Today’s Headlines

  • City Readies for Pope Carmageddon (NYT, WSJ), But Mitchell Moss Isn’t Worried (Politico)
  • Imagine, Just for a Second, If the Pope Didn’t Get Driven Around Manhattan (New Yorker, News)
  • Queens CB 7 Votes Against Q44 Select Bus Service in Flushing (TL)
  • Observer and 2nd Avenue Sagas Are Sick of the Political Drama Over MTA Funding
  • Army Corps Inspects Shore Road Promenade to Assess Flooding Problems (Bklyn Daily Eagle)
  • Hit-and-Run TLC Driver Injures Man at Amsterdam Ave and 106th (West Side Rag)
  • Motorcyclist Dies After Crashing on Cypress Hills Street (News); Speed Likely a Factor (@NYPD104Pct)
  • Real-Time Bus Time Info Will Now Include Minute Estimates, Not Just Distance (Forum)
  • The Case for a Brooklyn-Queens Waterfront Streetcar (Bklyn Daily Eagle)
  • City Spends $5.87 on Each SI Ferry Rider (Advance) and Electeds Can’t Get Enough (Forum)
  • Carl Heastie Among Lawmakers Who Left Albany With Unpaid Parking Tickets (News)

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  • Jeff

    Pure gold from California:

    “[striping new bike lanes is] very similar to personally taking all three of my daughters to a tattoo parlor and having them completely body tattooed.”

  • Maggie

    I missed this if it was linked already: state announces $7 million towards $28 million in improvement for Roberto Clemente State Park, on the Harlem River waterfront in the Bronx.

    I’m curious whether there are plans announced for more walking connectivity to the park? Also wondering how this fits with overall plans for the Bronx side of the Harlem River.

  • BBnet3000

    Claiming they were unaware of the tickets, that’s rich. In reality they had no plan to pay them because of their positions until the Daily News brought it up. Likely they were also knowingly parked illegally, thinking that, like in NYC, the police wouldn’t ticket someone of their status.

    When Albany is less corrupt than NYC you know NYC has a problem.

  • Alexander Vucelic

    funniest Part Is until the late 1960s There were hardly any cars on the island, most people biked around Coronado. Then the Bridge was built.

  • bolwerk

    The Case for a Brooklyn-Queens Waterfront Streetcar doesn’t make a case at all. There are so many jam-packed buses that could benefit from surface railstitution, and they need to make up a route with no proven demand? If you’re going to do that, at least utilize bus-unfriendly East River bridges to offer subway relief.

  • bolwerk

    I actually believe it. When you don’t have to care about anything or anyone, why would you care about a bunch of tickets? These are people who can run other people over and not care. It’s the same problem as with rogue cops; consequences don’t apply to them.

  • bolwerk

    Just saw this. PA planning to take a big dump on PABT users?

  • ohnonononono

    The decision was put on hold for another month:

    But yes, it seems likely they will eventually lose their constipation and take a dump on the bus riders. But they’ll be able to sell the block between 8th and 9th Aves for a lot of money, so everybody wins except actual bus riders!