighbors say the school bus stop near the accident scene should have been moved years ago because it’s a high-traffic area with speeders,” WNBC reported.

The crash happened near the intersection of E. Kingsbridge Road and Valentine Avenue, an expanse of asphalt one block east of the Grand Concourse, in the 52nd Precinct. More than 300 people, including 97 pedestrians and 21 cyclists, have been injured in traffic crashes in the 52nd Precinct this year as of August, according to DOT’s Vision Zero View. There have been 189 injuries to motor vehicle occupants, indicating collisions at high speeds. Precinct officers ticket around two speeding drivers a day on average.

Today’s incident marks the fourth time in recent memory that a curb-jumping driver has injured or killed children in the Bronx. Last March a speeding green cab driver fatally struck 5-year-old Tierre Clark on a Grand Concourse sidewalk, and in October 2014 a motorist killed 8-year-old Rylee Ramos and hit nine other people on the sidewalk outside a school in Kingsbridge. Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson filed no charges against either of those drivers. In June Johnson charged the driver accused of striking and killing 7-year-old Ethan Villavicencio inside a Pelham Bay restaurant with leaving the scene.

We have a message in with the Taxi and Limousine Commission for information on the driver.

Video via New York Post

  • Parent

    Children run down on a sidewalk and once again there’s no comment from Mayor Vision Zero. Shameful.

  • NYPD: Pretend it was a bicycle in the sidewalk…

  • al

    Here’s a thought: Equip all cars and trucks with a large rubber pad that would drop at the push of a button. Think of it like track brakes on trains. It would enable a driver to stop an out of control car in 10 ft.

  • D’BlahZero

    Don’t worry. Crackdown on jaywalking and scofflaw cyclists in the area is imminent.

  • Joe R.

    Bollards will do the same thing in less than an inch. As a bonus, the driver might even be permanently removed from this planet, making things safer for the rest of us. We’ve tried to make “forgiving” roads where a person running off the road doesn’t die. That may be appropriate on limited access highways but in a city a driver leaving the road should immediately hit a very hard, very solid object.

  • WalkingNPR

    “Neighbors say the school bus stop near the accident scene should have been moved years ago because it’s a high-traffic area with speeders”

    Even better, how about neighbors say the road should have been narrowed and speeders cracked down on years ago because it’s an area with a school bus stop?

  • JamesR

    Did we not just go through this in Kingsbridge last year, with the schoolgirl who was run over on the sidewalk in front of the school? What the actual f*ck?

    l feel at times like this city and its deeply dysfunctional traffic culture are akin to a friend or family member who you love, but has traits that are flat out intolerable to you and is incapable of changing who they are. And sometimes you get an inkling that they just might *this* time change (Vision Zero’s debut, for example), but no, they’re back on the bottle/drugs/whatever before you know it.

  • Don’t you know, these children should have been in a car for their safety. What are their parents thinking allowing them to “walk” places.

  • ohnonononono

    The area around the accident has a ton of excess roadway width and is in general really over-engineered for cars. A lot of it has to do with the fact that there used to be trolleys running in the middle of the streets, and that extra roadway has all been ceded to cars.

    The underpass on Kingsbridge Road in front of this intersection was built to allow the trolleys to bypass busy traffic on the Grand Concourse, but now that it’s a car traffic tunnel it just enables speeding.

  • neroden

    Seems like there’s some criminality on the part of the “unnamed police sources” — conspiracy after the fact to conceal the killer from justice. Legally, if they don’t present this to the grand jury, they’re active members of a conspiracy to hide the killer from the law. But of course grand juries don’t work the way they’re supposed to any more…


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